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  1. Boo Radley75

    UK General Election 1997

    The whole coverage is on the BBC iplayer and, weird as it sounds, been watching it all night. First time I've watched it since live at the time. Amazing to watch it again with hindsight, changed attitudes etc. Makes a change from the depressing political crap we have now, seems very tame by...
  2. I

    Old documentary first broadcast on BBC called the 1945 General Election.

    I can’t remember when this documentary was first broadcast on BBC TV about Winston Churchill’s greatest victory, but weeks after when Labour won a landslide General Election and the possible reasons why this happened.
  3. Bingoman

    Possible General Election in 2023?

    Labour Leader Keir Starmer has said Labour must be ready to fight a General Election in as Little as two years are Labour ready to fight a General Election? And what are the chances of a General Election being in 2023 or will Parliament go the full distant...
  4. C

    A 2019 General Election Analysis

    This is my personal view of how things stand in the run up to the 2019 General Election which is largely a battle between the Conservatives and The Rest. 1 Scotland It seems unlikely in Scotland that many people are going to change their Brexit minds. But prior to the Brexit referendum...
  5. C

    Sep 19: Want A Brexit Deal? -Tell Your MP

    I’ve watched the Brexit debate seriously for about a year, mainly through BBC2 News and I’m concerned not only about Brexit but also about our Parliamentary democracy which seems to be degenerating around Brexit. I raised my concerns by sending Emails to the BBC with my considered views. Not one...
  6. P

    Question Voters - AVF Confession time :-)

    For those that have voted Leave/Remain; Conservative/Labour (or the minorities) We've walked the walk & talked the talk on these forums, seen the exaggerations & spin from all sides. So cutting through all the fog & bullsh*t from both sides, media & "Experts" how did you vote ?? ** UPDATED...
  7. G

    General Election 2019

    Looks like a General election is to happen this December. Who will you vote for. Is it all about brexit or is there issues within the UK that need sorting other than brexit. I'm actually looking forward to a GE
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