Gaming is the act of playing games, as in:
Playing a tabletop game, any game played on a flat surface
Playing a video game, an electronic game with a video interface
Playing a role-playing game, in which players assume fictional roles
Legalized gambling, playing games of chance for money, often referred to in law as "gaming"
Gaming may also refer to:
Gaming the system, manipulating a system's rules to achieve a desired outcome

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  1. mudddy

    Wanted Graphics Card for Occasional Gaming

    Looking for a graphics card for around the £100 mark. But it needs to have semi passive fans like some Gigabyte and MSI cards have, which stop spinning when not gaming.
  2. A

    Wanted Zelda TOTK

    I am after Zelda TOTK if anyone is looking to move a copy on. Can pay via PPG. Many thanks
  3. shoemaker666

    things that happen in the gaming industry that you find baffling

    I still cant understand why game publishers put there games out for review and to the public in buggy and unfinished state. They spend 5 years making something then put it out to be seen in its worst light. a games perception is very hard to correct and ultimately effects sales and there fore...
  4. G

    Wanted Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

    Looking for a copy of Zelda ToTK if anyone has finished with it and wants rid?
  5. Gordon B

    Wanted Mid Range Laptop

    Hi all, On the lookout for a mid range laptop, something that can be used for serious endeavours but will run most modern games to a medium standard at 1080p. Budget of £600 to £700. Anyone looking to offload something? Thanks
  6. R

    For Sale Desktop Ryzen 5 3600XT

    Deciding to part with my desktop PC. I bought it about 2 years ago from The PC Specialist with the intention of getting a GPU and playing games but it just did not happen - as such it's a nicely specced machine but devoid of a GPU. All I have used it for is logging in to work and browsing the...
  7. Dollydoodah

    Wanted Switch OLED

    Hi looking to get a 'nearly new' Switch OLED for my youngest daughter... needs to be in nearly new condition and come with all accessories and box.
  8. A

    For Sale VR Kit & Gaming PC

    Alienware Aurora R6 Desktop PC CPU I5 7400 3GHz. Graphics card Nvidia GTX 1070. 24GB RAM. 256GB SSD. 22" Monitor, Keyboard and mouse. Oculus Rift Headset, Left and Right Touch controllers, Xbox game pad, 2 Sensors with stands. I have all the original boxes except for the monitor. All in...
  9. G

    Question Hisense 55U8QF

    I want to buy this tv model and i want to know if it is a decent TV for gaming?I have some question: 1.On game mode it is possible to have full chroma color 4:4:4 with 120 Hz at 4k resolution? 2.How much milisecond input lag have this tv in game mode,someone know??I intended to buy for gaming...
  10. addyb

    For Sale Mortal Kombat 1

    Boxed, in great condition. Only bought to play the story mode (which is great) £48 delivered.
  11. MattDX

    For Sale Splatoon 3

    Mint condition £30.
  12. 7

    For Sale Alienware 34" wide-screen Aw3423DWF QD OLed Gaming Monitor

    One of the best gaming monitors in the world. Only 7 months old. Boxed. Warranty until Feb 2026. £480 plus postage.
  13. barney007

    For Sale ASTRO C40 PAD

    I have for sale 1. Astro c40 pad - completely with box and accessories £50
  14. Tomnook80

    For Sale WD Black SN850X 2TB with Heatsink for PS5/PC

    Picked this up in an eBay deal for £96 here: NEW WD Black SN850X 2TB Heatsink NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD for Gaming/Laptop/Desktop 718037891309 | eBay As you can see by the listing it was sold as open box but brand new with full manufacturer warranty. I received this yesterday for use with the PS5 but...
  15. bones`

    Wanted Metroid Dread

    Anyone got a physical copy for sale? Thanks
  16. Doctor Smith

    Dedicated gaming Laptop or Geforce now?

    I currently play on my steam deck. It great for action games and platformers. However, finding it difficult reading text and other issues with RPG and adventure games. I was considering the Asus a16 advantage edition until a friend said why not subscribe to GeForce now and play your i5 laptop. I...
  17. D

    What about this TV for gaming with my Xbox?

    If I decide to move my Xbox console into my living room and hook it up to the monitor on my computer desk, I will need a monitor with 2 HDMI inputs. One for the graphics card and the other for the Xbox console. I saw this on Newegg:
  18. gargoyle67

    Deal Agreed Ryzen 5600x Boxed with un-used cooler.

    As per title Ryzen 5600x great condition, Good little gaming CPU, Taken out of my working system to upgrade to 5950x bought from this forum. £100 delivered.
  19. S

    For Sale Camo dual sense

    Has had barely any use Only selling to get the spider man controller Don’t think I’ve got the box but I’ll check tonight Looking for £40 all in Ppg but preferably BT
  20. M

    Couch gaming

    Man cave is well underway and I’ve hit a bit of a conundrum, I’m torn between doing a normal PC setup with a 42 inch LG oled, gaming chair etc, but in the room I’ll also a have a 77inch oled full Atmos surround for movies, I’m thinking now whether to bin the 42 inch and just game from the couch...
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