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  1. kutsanagi

    Wanted Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5g Aura Black

    Hi all, I'm after one of the above after letting common sense prevail over the upgrade bug, and not picking up one when I should have! I'd like it to be complete, with warranty and pretty much immaculate; if you have one you're wanting to move on, please let me know. Kind regards, Kutsanagi
  2. Ozzyh

    For Sale 2x Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's (5G) Dual Sim (Brand new and sealed)

    As per title, I have for sale some business upgrades which are not needed so up for sale here. Photos can be seen as attached and delivery note can be provided to the buyer if required for warranty etc. I was going to advertise on Wednesday but didn't get round to it hence the 14th showing as...
  3. F

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

    Hi for sale is a Samsung galaxy note 10 +. this is the standard 4g dual sim model. phone is an insurance replacement and brand new. only selling as bought something else in the meantime comes with all accessories but not the original box. wanting £480 including postage. phone will be sent via...
  4. M

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus 5g Auru glow unlocked

    Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus 5g Auru glow unlocked in excellent condition had since september on contract with carphone warehouse all boxed with accessories and receipt (no headphones) payment through bank transfer
  5. marvi0

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phones. Whose buying....

    So the note 20 phones have now been announced, sadly again Samsung gives us in Europe, the more inferior exynos processor, whilst the states will have the sd865+. Whose buying? I for one have always liked the super user form factor of the note series but since I found out how inferior the exynos...
  6. PaulMancUK

    Question Help needed with streaming Hd music - galaxy note 9, roksan k3 dac, chromecast music

    Any help would be appreciated. I am trialling qobuz for hd music. I have a roksan dac and have been using my laptop to stream music to it in 24 bit 96 or 192 etc. I have been using a usb cable and have installed the Roksan driver so I can select that as the output. On the laptop I have...
  7. C

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ burn in future?

    I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, honestly best phone iv ever had. There lays my problem for the amount of money it was I'd like the choice of not having to upgrade once a year anymore. I am very scared that the screen could burn in in the future, for me making the phone less...
  8. D

    Question Galaxy Note 10+ with Spigen Case - compatible Screen Protectors

    Hey Guys My Note 10+ has a screen Protector out of the box. But i'm not satisfied with it since it is out of plastic and i already have a frew minor scratches. Now my Question is : I'm looking for a strong screen protector that fits my case. Lots of protector companies write "Case friendly" but...
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 available August 23rd

    With little to surprise on the back of a barrage of recent leaks Samsung unpacks its flagship Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus smartphones. Read the news.
  10. J

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    I may have missed it but there doesn't seem to be an dedicated Samsung Galaxy Note 9 discussion thread. I've just bought an Note 9 and I'm sure others have too. This could be a thread to share any info, tips and so on. I am on the look out for cases at the moment. Any recommendations? I...
  11. P

    Question Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is frozen

    First of all, I had to re-register as AVF didn't recognise my previous identity! Anyway, we have had the tablet for several years and it has been fine. Yesterday while my husband was using it, it stopped and only showed the Samsung logo and nothing could be done to rescue it. I have read...
  12. R

    Repairing Samsung Galaxy Note 8`

    Hi All I would like some help. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 under contract via EE last September. Unfortunately i dropped it be accident and it hit the corner of a rack and managed to dent the on/off button of all places which now is stuck. I couldnt keep it charging all the time and it...
  13. R

    Three, Galaxy Note 8 and Wi-Fi calling

    Just wondering if anyone out there has been able to access native Wi-Fi calling on the Note 8 using the Three network? I've just got off the phone to Three customer services who told me that because I got the phone from Samsung direct and not them they are unable to a activate Wi-Fi calling on...
  14. sanjit

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases and screen protectors

    Has anyone managed to get a good case and screen protector on this beast of a phone? I was thinking it would be easier to get one seeing the phone is not too curved round the edges?
  15. Garioch

    Samsung Galaxy Note8 (2017 Phablet Smartphone)

    Anyone interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 better have deep pockets... it's looking like it'll cost EUR 999 (or £873): Samsung Galaxy Note8 launches late September for nearly €1,000 I'm actually not surprised by that price - it seems about what I expected (although it'll be interesting to...
  16. RoadsterUK

    Non-exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7R to be half price.

    Are people interested to get the Galaxy Note 7R: Non-exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7R to be half price If it is re-released in the UK market ? May well be called the Galaxy Note FE: Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 may actually be called the Galaxy Note FE
  17. Giocodimano2

    Question Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problem with batery

    Hi I have a problem with my phone Galaxy Note 3. So I had some time ago a poblema battery (so I thought) and I decided to buy a new one, I took and I put the phone on charge and had battery 15 percent then I suddenly found myself battery instead load is discharged. What can I do? It may be the...
  18. psychopomp1

    Fancy an exploded Galaxy Note 7 skin?

    LOL Explo-Sung iPhone Skin
  19. Stuart Wright

    Replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7? What phone to get next?

    So what phone are you going to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with?
  20. the porter

    Say goodbye to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (discontinued)

    August the 2nd the keynote has been announced and evidently will be for sale the same day iris scanner and other goodies
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