1. thedude

    For Sale Fuji x100v

    Selling my hardly ever used fuji x100v Comes with to extra batteries 3rd party Uv filter Wrist strap
  2. damo_in_sale

    I have two kits. Should I consolidate into one?

    Been a while. Hope everyone is doing well. Ok so I have two kits. Lumix G80 + 14-140 f3.5-5.6, 100-300 f4-5.6, Olympus 45 f1.8, Summilux 25 f1.4 Nikon D750, Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC, Tamron 70-300 f4-5.6 VC The Nikon kit is actually the most recent, all second hand. I convinced myself that I was...
  3. G

    Question Fuji XF 27mm pancake lens?

    I bought a Fuji AX 7 camera for mainly holiday travels and wanted to make it a little more compact? I mainly shoot urban city type photos and started looking at the XF 27mm pancake lens...any pros and cons. Since it's a x mount it will fit my current AX 7 and if I upgrade to a higher x Mount...
  4. FallOutBoy

    Oly E-M5 ii vs Fuji XT-2 (and Nikon D750)

    I haven’t had a decent camera for a year now, since selling my Nikon D750 and lenses last year. I miss it greatly but can’t justify the expense and don’t want the bulk of the DSLR lenses. Before the D750 I had an Oly E-M5 Mkii, which I loved, but I found the D750 faster in some ways and easier...
  5. Masteryates

    MPO alignment issue

    I have 2 Fuji W3's and now 2 LG 3D TV's. When I plug in the Fuji W3 to either of the TV's via HDMI, the images are aligned similar to the viewfinder. (With little Crosstalk.) If I then take these same images and put them on a HDD, the alignment is different when I plug the HDD into either of...
  6. topgazza

    Fuji Extension Tubes

    Any used these on the 60mm macro for example ? Apparently they get to 1:1 but with some compromises. Also in terms of the opposite, zoom lenses has anyone tried the 2x teleconverter on any of the Fuji long zoom lenses ?
  7. snerkler

    Fuji Photo Sharing Thread

    Couldn't find one of these threads already so thought I'd start one :p
  8. thedude

    Fuji XT2 Thread

    Thought id set up a specific thread for all things XT2 related. Feel free to post photos questions, tips, videos anything
  9. 273K

    Question Lumix GX7 compared to Fuji X-E2

    I recently switched from a DSLR to a Fuji X-E2 mirrorless because the SLR was too big to cart about. The portability is great and I'm now taking the camera with me pretty much everywhere again, but I'm finding speed to be an issue in two respects. The autofocus is slow, particularly in low light...
  10. chaz

    Question How to use the micro on the Fuji HS10 Camera

    I owna Fuji HS10 camera I am very pleased with the camera but there is one is how to use micro lens on this camera. I tried it while I was in KL in Malaysia last year at the Butterfly Farm trying to take very close photos of the butterflies but they did not look good so obviously I am doing...
  11. mutamist

    Fuji X10 v Sony RX100 - do I need both? Photo comparison help needed!

    I'm very much a use in auto kind of photographer. I've tried many times to be more than that, but it never seems to work for me. I've had my X10 for almost 3 years now after being it as an ex display model for £125 in Currys. My RX100 I bought in November last year and haven't used a great deal...
  12. SevloW

    Fuji X-E2 Firmware V4.0 now available

    You have to love how Fuji look after their customers with their ongoing firmware updates for older models. Firmware for X-E2 | Fujifilm Global The improvements:- FUJIFILM X-E2
  13. 273K

    Spare battery advice

    Hi, I need a spare battery for my camera and am a little bewildered and confused by the choices available. The battery model I need is a Fujifilm WP-126. It is available for £60 from Fuji. But look, here is supposedly the same battery on Fleabay for £12.45! Is this legit? I know you pay a...
  14. M

    fuji vs sony vs panasonic

    I'm thinking of getting one of these today...Fuji S9900w...Sony H400...Panasonic FZ72. Which do you guys think is best? All similar price. The wife wants big zoom and wifi. Sony and pana have slightly bigger zoom but no wifi. (Do wifi sd cards work?) The fuji is cmos senso whilst other 2 are...
  15. Pete Delaney

    Fuji X-Pro 2 images

    Fuji Rumors has posted links to 2 images (sadly related to the horrific Paris attacks) reportedly taken with the Fuji X-Pro 2. Looks like the camera is finally inbound for an early 2016 release!
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