1. Reese Withouterspoon

    How do you visualise other forum members? NB Just for fun.

    This thread is supposed to be just for fun - so please don't be unkind to anyone. As the thread title suggests, how do you visualise other forum members. Do you see them in your mind's eye as resembling their avatar picture or do you visualise them more strongly on account of their content or...
  2. Ugg10

    Bit of Sunday fun - Band who are on you “must see” list.

    Ok, so a bit of fun for a Sunday morning. Now things are starting to ease a little COVID Restriction wise which bands would you really like to see. For me of the Big bands it would be: Tool in an indoor setting (seen them at a festival), Rammstein just for the Pyrotechnics and theatrics...
  3. Baron Mole

    Arguments - Bleeding edge technological advance or Audiophool snake oil ? Just for fun !

    I could do with a good laugh so I'm creating this thread. It's just for fun :laugh:- please don't take it too seriously. OK ? :thumbsup: I don't promise to engage - just watch and have a chuckle. I'll start off with one of my faves - pair of RCA interconnects, 1m long, weight 110lbs, with...
  4. M

    A bit of fun with some old gear

    Hi Guys, I have some old gear which sit around and don't get used much - probably 3-4 times a year to keep them going. I have an old AV receiver which has a subwoofer output but it is only for passive subwoofer not active subsubwoofer. I suppose the question is: Can I connect the output of...
  5. M

    Love MEMES from TV Series? Play Fun MEMES Game, Get Free Gifts Here!

    Memes bring us so much lol. Many of those TV series which were binge-watched has long been the source of meme making. Friends was one of them. The classic catchphrases such as "How you doin", “we were on a break” has been widely spreading in the form of memes. In those days where the tv series...
  6. davidhk129

    Space Warrior. Cheap but lots of fun.

    I got it from eshop, $7.50 Cdn. $5 in US. Maybe it is too "elementary" for skilled pro gamers. For a casual gamer like me, it's lots of fun without hurting the wallet.
  7. audiolab007

    Not one image wasted; The perfect album cover (as the perfect album was so much fun)

    Here are my suggestions (importantly the music is great too)
  8. C

    Just some Xmas fun!

    It's that time year for Xmas joy and fun! So I thought I would start a thread that looked back at what AV used to be like... :) Do you remember? Scart leads costing £100! Laser Disc Players! High End AV Receivers from Sony, Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha, and Marantz running into the thousands, and...
  9. Flimber

    Fun with eBay.

    Needed a cheap receiver and found this non-worker on eBay. Chanced it and it arrived today and is 100% fine. Can you work out why I was fairly confident that it would ? :D
  10. R

    Burson Fun Headphone Amp Review

    I have been an avid headphone user for many years now. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve got to the point where I would always prefer to listen to music through headphones than loudspeakers. In all fairness, perhaps one of the main reasons for this is because I don’t live alone and my family...
  11. PCambo

    Have I got enough sockets?

    Just seen a post on Facebook about a house for sale but people complaing rooms had too many sockets. Reckon it would be perfect for a few good cinema rooms with all the extra work taken care off. Does look a little weird tho especially with no furniture etc...
  12. Gaslight

    Parcel Monkey - The Worst

    One of those times, when something 'goes' wrong and the true colours shine :) As we know, its always russian roulette booking with these 'third' party bookers - they seldom do anything but take your money and the booking, book it with the carrier and then pretty much wash their hands of it...
  13. T

    Question Setup multiple tvs for a business

    Hi all, I have minimal tv knowledge, but I get by. I am also in technology consulting, so I know a little bit. I have a non-technical client that wants to setup multiple 50" screens in his yogurt shop. I believe 4. He wants the screens to all be synchronized to play the same video, but also...
  14. nickolp1974

    Let The Fun Begin!

    After spending the last 7 months redesigning the ground floor of our house, I've fitted a new kitchen, moved the downstairs toilet, increased the size of the utility and built the Mrs a new lounge, Now it's my turn :D My room is 3.3m x 5.5m and I'm thinking of a Pelt"purple" wall colour...
  15. pws

    Just for the fun of it

    When i was 20 I won a pair of B&W DS4’s in a game of cards as you do :) I had them for years and thought they were the best you could get. I was young lol So, I had them back last year off the friend I sold them to and had a play. Didnt sound as good as I remember . So I did some tweaks...
  16. harry66

    Question Easy / Fun VR Racing game

    Hi all, I bought a VR headset the other week and I fancy a easy / fun to play racing game. Something closer to arcade style than simulation. Has anyone here played both DriveClub VR and GT Sport? Can they comment on which of these two would be more suitable for me? I have read that DriveClub...
  17. kayzee

    Fun 2 player games for couple?

    Hi there... I love my PS4 for games like Uncharted but I'd like to include my fiancee! She used to be into gaming but hasn't played for many years now. The last game we played together was Little Big Planet on PS3. What's recommended for us both? I've not even got two controllers at this point...
  18. snerkler

    Fun at the Park

    Went to visit a friend and we went up to the park with her son and I took the camera to get some shots whilst he was having a ball playing on the swings and slides etc. I've deliberated back and forth between deciding on a shot that I liked or one that I thought stood a better chance of winning...
  19. nheather

    Looking for a new car - it's not fun

    I have had company cars for the last 16 years, the mileage I was doing made PCP, hire purchase or lease unrealistic. The company car was easy as there was a limited amount of approved manufacturers to choose from and a limited amount of money to spend - basically it came down to VW or Ford...
  20. D

    Fun, good fuel economy, not too big, luxury and sporty feeling

    My daughter got her school place, yay. However my wife's AMG GLC43 is already a gas guzzler, and the miles of what is currently a 300 miles school run will double. So our thoughts are; get rid of my Golf R and Audi 3.0 Quattro. I will take he AMG (for now, which is my cunning plan). And the...
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