1. mraerosmith

    For Sale 2 x Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8 XP - 8-Port Gigabit PoE Switch (ES-8XP)

    For sale I have a pair of 8 port POE Uqbiquiti Edge Switches, as detailed below, both in full working order, and good condition. Looking for £75 inc a piece please.
  2. xar

    Gigabit Switch performance issues

    Hi all, Looking for some input on an issue I am having. Setup is: BT FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) at 500mb into a Smart Hub 2 Smart Hub runs into a 'TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch' Cat 5 running from above switch to various other things, but for this issue it runs into another switch...
  3. lunazero

    YouFibre FTTP Gigabit Broadband - any one use this?

    I have signed up with YouFibre for Gigabit Ethernet broadband who claim to provide a new line direct from the cabinet to my house: They provide a phone-compatible ONU (modem) the AdTran 621X and an Eero 6 router. Currently my contract with EE Broadband ends in April...
  4. M

    Mesh wifi network with gigabit backbone?

    Hi, I'm considering purchasing a mesh wifi system, probably requiring 3 devices, however, I don't particularly want the devices to communicate via wifi with each other as I already have a gigabit network installed with wall ports in the areas in which I would place each mesh wifi device. Most...
  5. D

    Review : AZULLE Access 4 Fanless Mini PC Stick / GIGABIT LAN / Dual display - Any Good?

  6. Z

    Denon DSW-1H Wired Setup

    I am trying to pair my Denon DSW-1H with my Denon DHT-S716H soundbar. The Soundbar is wired to the network and working perfectly. However, when I connect the DSW-1H subwoofer to the same network and attempt to pair, the HEOS app tells me "Please disconnect the Ethernet cable from your Denon...
  7. D

    REVIEW: Magicsee N5 MAX with Amlogic S905X3 SoC and Ethernet Gigabit

    " Magicsee N5 MAX is a new Android TV-Box model of which we present today his review, a model that has the popular Amlogic S905X3 SoC, a chip that includes ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores that replace the Cortex-A53 ARMs of the previous S905X2. This device has several hardware versions that differ in...
  8. D

    REVIEW: X96 Max Plus with Amlogic S905X3 SoC and Ethernet Gigabit

    X96 Max Plus is a new Android TV-Box model of which we present today in his review, a low-cost Box that integrates the interesting Amlogic S905X3 SoC, a chip that includes ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores that replace the ARM Cortex -A53 of the previous S905X2. This model is a somewhat higher version of...
  9. D

    IE X3 AIR with 4GB of RAM, Gigabit Ethernet for less than $33

    " Follow the flood of Chinese Boxes equipped with the AMlogic S905X3 SoC, a chip with a great quality-price ratio superior in many respects to the competition. Today’s new Smart Box is called IE X3 AIR and includes a fairly standard configuration with 4GB of RAM, Gigabit ethernet and curiously a...
  10. stevebk

    Gigabit Ethernet Switch

    Hi all. I am looking at doing away with my WiFi set up and hard wiring it. My sky router is in the hallway, and i am going to run 10 meter cable to my lounge, where I have my tv, sky box, 4k player. I am only doing this because when watching BBC Iplayer 4k it is buffering, and sky downloading...
  11. D

    Bargain Beelink BT3-X Intel Apollo Lake J3355 4GB DDR4 64GB eMMC Windows 10 Mini PC Dual Band WiFi Bluetooth Gigabit LAN USB3.0 HDMI X 2

    Beelink BT3-X Intel Apollo Lake J3355 4GB DDR4 64GB eMMC Windows 10 Mini PC Dual Band WiFi Bluetooth Gigabit LAN USB3.0 HDMI X 2 £103 inc p&p
  12. R

    Question FTTH/FTTP installation

    Hello all, long time no post All the ducting has been buried in place for fibre optic broadband, now it has to be bought in from the pavement to the property. I want it installed where my previous master socket is. Its being installed on Wednesday, I will dig a channel to the 'elephants foot'...
  13. T

    Answered Recommendation for a 16 or 24 port Gigabit network switch for home

    I've got a mostly wired gigabit network at home as I've got quite a few devices that don't have WiFi (plus I enjoy the fast speeds of wired gigabit). Luckily, it's all confined to one room but it's a bit spread out. Here's the nightmare of my current setup: I have an office desk which has my...
  14. C

    Answered SOLVED - No gigabit - what's wrong with my LAN installation?

    Hi everyone As part of my lounge redecoration, which is unfortunately taking ages, I've had the sparks run some Cat6 cabling in the walls within the lounge (as well as to the kitchen and two cables to the roof, although he's got to come back to finish wiring the loft ones up). The cabling...
  15. A

    Do lg 7 oled have gigabit Ethernet?

    I had vivid 300 installed yesterday and want to check the speed I'm getting. My tp link powerline connects to my pc at 765Mbps and a speed test gives 157Mb/s down and 21Mb/s up. Does this sound about right or should it be reading nearer 300 down? Is the powerline adapter limiting the down speed...
  16. waring192

    Question TP-Link AV600 vs AV1200 or AV2000 powerline or similar comparison

    Hey guys, Live in a very large old think walled house. At the moment I'm running: BT Smart hub >> ethernet >> AV600 >>mains>> AV600 + wifi >> wifi & ethernet >> ethernet to Server (TimeMachine, Network Storage, Homebridge, VPN etc) and wifi to MacBook, iPhone, iPad etc. I also have a few AV600...
  17. elsmandino

    Homeplug with 4 Gigabit ports - use instead of switch?

    Hi, I am having a bit of a mess around with my network at the moment. This is my setup at the moment: Bedroom - 8 Port Gigabit Switch, Wireless Router, Raspberry Pi Kitchen - Raspberry Pi Living Room - Raspberry Pi Spare Room - Raspberry Pi Study - Server, Desktop PC, NAS At the moment...
  18. markie g

    HomePlugs with Gigabit ethernet ports

    Hello, I need to buy some homeplugs today (feel free to move this topic - just the network section isn't as active as GC). However, notice most seem to have 10/100 Ethernet ports, which means i'll never get over 100mbps, even when they are labelled as 500mbps on the box. All the listings i can...
  19. Tom Tom

    Question ZyXEL PLA5256 - Gigabit Plugs

    My computer is now located away from my internet, and the wireless is poor. I have a set of internet plugs but have just got gigabit and wondered if it's worth spending £70 on something like ZyXEL PLA5256
  20. godsakes

    Answered Gigabit network card slower at 1gbps than 100mbps?

    Hi all My HP3400 has a gigabit network card and up till now I've been using either a wireless adapter or a powerline adapter (the powerline adapters was limited to 100mbps ports), my router is a linksys EA6300. I've been toying with the idea of running cat5e cables outside the house to get...
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