1. B

    Achieving Gapless playback for mix albums copied to USB

    Hi, I have a large digital library of files, all of which I own and are DRM protection free etc. All of these have been imported to Apple Music which I use as the management platform for correcting all tags, updating file metadata etc. Most of the files in my library are AAC or a few MP3...
  2. nodric

    DTS Gapless Update December 2021

    Having stumbled across discussions on this forum about Gapless Playback on an Audiolab 6000n and the (quite frankly crappy) DTS software I wrote to DTS, who to their credit replied in a few hours. In the meantime I did what I said I was going to do, well partly. I now have an iPad hooked up to...
  3. C

    Portable dvd or bluray player with HDMI output that supports gapless flac playback.

    Failed in my attempt to find a simple media player that can handle gapless flac playback for use in my car with HDMI input but no aux input. Anyone know of a portable dvd or bluray player that can do this? Ideally one that can play flac files from usb storage.
  4. S

    Gapless musiccast ?

    Does anyone have an idea whether Yamaha could move to include gapless streaming in its app? Currently, this is not feasible, at least with Qobuz, and quite frustrating to the opera lover.
  5. jimsmith

    Classical Gapless Playback CD Quality Windows 10

    Am I right in thinking that a streaming service with these requirements does not exist? - Gapless playback on Windows 10 (either browser or separate app is fine) - Metadata supporting "Work" and "Composer" concepts suitable for classical music - CD 16bit 44.1 kHz or better I tried Primephonic...
  6. H

    Controller apps (generally, but Teufel in particular)

    It's been observed elsewhere, but it's such a shame how poor the user interfaces tend to be for the apps that allow you to control your streamer of choice. I've recently acquired a Teufel Connector, and I've been going through the various service and controller choices. They're all a compromise...
  7. Random Precision

    Gapless playback on Amazon Echo speakers.

    Gapless playback is available via the Amazon Music app on phones and tablets etc on Android and iOS devices. Gapless playback however isn’t available when streaming music from Amazon on Echo speakers. Does anyone have an explanation why? I have had contact with amazon customer service but got...
  8. cesarleeds

    Question Network players supporting gapless push & pull

    Hi guys I´m currently running this setup when streaming music from my Nas Sinology : Hi Fi Cast app - Chromecast Audio - Marantz SR6011 With this, thanks to that wonderful Hi Fi Cast app, i can play perfect gapless music since CCA supports push gapless (my Marantz SR6011 only supports pull...
  9. Peter Lanky

    Question Basic streamer supporting gapless playback wanted

    Have have a second hifi set up in a spare room, which is where we spend evenings overlooking the garden in summer. There is no need for the quality of a Linn Streamer or even anything coming close. The box on top (in the photo) is an iEast Soundstream, costing about £45 which connects...
  10. L

    Recommendation for gapless radio/CD player

    (Apologies but couldn't really find the best forum to post this) I'm looking for a replacement radio/CD player for the kitchen. The key criteria is that the CD player provides gapless playback as I listen to a lot of opera. Last time I looked I struggled to find one. Have things improved ...
  11. R

    gapless playback from external drive

    I'm looking at getting a new laptop which will only have a limited hard drive size. So I want to get and set up a NAS drive to store my >2TB of Flacs. I currently use Music monkey for playback at the moment. I use bluetooth from my laptop to send the music to my arcam blink/amp. My question...
  12. Tempest

    Amazon Prime Music - No Gapless Music - Mind Blown!

    I've had Amazon prime music for just over a year now, and was really mind blown how there was no gapless playback on music albums. Even more stunned to find out much later Spotify and Apple music do Gapless Playback. A classic fave album of mine, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. A nasty split...
  13. stripeyjoe

    Question How do I make Tidal play gapless on my stereo? SOLVED

    hi all, Excuse the cross posting, not too sure whether this should be under hi-fi/music streamers or movie & music streaming services. I'm trying to enjoy the delights of gapless playback on Tidal through my Denon 3313 from either my iPad or iPhone. So far I have tried the following, all...
  14. stripeyjoe

    Question Tidal HiFi gapless playback - iOS AirPlay, Heos or Musiccast better?

    Hi all, Can anyone report back on gapless playback using Tidal HiFi either directly via the Heos or Musiccast apps or running the Tidal app on an iPad/iPhone and airplaying to the Heos device? Currently doing the second option to my Denon 3313 but has quite big gaps between tracks even with the...
  15. bruuce

    Onkyo RZ810 Gapless Playback

    Hello ... I am here because I am confused.. I have the RZ810 and I bought it because I thought it is capable of mostly everything... I recently discovered that it cannot play gapless audio in many formats.. I have all my music over a DLNA.. I have the following questions: 1- over normal Flac...
  16. RayP

    Panasonic UB900 - Gapless playback of FLAC via NAS

    I'm curious about the music capabilities of the Panasonic UB900 especially playing FLAC files stored on a NAS box. I'm wondering if gapless playback is possible. Playing them via my Yamaha RX-A3010 amp via the Yamaha app on my iPad Air there is a very short gap of perhaps 1 second between...
  17. E

    A cheap and effective solution for DLNA/UpNP gapless play back

    Hi, here the solution I am using allowing streaming my liquid music both in pull mode (and many players does it) and in push mode (AFAIK there are quite a few products doing it). Main reason of my post is that DLNA interworking is quite a uncovered issue, and I hope sharing my experience is...
  18. cyberbub

    DLNA track ordering & gapless playback

    Hi all, sorry I am quite new to all the network music / streaming scene! I have a Samsung TV with DLNA and I can get it streaming music and videos from my laptop over the network, easily enough. There are 2 really annoying problems that I hope someone has a (relatively simple!) solution to...
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