1. Bingoman

    LIb Dems target seats at the General Elections?

    Following on from Winning the North Shopshire By-Election which seats from the Conservaites will the party be looking at target and try and win, could they try and target a seat with 22,000 majority for example and think we can we this seat? Could the Lib Dems beat MIchael Gove in Surrey heath...
  2. G

    General advice on 5.1 vs 5.1.2

    Hi guys, Looking for a little advice from those with more experience than myself….I have a modest 5.1 setup comprising of an ageing Sony DA-2400ES receiver and a set of 5.1 Q acoustics 2000 series speakers. It’s dated but I’m overall very happy with the results I get from this system...
  3. I

    Old documentary first broadcast on BBC called the 1945 General Election.

    I can’t remember when this documentary was first broadcast on BBC TV about Winston Churchill’s greatest victory, but weeks after when Labour won a landslide General Election and the possible reasons why this happened.
  4. BlueOrange25

    General tax thread - rates, incentives, avoidance, social impact, etc

    As politics and the economy are so entwined with taxes, the issue of taxation pops up in various other threads and topics. I've started this one to capture posts that would otherwise derail other threads. So, away we go. *Not sponsored by HMRC.
  5. DrGekko

    General - why are all the reviews almost always so good?

    Just a general observation but every time I see a speaker review as an example, I've never seen a "poor" review. Almost every one seems to score 8 or above. Movie score can be as low as 3-5 occasionally and rarely hits a 9 or 10. Just curious?
  6. Zelda fan

    Anime general discussion

    I tried to use the search function to see if there is already an anime thread but i could not find one. I think anime is often overlooked by many in the west as just kid shows, this not true as there are many adult themed anime shows. If anyone has some good shows to recommend or discuss then...
  7. SilentHill89

    Bargain Laptop buying advice for general use?

    I'd like to buy an affordable laptop but never bought one before. Is there any around £200-300 that are reasonably fast with a Full HD screen? (ips or va panel). I'm also considering the risk factors if it gets damaged so need a reputable outlet that has that covered. Currys doesn't offer much...
  8. W

    Question Newbie help with general settings

    Hi, I recently bought a Samsung Q70t. I have sky q connected via HDMI and the soundbar connected via eArc and the sound coming from the TV and bar via q symphony so only adaptive or game options are available. Sky is set to Dolby digital output as I have one of the older models. Occasionally...
  9. T

    Question General advice needed

    Hey guys, More of a hobbyist than a 'phile, over the past few years, I put together the below listed gear. I have an itch to upgrade, and am allowing myself a budget of around $500. My gear is currently : Pioneer PL518 turntable (happy with this) Onkyo HC-RC560 Boston Acoustics CR75...
  10. D

    Question Let's Sing / Karioke in general on the xbox

    So.. Just downloaded Lets' Sing 2020, it's fine, bit of fun for the kids and we have a pair of Lionheart mics (USB) but the one thing that it doesn't do is actually amplify your voice. The entire point of getting drunk and doing Karaoke is for you and you friends to mock you're appalling...
  11. K

    Hotpoint MWH 2622 MB and general microwave grill query

    Hello. New to the world of microwaves, we have recently purchased a Hotpoint Extra Space MWH 2622 MB because we specifically wanted a machine with a grill. My question is: are microwave grills supposed to heat in bursts? This one heats for a minute or so, turns off, then restarts, so the...
  12. J

    Question Is the Domestic & General Insurance offered by John Lewis Worth It

    Not sure why John Lewis are offering five year D&G insurance on top of the standard five year policy that comes with their TVs. I note that the D&G policy covers screen burn, does the JL policy not cover this. Please understand the issue I have with secondary insurance policies is why? Happy to...
  13. Zone

    How often do you venture into the hell that is....General Chat😲

    See I mod higher up the forums and come down here to the cellar on occasion....grab a bottle of wine or two and see what the staff are up to! GC is the most hit on area; so being a technology type of place why do you spend your time here? Just wondering! I just come down to see what issues...
  14. kBm

    What powersaw for general DIY (jigsaws, circular saw, mini circular saw)

    I was looking at a jigsaw for general DIY use (as i always borrow the FILs), then my attention was drawn to the various other power saw you can get - and now im confused. I have a Fatmax hand saw which is fine if not time consuming. So i would like a toy, i mean, a more sophisticated tool to...
  15. C

    Sep 19: Want A Brexit Deal? -Tell Your MP

    I’ve watched the Brexit debate seriously for about a year, mainly through BBC2 News and I’m concerned not only about Brexit but also about our Parliamentary democracy which seems to be degenerating around Brexit. I raised my concerns by sending Emails to the BBC with my considered views. Not one...
  16. D

    Question What Laptop would you get for general stuff

    I might get myself a laptop just as a back up and for general things like light picture editing/music and some films mainly netflix. Would be useful for surfing the net when i'm not at home. Reliable Screen Size no smaller than a "15" SSD with plenty of storage
  17. bobert

    Question Nest Hello / General electrical advice needed

    Hi, I have just purchased a Nest Hello, to be installed in a property where there is no existing wired bell. I have purchased this Im not particularly confident with electrics, Ok to have a...
  18. meep

    Bargain Kef R-Series Price Drops, Closeouts and General Bargains

    With the impending lauch of the Kef R Series II, I'm sure many of us might be interested in closeout deals on the outgoing series. Would appreciate if people could post links to any deals they find. I'll start the ball rolling with the black edition R700 exclusive to SuperFi for £1,300. A lot...
  19. D

    Next general election - who to vote for

    I know, it is a while off although according to some it should have happened several times already :) The problem I have with the next general election, the first I'd be actually allowed to vote in, is which party to vote for. Traditionally I've always been a liberal, but never been a fan in...
  20. Djuganight

    Question General Question

    Hi Guys, Just a question to clarify something regarding TV Viewing angles. I have an old but absolutely fantastic Philips 42PFL8404 and a newer and smaller Philips 24" (don't know the model) in the Kitchen. The Philips 42PFL8404 was the main TV for the past 8 years but in March, I replaced...
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