1. bobert

    Question Nest Hello / General electrical advice needed

    Hi, I have just purchased a Nest Hello, to be installed in a property where there is no existing wired bell. I have purchased this Im not particularly confident with electrics, Ok to have a...
  2. meep

    Bargain Kef R-Series Price Drops, Closeouts and General Bargains

    With the impending lauch of the Kef R Series II, I'm sure many of us might be interested in closeout deals on the outgoing series. Would appreciate if people could post links to any deals they find. I'll start the ball rolling with the black edition R700 exclusive to SuperFi for £1,300. A lot...
  3. B

    Next general election - who to vote for

    I know, it is a while off although according to some it should have happened several times already :) The problem I have with the next general election, the first I'd be actually allowed to vote in, is which party to vote for. Traditionally I've always been a liberal, but never been a fan in...
  4. Djuganight

    Question General Question

    Hi Guys, Just a question to clarify something regarding TV Viewing angles. I have an old but absolutely fantastic Philips 42PFL8404 and a newer and smaller Philips 24" (don't know the model) in the Kitchen. The Philips 42PFL8404 was the main TV for the past 8 years but in March, I replaced...
  5. elsmandino

    General backing up advice (and are parity drives worth it?)

    Hello, I am one of those people that has not really taken backing up seriously enough and am trying to sort things out. I currently have a self-built server that contains five storage drives: 2 x 2TB 3.5" 1 x 6TB 3.5" 1 x 500GB 3.5" (IDE) 1 x 500GB 2.5" The only thing that I keep backed up...
  6. nero0410

    Question New to Xbox One S, Been having a search, just have some storage questions & General Advice :)

    Don't mind the quotes, I am actually asking some general advice, I just saw these going through the General Chat thread here ;) So, I just got an Xbox One and noticed it has the Kodi app on it. 'Awesome' I thought, I could possibly replace my HTPC with this and some external drives. I love and...
  7. raigraphixs

    Marvel General Chat

    Fan video explains why Marvel is better than DC Action scenes
  8. siltsunrise

    Question General (noobish) DAC question

    Hi, I picked up a receiver, anthem mrx510, and a cambridge stream magic 6 to go with it to play usb drives/sticks. Turns out the sm6 is horrendously slow at loading the contents of my usb stick; over 6 minutes to load a 64 gig stick. Every time I boot it. Madness. My €50 mp3 player can handle...
  9. J

    General Amp/speaker/possible soundbar advice

    Apologies as there doesn't seem to be a general home cinema forum - if I'm missing it then happy for this to be moved there! Anyway... Bit of a general question here so let’s give it a shot… Current setup – Samsung UE55ES8000 (HD LED), Sony DA2400ES amp, Castle Avon main speakers, Canon SC-10...
  10. J

    DIY cinema room, fabric wall general advice

    Hi I’m looking for some advice and to be pointed in the right direction. In the process of building a cinema/media room. Hoping to do most of the work my self. Planning to have a drop down screen in front of an acoustic transparent stud wall. I already own B&W CM8’s and center speaker...
  11. sczoo27

    Z Nation

    Hey all :clap: I know I am late to start watching this, but the over night I found out about 'Z Nation' and OMG I am hooked! I mean I am a lover of the Walking Dead but found at parts that it was quite slow, and they were in the same place for days on end etc, however this Z Nation one is very...
  12. Cocksure

    Importing tobacco products (or general import info)

    I have placed an order for 200 cigarettes from abroad and given them clear instructions to mark the package as containing tobacco products. I have looked up the import duty which is £207.99 per 1000 plus 16.5% of sale price, which doesn't seem to bad, however I forgot to ask them to mark the...
  13. Garrett

    4K Ultra HD Blu-rays General Chit Chat & Q & A About Price Drops

    As the title says.;)
  14. MikeKay1976

    please say it isnt so (nvidia not releasing volta on general release)

    my mate just emailed me, apparently in his custom PC magazine they are saying NVIDIA are skipping the Volta release that was originally scheduled for early 2018. Instead they're going to announce a slightly souped up Pascal around April time. They have no competition from AMD who are not...
  15. skaboy607

    Question Arcam FMJ a18 setup help

    Hello, I'm recently got a second hand a18 and paired it with klipsch RP-150M speakers. This is my first setup that wasn't a couple of satellite's, sub and basic avr so it is very new to me. Initially I was a little disappointed with the sound playing a vinyl on the Rega RP1 I have. After more...
  16. bogart99

    General question re bluetooth.

    If I put a bluetooth dongle im my sets usb port should a pair of bluetooth headhones work without any problem? Thanks
  17. spookster

    Question Need some general help on 4k HDR tv for PS4 Pro

    I've noticed that what I wanted might not be the right choice. I was going to opt for a LG 43UJ670V 43 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV (2017 Model). Having had a look through some of the threads in here, this might not be the right choice in terms of HDR. In a nutshell, I have a limited budget...
  18. snerkler

    Star Wars Battlefront I vs II and General PS4 questions.

    Ok so these are real newbie questions but I’ve been out of the gaming circle for quite a while, the last game I bought was Modern Warfare 3 for the PS3 :blush: Anyway, I think I might be getting the PS4 Pro from Santa and my first question is regarding Star Wars Battlefront I vs II. Without...
  19. battletron

    Question Looking for a 65" TV for general use - Budget ~ £1500

    Hi guys, The title says it all really - at the moment I've got a 120" fixed screen and a projector, but my 8-month-old son is just starting to take an interest in moving images and it's a pain to have to watch everything in the dark with him. We're getting a pull-down screen for the projector...
  20. C

    Question General amp advice

    In my man cave, amongst other carp, I have an ancient JVC "record player", which I am happy with. This feeds just as ancient JVC stereo power amp, which I use purely as a pre-amp for the player, which in turn feeds a Kenwood AV 6080 receiver, which then feeds two Gale "monitor" speakers. I...
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