Gen may refer to:

Gen (film), 2006 Turkish horror film directed by Togan Gökbakar
Gen (Street Fighter), a video game character from the Street Fighter series
Gen Fu, a video game character from the Dead or Alive series
Gen language, the language of Togo
Gen-san, a character in the anime series Sky Girls
Gen Tomii (富井 彦, born 1973), Japanese Nordic combined skier
Gen Hoshino (星野 源, born 1981), Japanese singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and writer
Gen Shoji (昌子 源, born 1992), Japanese footballer
Gen Urobuchi (虚淵 玄, born 1972), Japanese novelist, visual novel writer and anime screenwriter
Gen Fukunaga (福永 元, born 1962), Japanese engineer and businessman
Gen Nakatani (中谷 元, born 1957), Japanese politician
Gen Horiuchi (堀内 元), Japanese ballet dancer and choreographerGen. or GEN may refer to:

General officer, a high senior rank in the military
GEN Corporation, of Japan
GEN Energija, a state-owned power company in Slovenia
GEN, a website published by Medium
Global Ecovillage Network
Global Editors Network
Gewestelijk ExpresNet, Dutch name for the Brussels Regional Express Network, a commuter rail service
Genitive case

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  1. UMAR 3:16

    For Trade My Black Sonos sub gen 2 for Sonos sub White

    I have bought a white beam and would like to match the sub to this. Anyone fancy a trade for a Sonos sub black mint condition. Comes fully boxed. It’s a gen 2. I would like a white version. Let me know if anyone fancy’s a swap. London area would be best. Don’t really want to spend any money on...
  2. Beancounter

    For Sale Chromecast 1st Gen

    Chromecast 1st Gen for sale, boxed with USB cable.
  3. W

    Wanted Airpods pro 1st gen

    Looking for a set of airpods pro 1st gen, ideally with a bit of warranty for peace of mind.
  4. K

    Wanted Sonos Beam Gen 2

    Preferably in black.
  5. xplanearavind

    For Sale iPad pro 12.9inch 6th gen wifi +5g with m2 chip

    iPad pro 12.9inch 6th gen wifi +5g variant with m2 chip available for sale Includes box,charging lead and charging cable tat came included with ipad pro when bought iPad pro is in immaculate condition as seen in pictures below It also comes with a strong protective case and this iPad pro is a...
  6. corban

    For Sale SONOS Sub Gen 3 black PRICE DROP

    Selling my Gen 3 sub after a couple of years of use due to wife finding it too loud and having a little one now also. It is complete with box and shipping box in good condition as has been behind a chair, unfortunately I have discovered a mark on it when taking photos which I have included...
  7. W

    Wanted Airpods pro 2nd gen

    Ideally new or close to new with warranty please. Please let me know what you have?
  8. bigjb

    For Sale Apple Pencil 2nd Gen.

    Comes boxed in excellent condition. No spare tips included.
  9. koumoug

    Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd gen - Dolby Atmos

    Hello guys! I would like your help. I am going to buy a dolby atmos soundbar and my tv (2016 model) doesn't support dolby atmos passthrough. So I am thinking of buying Xiaomi TV Box S (2nd gen). I know that it's Dolby atmos certified and it supports atmos through streaming services. But Will I...
  10. G

    For Sale Barebones / PC components / 1st Gen i7 overclocked

    I've and an old PC retired recently still in good condition. Scan 3XS build and overclocked Coolermaster cm690 case Intel Core i7 920 @ base speed of 2.67MHz ( faster when overclock settings enabled) Gigabyte EX58-UD3R motherboard 6GB Ram (XFX) ATI/AMD Radeon 5700 based GPU CD / DVD-RW drive...
  11. Anthrax Poison

    Wanted 13th gen Intel processor

    Any got a reasonably priced 13th gen processor for sale, thanks?
  12. M

    For Sale Lenovo V530-24ICB AiO 23.8" All in 1 Computer 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Intel 9th Gen

    Lenovo V530-24ICB AiO 23.8" All in 1 PC - 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Intel 9th Gen i5. For sale my Lenovo V530-24ICB AIO Desktop PC. Purchased new by myself approx 30 months ago, this is in as new condition with no marks or damage. Slimline design and whisper quiet, very fast machine and handles...
  13. S2000 VTEC

    Wanted Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 8-11

    Looking for an X1 Carbon.
  14. Danoptic

    For Sale Sonos Beam Gen 1 - White

    Selling Sonos Beam gen 1 in white, purchased from John Lewis April 2020. In excellent condition! Looking for £150 ideally collection only. May consider delivery at buyers cost. Invoice can be forwarded.
  15. VCataf

    For Sale iPad 6 - 6th gen, Wi-Fi, 9.7 32GB

    Space grey iPad 6 for sale. Is 32GB Wi-Fi model. Has had screen protector since day 1. Comes with case. Excellent condition. £175
  16. simplicity96

    Wanted Graphics 1660/super/ti + selling/trading 2x Dell Laptops, 2x Intel i5 6500 procs + Mobo bundle 4th gen

    Im looking for a power efficient graphics card, preferably around the 1660 super area, let me know what you have and how much you want please. Happy to pay cash but will also trade for any items I have if required. All items for sale listed below, also looking for a graphics card so willing to...
  17. D

    My LG G1 TV won't record on my new Kingston USB 3.2 Gen 2 Flash Drive 1TB

    My LG G1 TV won't record on my new Kingston USB 3.2 Gen 2 Flash Drive 1TB. I tied the same make and model USB drive but at 512 GB capacity and I get the same issue. When I choose a programme to record from the TV menu it asks me to connect a USB stick to the TV. It is odd because when I...
  18. D

    My LG G1 TV won't record on my new Kingston USB 3.2 Gen 2 Flash Drive 1TB

    My LG G1 TV won't record on my new Kingston USB 3.2 Gen 2 Flash Drive 1TB. When I choose a programme to record from the TV menu it asks me to connect a USB stick to the TV. It is odd because when I connect the said USB stick, the TV asks me if I want to browse the files on that stick, and when I...
  19. L

    Wanted Airpods pro 2nd gen

    As per title. Ideally new or close to!
  20. skemar007

    For Sale Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

    Hot this last year March from amazon, no longer need for my setup as I use a GOXLR now. Excellent condition, vomes boxed with usb lead. Looking £115
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