1. C

    For Sale Nintendo games including GBA, DS, Switch, Gamecube, Wii U.

    Selling cos of financial difficulties not choice. More pics for individual items can be gotten if interested. I'll add photos for anything not included there shortly. Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy - £3 Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks - £15 Mario Kart DS - £7 Final Fantasy IV - £15 Yoshi Touch...
  2. M

    For Sale Gamecube - if any one is interested?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here, but just thought this might be the place to find someone looking for a gamecube! The console itself is black and does has slight yellowing to the grey front panel, but I do have the attached photo of 198 (I believe it is) games or 197 off the top of my head, they...
  3. D

    Eta Prime : MiniITX This C64 Can Play Gamecube Games & Runs Windows 10! My64 Mini ITX Build

    Link to his post
  4. D

    The Atari VC Can Play PS2, Gamecube, PSP & Wii Games!

    Eta prime doing emulation on Atari VC
  5. SimonHavfc

    For Sale Silver GameCube with 14 games and Mini Classic Console Atari Flashback.

    For sale as follows - Nintendo Silver GameCube with 14 games Boxed immaculate as new See pics for games etc included £350 NOW £330 NOW £315 NOW £300 Mini Classic Console Atari Flashback 8 £70 NOW £65 All the Mini consoles have been played for maybe an hour each tops All prices include fully...
  6. P

    Question PAL60 to HDMI

    Hello everybody. I'm desperate and I hope anyone can help me. I live in Europe and I got a PAL Gamecube. Currently, it is connected to my TV via Composite but I need to convert it to HDMI to use my HDMI Splitter and other stuff. So I bought an AV to HDMI Converter on Amazon, which works...
  7. XdaBobX

    AV IN with LG E8PUA Series - 55 Smart TV

    I have been trying to use the AV IN adapter for my LG E8PUA TV too hook up my gamecube or original Xbox. I used the adapter that came with the TV and when I try it I get audio but no picture (sometimes accompanied with a loud buzzing noise). I tested the Xbox and gamecube on another TV and they...
  8. Else00

    Dolby Pro Logic II support on new AVR

    I was thinking of buying the Denon AVR-X3600H. I would like to connect my Wii U via HDMI and play Wii and GameCube games like Super Smash Brow. Brawl, which has Dolby Pro Logic II for surround sound. This AVR is capable of decoding Dolby Pro Logic II so that you can hear surround sound from Wii...
  9. D

    How To Play GameCube Games In 4K On PC! 2020 Dolphin Emulator Setup

  10. cmdrmarc

    Gamecube Revival!

    After playing a fair bit of Super Mario Kart on the SNES Mini, my mate and I decided it had been far too long since we'd played some MK Double Dash. And it's still so good! Some minor annoyances like not being able to look behind, and not being able to hold items behind (though it does make for...
  11. servacom

    GameCube D terminal VGA mod

    Hello, I have one of these cables (originally a DOL-009) that has been modified for VGA. I used to use this on a computer CRT monitor with excellent results. I would like to sell this somewhere for a reasonable price but have no idea what it is worth. I have only found the very expensive...
  12. Tazbot

    Nintendo Switch VC - GameCube

    Rumours of the VC for Switch to include GameCube games. This would really make my day if true :) Which GameCube games would folk love to appear on Switch? My list would include some favorites like; Eternal Darkness F-Zero GX Pikmin 1 Mario Sunshine Luigis Mansion Super Money Ball 1 and 2...
  13. seowth

    Question [CRT TV for gaming] Sony KV-36HS510 - Shaking Screen, looped image

    Hi everyone, So i posted this question in the televisions subsection of this site's forum but I think it may be relevant here too, so i'm going to see if anyone has any idea how to help me here in this section - thanks! Situation and link to Product manual of Sony KV-36HS510: Manual: SONY...
  14. seowth

    Question [CRT TV] Sony KV-36HS510 - Shaking Screen, looped image

    Hi everyone, This will be my first post on avforums, so excuse me a little if I come across as a little bit of a newbie/phrase something in an annoying manner/ramble for too long.. Situation and link to Product manual of Sony KV-36HS510: Manual: SONY KV-36HS510 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (PRIMARY...
  15. G

    Answered GameCube 480p on CRT Monitor

    Hi. I've just joined to ask this question, as found many useful threads on here in the past. Struggling a little with this query though! I recently got hold of the fabled GC Component cable and I want to make the best use of it. I must admit I am disappointed with the 480p output on my LCD TV...
  16. raigraphixs

    Vintage: GameCube E3 2001

    Relive the GameCube console and game reveals from Nintendo and developers from E3 2001. I just started to watch these which were posted up today.
  17. D

    Freeloader Help (GC)

    Hey guys, i'm having a few issues and I could really do with some help. I have a pal gamecube with freeloader and a US Pokemon Colosseum XD (I could never find an EU one :( ). While the game loads I'm having issues with my memory card. Every time I try to load my saved data it tells me the...
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