1. wardieuk

    How long until AV Receivers are history & the future of home cinema sound ?

    Surely we can only be 2-3 years away from really great performing Atmos sound bars (improving from current models) and 360 reality immersive wireless sound. There will always be people who want AVR's and separates but with AVR's getting ever more expensive, cost has to be a factor. Surely the...
  2. N

    Ideas for no GPU gaming desktop pc (GPU comes later)

    Afternoon all. My first post so treat me like a noob :thumbsup: I plan to save money by building around Ryzen 7 5600G with integrated graphics, and use the saved cash on better components elsewhere. I am puzzled about how I go on from there in terms of the motherboard and the rest to make it a...
  3. pat clancy

    Back to the future musical

    Went to see Back to the future musical in London yesterday ,and would recommend any fan to see it. Very impressed with the sound and the cars special effects. It really looks like the car is being driven along .
  4. F

    Future arrived to eastern EU

    Hey Im Interrest About this because I love food. And when you come to the restaurant its not only About food but About service too. Can you chceck this and tell me if you have experience with this somewhere around? Thanks
  5. T

    Future proof network cables

    I'm in the process of planning a major detached garage conversion project. This will involve a 900mm deep trench for services (water, gas and electricity) so I am thinking of running cabling for network while I have this trench. Considering this ex-garage is to be the point where all mains...
  6. M

    Advice on external CAT6 connection for extending in future

    I am renovating my house which includes a full re-wire and running CAT6 throughout. I am taking the opportunity to futureproof for potential developments such as a garden room/office/garage. I am trying to understand the options available that would make it easy to run some CAT6 to one of...
  7. RedDevil85

    Future Boy Conan: Collector's Edition 4K UHD

    Link: TBA Release date: TBC (Early 2022) Anime Limited to release Future Boy Conan in the UK – All the Anime
  8. terrysays

    Future TV Shows

  9. Tom Davies

    Is boutique publishing the future of 4K physical media? - AVF Movies Podcast Discussion Thread

    Hello, fellow collectors of shiny shiny discs, The next Movies Podcast hosted by me, @Mark Costello and @Simon Crust will be livestreaming on our YouTube channel on Wednesday 1st September 2021 at 7:30pm This time around we're having thoughts about the rise of the smaller boutique labels...
  10. E

    Advice on new 3.1/5.1 setup and future-proofing

    Evening all. Just to say that these forums are so helpful and I have really enjoyed reading through. I am just about to move house and am looking to upgrade my AV system. Currently I have Denon AVR-X2400H with some old Cambridge Audio speakers - Sirocco S70x2 and S50. Music and movie split is...
  11. D

    Which AVR with ELAC DRF52 for great 2.0 but also 5.1.2 future proof?

    Hi all! New member here and pretty new to everything HT and HiFi. I'm going to be moving places soon and looking to upgrade my set-up over time to 5.1.2, but starting with the left & right fronts. Top of my shortlist (WAF weighs in heavily here) is a pair of ELAC DRF52s. Currently got a 3.0...
  12. Wreck It Yat

    The future of heading in football

    Personally, (as someone who has had a brain injury), I think this is great to see: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57996593 I feel incredibly for those sportspeople (not just in football but rugby too) who suffered neurologically early in life after retiring. Looking at the future, could...
  13. UncookedTaco

    Looking for a TV for PS4/PS5 in the near future.

    Which external devices do you plan to connect to the TV? - PS4/PS5 What content will you watch on the TV? - Will be used 80% for gaming, the other 20% for watching movies sometimes. Will you use internal or external apps or tuners for the following? If external, via which device...
  14. M

    Thoughts on Spatial Audio - "The Future of Music!"

    With Apples Spatial Audio launching yesterday I wondered what people's thoughts were? They are making a big push of this being 'the future of music' and have put some decent materials with Zane Low on explaining how it all works and how it will be the biggest change since stereo. I had a...
  15. Cliff

    Future King calls out BBC fakery- what next?

    The Martin Bashir scandal is sending shock waves throughout the establishment. BBC execs will be creaking in their boots right now as there was a huge cover up over the way the Princess Diana interview was secured. Bashir will be very concerned about the documents he faked and he lied about (...
  16. PsbakerEight2

    Future proofing for smart home

    Evening all, I am at the start of the process of renovating my home. I’m planning on running ethernet cables pretty much to every socket, tv point etc in the house. At the moment I am not too interested in having a smart home but I know what I’m like and in 5 or so years time I’ll change my...
  17. hicks55

    The future of VR input devices?

    Hi everyone. Recently I started to get involved in VR, and now I use controllers from Valve that allow you to move your hands in the game a little more realistic than other controllers (from other manufacturers of VR helmets or gamepads). Don't you think that controllers in the usual sense are...
  18. OneSon

    What does the future of home music listening look like?

    Right now it strikes me that there is a real mish-mash of approaches to home listening. Streaming over wifi, bluetooth, digital, vinyl, CDs etc. How do you think things are going to shake down over the next decade? Will streaming win out, so to speak, or will we continue to see this range of...
  19. SFkilla

    X-Men: Days Of Future Past (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR)

    X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Fnac.com / Amazon.fr Release date: 11/06/2021 Status: Available to pre-order
  20. RedDevil85

    X-Men: Days of Future Past - Lenticular Edition (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbooks)

    Purchase link: Zavvi (4K UHD/Blu-ray) - Zavvi (Blu-ray) Release date: 26/07/2021 Status: Not yet available (Pre-order live: Saturday 24th April, 12pm Midday for RC subs, 6pm General sale)
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