1. stevie0

    Genelec 8040’s baffle wall advice

    I am considering this and came across these enclosures, any opinions to if there is any point in using them ? Bearing in mind at the moment the 8040’s have no stands and are missing Isopods I need a solution, and this seems a neat one.
  2. sidnitzerglobin

    My office/music/AV/gaming/dining room setup ;)

    Light on pics at the moment & likely not all that impressive but I'm pretty darn happy w/ it so far so figured I'd document what I've got going on after recent upgrades to the setup in what has become the room I spend at least 70% of my waking hours in over the past couple years :) Here's my...
  3. M

    Yamaha Aventage CX-A5000 with Genelec 7060B + 5x8030 - Sub too low

    Hi, i recently bought a used cx-a5000 to replace my faulty emotiva UMC-200 in my home theater / music room. It works fine, except for the level of the subwoofer. When i run YPAO (Yamahas room correction system) it detects all speakers including the sub, but the level of the sub is set to +10dB...
  4. M

    Q Acoustics 3030i & Marantz PM6006 v Genelec 8020D

    Hi all, I'd like some advice on this. I'm moving into a new place (95 square meters) and the whole place is pretty much open plan. There is however a kind of defined open space which we will use as living room and office space, roughly, 45 square meters. Im looking at my options for living...
  5. ivayvr

    Neumann KH80 DSP or Genelec 8320A with a sub

    I currently own Adam A5X and REL T Zero sub with Node 2i as a source / pre amp. The room is approximately 3.5 x 4.5m and the speakers are along the longer wall closer to the right hand corner. The sound is very nice but since the room is untreated and it will remain so (total lack of WAF) I...
  6. Kosta88

    Genelec, XTZ... home cinema redesign

    Hello, I saw some discussions pertaining to Genelec here, so I'll just shoot a question here: I have a pair of 1031s here, which I absolutely love for their sound. In my earlier years as sound engineer used to use them for mixing. I used to mix on bigger Genelecs in studios too, and always found...
  7. C

    Question Suggest system to go with Genelec G-Four (8040)

    Hi guys, I've just bought a new house and am on the way to setting up the living room system. The system will be based around a new 65" TV (TBD), and my trusty Genelec G-Four's. Now, I really like the G-Fours. Previously they lived in my office, but they didn't get much use, and the new house...
  8. gasolin

    Replacement of genelec 6010a for more bass

    I have a pair of genelec 6010a an they sound really good wide stereo image,no loud and agressive top, a non boomy bass, a good balance of the bass and top, not to much (dire straits tidal hifi) and good midrange that never sounds agressive. How ever sometimes i do miss a bit more oomph...
  9. Petey

    Question Which sub to pair with Genelec 1029a

    I’m looking for a sub to pair with my Genelec 1029a speakers. While they sound great I feel they could use a little support on the low end. I don’t have a massive room so wouldn’t need an overly large sub, my budget tops out at £400. I’m running them with a Yamaha WXC-50 which also has my TV...
  10. K

    Genelec and Adam audio

    Has anyone here heard or know much about Genelec or Adam speakers? In the pro world they seem to have a very loyal following. They have both released some smaller lower priced models in recent years which are intriguing. I'm already using some large mackie actives which I couldn't be more...
  11. A

    M&K or Genelec

    Hello, I am attempting to decide between two speaker brands for a dedicated home theater room. The room is 25 X 16 X 9 feet. I am interested in either a M&K setup with three S300 across the front and four S300T tripole surround speakers on the sides and in the rear. For the subwoofer I would...
  12. Lazydogster

    Question Genelec 1094A active subwoofer - any good?

    Hi - I've inherited a Genelec 1094A active subwoofer. It's a big beast and from what I can find, it is a top notch piece of kit. Is this the kind of thing that I could incorporate into a home cinema set up or is it inappropriate? From what I've read, these are used in professional studios and...
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