1. J

    thinking of getting BRAVIA KE65XH90P is it any good ?

    any advice please
  2. shodan

    Is it worth getting a EV Charger at the house for a Hybrid?

    My conundrum, is it worth getting a EV charger at the house for a hybrid with a range of about 26 miles? (Golf GTE). I'm thinking yes, because my next car will most likely be full EV.. what do you guys think?
  3. T

    You need playstation plus to access this feature - kids getting this error even though parent has it - SOLVED

    Hi there recently got a Ps5 for my kids, created my own PS account and added the kids as family members. I paid for a Playstation Plus subscription yet when my son tries to play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War online with friends he gets a "you need playstation plus to access this feature". He...
  4. O

    Good luck to those getting A level results

    Good luck to all the parents of anxious kids waiting for A level results today. Hope they all get what they wanted to continue their life journey even if it means them leaving home for some of you.
  5. 1

    What are your thoughts on these videos?

  6. 1

    I've been getting phone calls from 'HMRC'

    'We've suspended your National Insurance number and you're under investigation for tax fraud, due to illegal activities. Please press 1 to speak to an officer." Me, "Hi" Her "Hello" Me, "So when am I getting arrested?" Her "Wut...sorry?" Me, "When am I getting nicked?" Her 'Hangs up' IDK how...
  7. S

    Advice for someone getting back into Hifi

    Hi everyone, Recently I have made a few posts asking for recommendations etc, however I haven’t given much context and I think it might be helpful if I do. I have some very fond memories from about 25 years ago (ish) where my best friend and I were really into music and hi-fi and would take...
  8. silouette

    Thinking of getting JVC DLA N5 any thoughts and experiences

    Well thinking of diving in for one of the above after many years of faithful service from my HD350 . Have not gone 4k blu ray yet. So tell me is it worth it. How does it fair with standard 1080 P ?
  9. FlagshipDevice

    Veteran Gamers - there from the Start!

    I don’t know about you guys this may apply to, but I find it really upsetting! Next year I’ll turn 50. I’ve been gaming virtually from the start. It’s all a bit hazy but I had a machine that played Pong in the 70s, then an Atari 2600. It snowballed from there. I’m still really passionate about...
  10. Danhifi

    Worth getting an SACD Player

    I currently have a Rotel A14 and Rotel CD14 and have purchased many Reference Recording classical hybrid SACD's and Analogue Productions jazz hybrid SACD's. Is there a benefit to hearing the SACD layer by buying a SACD player? If the answer is yes, what model would I need to invest in to get a...
  11. jsl20

    Kef Q50a's in downfiring mode

    I may need to move my Kef Q50a's from upfiring to front height/downfiring. Basically they don't fit on top of my LS50s properly and my current positioning isn't leading to a decent result. I'm therefore thinking of mounting them on the wall above my left and right speakers (thanks to Kef for...
  12. D

    What is the best way of getting DSD over DLNA on Musiccast ?

    Hi all, I am interested in a new Hifi system separate from my video sources, as my last Hifi system died a few years ago, a few days ago a friend was telling me how brilliant his Yamaha cd-nt670d with A670 amp is. Now as good as this system is for audio playback, it unfortunately doesn’t...
  13. missionary

    getting discovery plus without Prime subscription

    I have just bought my second firestick. The first is away in my family holiday home and quite suitable for our needs. But at home I have just bought one to acquire more specialist channels for long winter lockdown nights. I signed-up for Discovery+ expecting to be charged 49.99 for a year. But...
  14. L

    Help in getting a receiver for my speakers

    Hi I require a AV receiver I have 3 Samsung speakers for surround sound one of the speaker model PS-FTP33.The speakers are wired and the TV has HDMI port. I just want one to watch TV and listen to music on and a simple set up and on a budget. What AV received will I require pls?
  15. Lafty

    Question Not getting 5.1 from Amazon Fire TV Lite

    Hope this is the right forum....I have an Amazon Fire TV Lite going into the HDMI on a Denon AVR 2807. Whatever audio output I select on the Fire (inc PCM), the Denon only registers an input of L&R channels (although the 'Digital' and 'PCM' symbols light up). It then upmixes to 5.1 which is okay...
  16. R

    Getting someone else to install Sky dish?

    Hi We're hopefully to move house and take Sky with us. House is a two storey house in London. When had Sky installed at our current house we had an utter disaster. No matter how many times I asked for the "Special Heights" team, whenever the Sky Installer arrived they said they couldn't do it...
  17. RAINS

    Question Naim Muso - getting the most out of it

    I have had the above for around 2 years and have not really used it very much. I was wondering if i can bolt anything to it to give if life and a new sense of listening?
  18. M

    Question thinking of getting a q80 t 75"

    ok i give up im waiting to buy the 75' 9505, but as ive said in other posts i need a new tv unit ive spent 2 days trying to find one, and im struggling to find one that is deep enough to take this tv lots of units say for tvs up to 80" and are not deep enough to take this model. this one is 41.5...
  19. kevin1911

    Yamaha - New Firmware getting rolled out

    My old YAS-306 soundbar got new firmware the other day, then today all 3 of my R-N602s got new firmware too. Seems to bring the firmware up to 1.35, but the Yamaha website shows the latest version as 1.32. I can't see anything obvious that's changed though - anyone else spotted anything?
  20. J

    Getting the right TV for my needs

    Have three TVs under consideration, those being the LG CX, Sony A8 and the Panasonic HZ1500 all 65inch models. Trouble is unsure which of the three is best for my needs, which follows. No gaming Quite a bit of daytime viewing, discs and TV Evening viewing with the lights on Occasional dark room...
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