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  1. tigermad

    Official Gardening Thread

    Do you think we should have a gardening sub forum in the lifestyle section? It would be handy instead of having to search through the general chat on the off chance someone has asked a similar gardening question. Posted this in the feedback section but got no replies.
  2. richardb70

    Calling all gardeners - landscape edging

    Hi everyone, My flower beds / border areas are quite frankly rubbish at the moment so I'm looking to enlarge them and get some decent shrubs in there. Had an idea on a decent delineation between the lawn and the border using bricks / cobblestones / pavers, plenty of ideas on Pinterest, e.g...
  3. petrolhead

    Any gardening experts out there? Black Spot

    Noticed over the last couple of years black spots appearing on my stone patio. I suspect its black spot. Its does not come off using the power washer. I have attached a photo. Can anyone recommend a product that will get black spot off the patio
  4. Naaktgeboren

    Selling high value gardening equipment

    Was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to sell such items? Not interested in using Ebay as it's open to fraudsters and crap management by paypal and ebay themselves. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks
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