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  1. thelaughingman

    For Sale Gaming PC (2 Months old, All parts purchased NEW)

    Hey all, So after building a Gaming PC with the intention of moving away from Apple and Console gaming .... It's just not for me :( All parts were purchased from Amazon around 26/28th May 2021. The only thing that isn't from Amazon is the GPU which i bought from here which works perfectly. If...
  2. faz668

    For Sale Gaming PC Alienware Area 51 PC Gaming Core i7 16GB RAM £450

    Alienware Area 51 R2 I have had this from new and paid over £3000 at the time. This PC is in great condition and full working order. I have recently replaced the motherboard (MSI kratis SLI motherboard £150) along with corsair liquid cooling ( £100 ) The PC features older Intel core i7...
  3. namicist

    For Trade ps5 for my gaming pc

    my gaming pc is a console style machine and excellent at games and very fast in all it does, its here ps5 plus cash my way please :)
  4. London Town

    My Gaming PC - Help on value for selling...

    Hi all, Couldn't think of anywhere better to ask than AV for some help... I have a gaming PC, had it for a good few years now, still preforms very well even with the latest games, not at 4K so much, but still runs the likes of Microsoft FLight Sim at 1080p and 60fps. Thing is, I'm just not...
  5. UKDStrawdog

    For Sale New Build Gaming PC

    Got a ready to go gaming PC for sale for £700, all parts are brand new (the glass side panel still has the protective wrap on it) apart from the GPU and CPU but they're both decent and have never given me any cause for concern. The 980Ti is still a very capable and cost effective GPU option...
  6. U

    AWD-IT Gaming PC...

    My new pc from AWD-IT came today by DPD Courier. Its good quality and not too loud noise while running mining software. I have switched off the front lighting from the supplied remote. Spec: Gigabyte RTX 3060 12 GB Graphics Card. AMD Ryzen 3600 4.2 GHZ. 550Watt PSU. Windows 10. HDMI.
  7. sraper

    Is this a good value gaming pc (from a big brand)

    My son has a gaming laptop (Dell Alienware) but he now needs a more lightweight laptop that he can take to 6th form. However he also wants a gaming desktop pc🤑. He sent me this link for an hp pc Is this any good or should...
  8. topgazza

    Small Form Factor Gaming PC

    Not looking at anything top of the range or high spec. Just something to play Halo type games at 1080p. I tend to play solo games not group or online streaming. Ive tried speccing PCs up but thought I would ask here if anyone has any recommendations as to pre built for a casual gamer ?
  9. A

    For Sale Gaming pc 3060 i7 9700k offers

    Hi all this has been unused by me for a long time so wanting to move it on, may consider MacBook or nice small windows laptop Will confirm exact models tomorrow ASUs gaming mb Viper 32gb ram Viper 1tb nvme ssd Sea gate 1tb nvme ssd I7 9700k Msi Rtx 3060 12gb ASU’s tuf gaming keyboard Corsair...
  10. Greg Hook

    Cyberpower iCUE Infinity Gaming PC Review & Comments

    Custom PC builder Cyberpower showcase their iCUE Infinity Gaming PC featuring RTX3060 graphics, i7-10700KF CPU, 16GB RAM and some funky RGB lighting. Read the review. Write your own review for Cyberpower iCue Infinity
  11. J

    need help finding gaming pc

    Hey all, I'm trying to pick out a gaming pc and here are a couple of the specs that i'm shooting for: 16g RAM at least 500g SSD I'm thinking an i7, or Ryzen 7 for processor I'll be up front and say that I don't know a whole lot about computer jargon and the technical side of everything, and...
  12. C

    Gaming PC advice

    This has probably been asked many times before but I was hoping someone could advise on a gaming PC for my son. I would ideally like to buy it prebuilt as I don't think I could build it myself. Budget around £1000 but obviously if I can spend less I will. I want it to be able to handle games...
  13. stu646

    This a good starting gaming PC?

    Hey, My 10 year old girl is really into Fortnite, Apex Legends ect and wants to play them on a PC with her friends. We need a new desktop anyway as been 10 years since we last brought one. Found this on Amazon and wonder if it would be a good starting point for her?
  14. I

    I have a new gaming pc im new to this

    I cleaned my hard drive and windows 10 won't install any help?
  15. C

    Building first gaming PC vs buying complete

    I’m looking to build a gaming PC for my 14 yr old son for his birthday. I’ve recently researched and I’ve seen how crazy some of the prices have risen I assume thanks to Covid and supply. I’ve found a new archangel build that’s local to me that I’m debating on purchasing. Need some helpful...
  16. F

    Gaming PC Spec

    Hi All My son is shortly turning 13 and is adamant he wants a gaming PC, He has saved up a fair bit and the remainder will be his birthday gifts from across the family. He has an Xbox Series X, but is set on getting this PC as well. I'm not convinced its worth it but hey ho. He has come up...
  17. LCR_Dave

    Help building a gaming pc

    Hi, I’ve been out of the desktop world for some years now and to be honest I haven’t a clue what’s good or not, my son wants to build his first gaming pc, he’s nearly 16 and has sent me this list asking what I thought.. budget is around 700 give it take for just the tower. 4K isn’t overly...
  18. D

    AYA Neo Ryzen 4500U handheld gaming PC crowdfunding begins after Chinese New Year
  19. C

    First gaming pc for 13 year old

    Hi all I could use a little help. I haven't build anything for a few years and haven't really kept up on what components are good etc. I need build suggestions for a first gaming pc for my son (13). We are looking to build this together. Parts don't necessarily have to be new or the latest...
  20. A

    Remote Gaming PC - HDMI/USB over CAT6 to AVR

    I am currently remote gaming in our living room using an nVidia Shield with GameStream, which is great, but I would like to improve the gaming image quality, by connecting to my PC over extended HDMI instead. My PC is in a room upstairs, with 2 no. CAT6 points to a patch panel in a central...
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