1. spike47

    Garmin Sat Nav (what Model)

    Hi Long shot, does anyone know what model Garmin Sat Nav the picture is showing cheers Spike
  2. S

    Apple Watch 6 or Garmin Instinct Solar - help me decide.

    As in the title - can you help me decide which smart / fitness watch is best? My priority is fitness based on walking, cycling , going to the gym and maybe a touch of pool swimming. I currently have the two in my possession having got a good deal on both. I know I can test for myself - but I...
  3. adann

    Garmin Mini 2

    Have bought the Garmin Mini 2 Dash cam and planning on getting it installed by Halfords this week. Before I book a slot, I was looking at getting the parking adapter. Is this still required with a proper installation or only if using through USB/lighter?
  4. melmorc

    Replacement Strap for Garmin Instinct

    My son needs a replacement strap for his Instinct, and would prefer a durable fabric style one. He has seen this one on Amazon, but the reviews aren't that favourable (). Can anyone recommend a sturdy strap please?
  5. K

    Smart watch issues with sweat!

    Do any of you have problems with your smart watches when doing HIIT or sweating a lot? How do you handle it? Do you find that the BMI doesn’t work correctly when too sweaty? thanks for the info!
  6. bernado

    Persistent alerts on Garmin?

    I've got a Samsung watch and there is an accessibility setting which allows persistent notifications, e.g. if a text is received the watch will vibrate periodically until the text is accessed. I find this really handy as I often miss alerts otherwise, is this possible on a Garmin watch? I want...
  7. KyleS1

    Apple Watch vs Garmin

    I’m looking to get a smart watch that can play music without the need for a phone. I’ve narrowed it down to the Apple Watch and the garmin forerunner 235 music. Anyone used both? Any obvious flaws with either as a running music watch? The battery life of Apple watches has always been a concern...
  8. N

    Looking for: (Garmin) fitness watch that tracks heart rate adequately (and that has build-in GPS)

    Hi everyone! I love to run and I love doing some strength training (like bodypump) and HIIT. The fitness watch I currently own (a Garmin Vivosport) is perfect for the first activity (great GPS, great speed/pace monitor and great heart rate monitor). For strength and HIIT training, it does not...
  9. kingolympics

    Garmin 645 Music: Question Before I Buy

    I’d like to upgrade me forerunner 230 to a 645 Music. One question I have is, if I am listening to music on a Bluetooth speaker (Bose, UE), can I use the watch the skip a track? Or choose a track? I’ve read lots of reviews, but none of them addressed this specific issue! Also, can you reply...
  10. C

    Which watch best suits my needs? Garmin vs Apple Watch experiences please.

    Hi everyone. I have a bit of a quandary as to what watch to purchase. I currently have a ticwatch pro that I am selling as I just didn't get on with it. I have recently taken up exercise and have started running. My wife has a Garmin and Ive borrowed hers a couple of times and found it...
  11. C

    Garmin Fenix 5 - cracked screen

    hey - somehow the screen on my Fenix 5 (which I absolutely love!) has chipped with 2 cracks across the screen. Any advice on what to do - obviously cant swim with it like it is
  12. storelyckan3

    How to get rid of step count on Garmin Connect profile page.

    I only have a Apple Watch and sync to my friend how own Garmin Watches with the app RunGap. My runs don't show up on my profile page. Only my steps but steps from Apple Watch cant sync to Garmin. Can I change this without a Garmin device? (Dagliga steg = Daily steps )
  13. P

    Terrible halos and reflections on Garmin 66W?

    I've been using a cheap e-prance dashcam for about 6-7 years. This year I saw a Garmin 66W on sale for a really good price, so I grabbed it as an upgrade. It's supposed to be 1440 HDR so I figured that it must be much better than the upscaled 1024 on my e-Prance, but I'm getting terrible halos...
  14. hati73

    Fitness tracker with weekly activity minutes

    Hello Forum, I am looking for a good smartwatch / tracker that offers weekly activity minutes goals ? Any recommendations? It is recommended to have 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. I saw that Garmin has intensity minutes and Fitbit has active minutes. But how good do...
  15. M

    SUUNTO Spartan Ultra/9 v GARMIN Fenix 5X

    Evening all, I’m trying to choose a new smart watch and have a short list of the following: SUUNTO SPARTAN ULTRA SUUNTO 9 GARMIN FENIX 5X I require the watch for Hill Walking, Concept 2 rowing & some running. The SUUNTO 9 apparently has the best battery life for hill walking with good GPS...
  16. rickinyorkshire

    Garmin Forerunner 230 - Backlight doesn't seem to work

    Hello all, I bought a 230 today and was all going swimmingly until i noticed the back light didn't seem to be working at all. When i press the top left button nothing happens.. i checked the settings and it's set to come on if press a button/notification but no matter what i press, the watch...
  17. Eric

    Apple Watch & Garmin Connect Steps?

    I wear a Garmin device for steps and obviously other things! However, I would like a nicer watch for day to day use. So, the question is, can my step count on the Apple watch be sent to Garmin Connect as that is where I collate my data? Thanks
  18. P

    Garmin SATNAV does not charge in-car

    Hi friends, sorry if this is not the right place to post this question... My Garmin SATNAV does not charge when i plug it into my cigaratte lighter socket inside the car. If i use the same cable to plug into my Home power socket the satnav does get charged. Also; my mobile phone does get...
  19. timcs

    Garmin or TomTom with a budget of £180

    Hi all I am looking to buy a new sat nav but my budget cannot stretch any further than £180 plus with the discount I get a the Dixon Group chain e.g. PCworld and currys this is where I will be getting my next one from. Now I have looked around and found this Garmin : GARMIN DriveSmart 50...
  20. Keiron

    Question Garmin Basecamp alternatives?

    We have a Garmin Nuvi and we're going to the USA in the summer. I thought I'd have a go at creating a route on the PC and loading it onto the Garmin. Garmin have a bit of software to do this, called Basecamp. But I find it impossibly difficult to use despite having watched tutorials (most of...
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