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  1. nsa1312

    Question Restoring data after broken screen

    My son managed to drop his Samsung Galaxy S7 (again) and this time the screen is completely black and non-responsive. He wanted me to try and recover his contacts from it. Despite my searching for phone data recovery, I have not been successful. What is more of a problem is that I have been...
  2. D

    Samsung Galaxy S7 DAC info.

    For anyone who may be interested. I had been looking to find DAC info installed on a Samsung Galaxy S7 and it's capabilities, but I could not find the right info on the web. I mainly needed to know, bit rates and sample frequencies it could handle. Information available varied wildly, so here it...
  3. Concho

    Galaxy S7 locked

    Hi, I am getting a message on my Galaxy S7 asking for a password but don't know what the password is. The message is: "Your phone was restarted and needs to be unlocked using your password. You can use your fingerprints next time you unlock your phone. Your password must contain at least...
  4. sedalbis

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Signal/Data Issues - EE

    Hi all, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I'm on the EE network. I only ever seem to be connected to one of three data types: 1. 4G - amazingly fast 2. H+ - not as good as 4G but still pretty fast 3. H - data does not load at all when on H. If I try to open a web page or Facebook, etc, it will...
  5. T

    Galaxy S7 or alternative?

    I'm still using an iPhone 4S and would like to upgrade, but can't afford a lot. I'm currently thinking of a second hand S7. I think the size is right for me - I want a decent size screen, but don't really want anything bigger than the S7 body. As well as the S7, what other phones would you...
  6. John Latter

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Any difference between UK and EU versions?

    Hi, I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that was advertised for sale with the UK's SM-G935FZDABTU model number. During the initial set-up of the phone I was invited to logon to my Samsung account, which I did. When I later visited the Samsung website, I found the phone I had been sold...
  7. petrolhead

    Galaxy S6 Volume low, headphones and bluetooth

    I have bought a radio which has bluetooth and aux in for my workshop. I want to listed to music from my Galaxy S6 phone either bluetooth or aux in however to get any decent level I have to turn the phone vol to max and the radio vol to max as well. Its a problem with the radio is its more than...
  8. imightbewrong

    Galaxy S7 Phone - which lens? (if any)

    Howdy. Doing some last-minute Christmas shopping - for SWMBO. She has a new S7 and takes a lot of photos. We have mostly ditched the compact camera now and use the phones day to day, and the SLR when we want something special. Would be good to extend the photographic range of the S7 so have...
  9. vipergrm

    Question Calling Vodafone UK - Galaxy S7 Owners - Wi-Fi Calling

    Hi folks, Has anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge got Wi-Fi calling working successfully over Vodafone UK? I'm having terrible trouble getting mine to work. After numerous calls/chats to Vodafone they assure me that the feature is active from their end but I still can't get it to work. I...
  10. R

    Question HTC 10 or Samsung Galaxy S7

    I am interested in both phones, but indecisive on what to buy. I have owned the galaxy s6 and htc m7 before and both were brilliant phones. I would say the M7 edge it with the design and lack of bloatware compared to the S6. What would guys recommend going for? Both are similar prices.
  11. TyneBridges

    Question Galaxy S7 UK price cut?

    I keep reading that the price of mobile phones comes down after a few months, especially Samsung phones when a new Apple iPhone is released. However, I can't see any sign of this with the Galaxy S7. I see the price has been reduced in India, but it actually went up in the UK at John Lewis a...
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