1. bure11

    For Sale Switch Game Clearance

    Hi all. Selling a bunch of my switch games and for a mate aswell. I'll be collecting more from him in a few days too but I don't want to list those until I've actually got them to hand so I'll update this thread with more soon. For now - Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze - £30 Luigis Mansion 3 - £30...
  2. M

    For Sale PS Vita games

    Looking to shift the following. Demon Gaze PEGI £35 Mary Skelter PEGI £80 Dungeon Travelers 2 PEGI £50 Postage cost depends on how you want them sent.
  3. EdgeyChris

    Wanted Game Pass Ultimate

    Hi all Im currently paying the £10.99 Per month for GPU, as im saving for a house id like to reduce my monthly costs as much as possbile So im looking for a cheap code or codes Thanks!
  4. LeeDicko

    For Sale 3 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - £20

    Redeemed some Microsoft points to purchase 3 months of GP Ulitmate. Code to be sent via PM within 1 hour of payment clearing. Payment via BT or PPG.
  5. SimTT

    For Sale Sega Game Gear Games

    Hi, I’m not sure if there will be any interest in these but thought I’d post them here first before eBay. I have a collection of 8 sega game gear games as per the photo. 6 games have their cases.
  6. Arni

    For Sale Playstation 4 Games

    Lego Worlds =£10 Lego Movie The Videogame = £10 Lego Batman 3 = £10 Lego Ninjago = £10 Lego Avengers = £10 Lego The Incredibles = £12 Lego Harry Potter Collection = £12 Lego DC Super Villans = £10 SOLD Lego Star Wars = £8 Lego Super Heroes 2 = £12 Lego Movie 2 The Videogame=£10 Minecraft =£15...
  7. S

    Wanted An VR games

    Looking for vr games. Let me know what you have for sale
  8. GreasyTopLip

    I can only buy 1 game....

    Hi just wanted people's opinions. I've got £30 store credit and want to buy 1 of these 2 games. I know they are both totally different genre's etc but if YOU could only get 1 which one?? Edit - Eventually I'll own both but not for a few months
  9. paulfoley

    For Sale Gameboy Advance Games (most are collecting condition)

    Collection of (mainly) CIB Game Boy Advance Games, free P+P Note - All have been carefully stored for the last 16-21 years in a Smoke free home, most boxes I would rate at 8/10, most manuals are unread & I don't throw away any inserts. The carts are all in good shape. I priced them by making...
  10. S

    For Sale SOLD Neon Switch Console Bundle V2, Cars 3 Game, Extra Controller, Case £160 ono

    Nintendo Switch Neon v2 Bundle (as shown) Cars 3 Game Extra controller - it was sold to me as an official Nintendo Pro Controller, but came from China, so not sure if genuine - see photographs. Switch Case and screen protector Boxed All in perfect ‘as new’ condition. Priced reduced for a quick...
  11. A

    psp games wanted

    Hey guys, Looking for psp titles of Platypus and Soreyuke! Burunyanman thanks dave
  12. drmsa

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Console with Blue/Red Joy-Con fully Boxed, with Carrying Case, Two Games, Switch Pro Controller, 128GB SD Card

    Hi All, Selling my sons Nintendo Switch Console (HAC-001) with Blue and Red Joy-Cons, Joy-Con Straps, Grip, HDMI Cable, Power Adapter And Nintendo Switch Dock. Comes fully boxed as seen in pictures. Screen has always had glass protector from day one and there is one still installed. Also...
  13. dcxs

    How do I know PC games are outputting 5.1/7.1?

    Hey! I've recently been playing a lot of PC games on my TV. But Im very unsure whether its actually outputting 5.1/7.1. My setup is as follows; PC (HDMI) -> LG B1 -> Samsung hw-q950t. PC sound output is set to Dolby Atmos. Atmos content works, and 5.1 dolby digital also it seems, (been using...
  14. gamer2022

    do you play any game right now ?

    i play forza horizon 5 ..what about you ,,,??
  15. ResultofMine

    Games you've beaten in 2022.

    With the new year, we start a new thread! I started 2022 with Fallout Tactics and Disco Elysium Fallout Tactics is, in my opinion, a poor game compared to other isometric Fallouts. Disco Elysium is a brilliant game that is hard to break away from
  16. C

    For Sale PS4 Pro 2TB Bundle incl. 2 x DS4, games - £200/Offers?

    For Sale PS4 Pro upgraded to 2 TB HDD. Latest firmware. Worked flawlessly since buying new. 2 DS4 controllers. All leads. I think it is around 3 years old, not much use the last year or so. Selling bundled only. Games: Rise of the Tomb Raider Gran Turismo Sport Spiderman Rory McIlroy PGA...
  17. broona

    Best games to try out new 3070?

    Got a 3070 arriving tomorrow to replace the 1060 in my son's gaming rig, any recommendations for games to show it off? Looking to have a play with ray tracing and DLSS, hopefully some of the games he's got now support them too. Cheers 👍 It's just connected to a 43" Hisense 4k TV, so we're...
  18. T

    SEAGATE Gaming Portable Hard Drive for PS4 - 2 TB, Black & Blue Is this a good one to use for PS4 games on PS5

    Has anybody any experience on using SEAGATE Gaming Portable Hard Drive for PS4 - 2 TB, Black & Blue £62.99 from Curry's For holding games from a PS4 to then be used on a PS5 Console? Thanks for any help.
  19. fastfish86

    For Sale 9 x Xbox 360 Games

    Please see pic for titles. Selling as a bundle of 9. £44 inc postage
  20. T

    PS5 Info required about transferring games from PS4 and SSD in PS5

    Hi Just got my autistic daughter a new PS5 with DVD (Not digital). I am 76 and haven't got all the modern knowledge and she is unable to handle techie issues. First how large is the SSD on the PS5? How much does a game take up on the SSD on average? She has games stored on her PS4 and wants...
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