1. A

    Rega Planar 1 Plus too loud on KRK Rokit RP6 G3

    Hi, Appreciate if forumers can propose solutions to my problem. I have a Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable. The turntable has a built-in phono stage, (I understand) it produces a line output, which is then connected to the RCA input of my two KRK speakers. Ther problem I have is that the speakers...
  2. S

    My phone lg g3 have some problems

    I have this phone around 1 year and 4 months earlier this was started to happening i don't know what is happening i have replaced motherboard with new one but the replacement didn't helped at all. Also i have same issue with my second phone lenovo a6000 now i am using samsung galaxy s5 mini. Did...
  3. UrNzWy

    EVGA 850W P2 PSU Caught on Fire - Faulty PSU randomly ignites!

    You know what's fun? Waking up to a house full of smoke, fire alarms going off and finding your desktop engulfed in flames.. That was a reality I never even though about until two Friday's ago... Que 5:45AM in the morning. We live on a busy alley way where there are always garbage trucks...
  4. cogla

    Question Canon Powershot G3 Fault

    Recently I decided to dig out and use my old G3 The battery and card appear to be in good order, when I press the shutter I get this which I presume is a fault code My email to Canon only got two computerised answers -they don't want to know I did mention that I paid £750 in 2002 but to no...
  5. C


    This week my G3 started switching on and off by it self, several times. Now I still have all my Google contacts on the phone, but have lost all the actual device contacts. Is there any way to recover them please. BTW I have deleted ABP for this site, but it is still showing as set. Regards...
  6. E

    Question Lg Google tv 50ga6400-ud back light problem

    When I turn my TV on the back light comes on for a second then the top and bottom lights turn off the only lights on are on the sides in the middle don't know what's wrong with it any help would be great. Does this board look bad?
  7. R

    Video : Editing a video in Imovie 2 on an Imac G3

    Hi all, I've just made a video about my adventures, for the first time, editing a video using Imovie 2, on an Imac G3. Hope you enjoy. Regards, Steve
  8. pesser

    Question LG G3 black screen/fade away !

    this started yesterday all sudden the phones screen now randomly flickers then fades away into black it still has power i think. google suggests its something to do with IR camrea sensor, people on youtube putting the phone in the OVEN! :eek: anyone else suffered this is there a permenant fix ?
  9. imightbewrong

    LG G3 - where to get new battery

    Have had my G3 for about 18 months. The battery seems to have really died - although I don't know if I am a heavy user. There is no way it lasts a day now. It also seems to get very hot. If I look at the battery usage graph it seems to put half of it down to the screen. Was thinking of...
  10. imightbewrong

    LG G3: black screen - otherwise working - toast?

    Today my LG G3 (c. 15 months old) has started acting up. The screen is black, but it is on. Tapping the screen makes the blue LED flash. It seems to be working fine other than this - I can start and stop music, use the camera, get emails etc via my watch. The screen was off for 30/40...
  11. D

    Question LG g3 marshmallow update

    Hi has anyone had a ota Android 6.0 update yet,nothing here on Vodafone?
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