1. C

    Cambridge Audio Minx Min 22's as front height speakers

    Hi everyone, My first post here. Am so glad to have found this forum and find myself regularly browsing and absorbing all the knowledge here in my spare time! I am thinking of getting Min 22's as front height speakers and will be fixing them to the wall, facing the MLP. Currently have Onkyo...
  2. skipppy89

    Centers and fronts for clear dialogues

    Dear folks! I would like to ask for your experience and help. I'm looking to improve on my home theater system. I've been using a Denon X2300 with the speakers from my old and trusty Creative Gigaworks S750 with great satisfaction, but now that I moved to a bigger house, I found that I'd need...
  3. TechboyUK

    How should I mount my SVS Small Bookshelf System front speakers to the wall?

    Please can you let me know a good way to mount these SVS speakers to the front wall?
  4. Ash90

    How do i Fix My Klipsch front panel

    Hello guys , How do i fix My satelite speakers Front Panel , the corner holdings(plastic) are broken and they keep falling when watching movies .. plz let me know how to fix them .. also it would be glad if it can be opened again and to close them as it was before . (Pic attached of a broken...
  5. grims dale

    Just bought some KEF tdm front 3 which model should I use for surrounds

    As in title I used to have a pair of KEF 34DS and I thought they worked nicely with my KEF ls50s at the time I'd like to buy another pair of KEF TDM23F for surrounds but the only place that they could go would be where my KEF IQ 10s were in the picture you can see where my original TDM34 s were...
  6. markb1980

    Dolby Digital 5.1 Dialogue playing through left and right front speakers?

    Hi all, I have noticed that some content on some HD channels via Sky Q that play says it is in Dolby Digital 5.1 seem to play dialogue through all 3 front speakers instead of just the centre channel? Is this normal or do I have an issue with my AVR? All is set up fine and Sky Movies Dolby...
  7. DavidT

    Replacing front left and right speakers

    I have a 5.1 system consisting of a Denon AVR-X2100W, BK XLS200 MKII sub and Q Acoustics 1010i front, rear speakers and 1000Ci centre speaker. One of the front speakers is starting to misbehave (audessey reports it is out of phase but doesn't seem to affect the sound) so I was thinking of...
  8. T

    I need a garden storage cabinet, front opening, flat top?

    Im a bit frustrated with garden storage. I need one of those storage cabinet things thats about 1.5m long and about a metre high but they all seem to come with either a flat top but opens at the top which means you cant put things on top/pot on top OR they have an opener at the front which I...
  9. D

    Power amp front channels or not - please help

    Hi all, I recently acquired a Denon AVR-X4400. Currently in 5.1 channel but soon to be adding (probably Elac) front Atmos. Other speakers connected are in my signature. I am considering whether it will be worthwhile or not to set it in 11.1 channel and use the front pre-outs (where it...
  10. S

    Looking for an unlimited data SIM - must be paid up front

    I run a project part of which involves providing broadband for refugee families. Until recently we've been buying a 3 month unlimited data SIM from Three for £90 for a wifi hub, which a number of families share. However, Three have stopped the deal and we can't find anything else like this...
  11. J

    LG CineBeam HU810PW Front Ceiling projection issue - Help please :)

    Hello All I just got my LG CineBeam HU810PW and I am really struggling with the setup. I am using it in Front Ceiling Projection mode but the image was mostly projecting onto the ceiling. Using Lens Shift and tilting the projector I have made it so you can kinda look at but I know I missing a...
  12. daraghm

    Onkyo AVR not seeing front height speakers

    I've ugraded my speakers to the Klipsch 5.0.2 bundle from Costco. The speakers are the R-625FA Tower Speakers and my AVR is an Onkyo HT-R693 which is described as a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos AVR. Problem I have is, the AVR doesn't recognize the height speakers - wiring was checked - I did use the new...
  13. H

    PMC DB1 Front / Centre Upgrade (v KEF Q350 / R300)

    Had great advice on upgrading my front and centre KEF 3005 eggs, pointing me towards KEF Q350s or R300s. But seeing the cost of used PMC DB1s am also thinking of that option now. Would this work ok with an Arcam AVR 550 & KEF eggs? I'd use Cryus mono-blocs to power the fronts. Positions would...
  14. D

    Onkyo HT-380 no sound from front speakers, googling the hell out of it!

    I've had my Onkyo HT-380 for many many years and I'm now wondering if I've ever had the 5.1 working correctly. I just can't get any sound from the front left & right speakers. The AV is set to 'A' and wired into the 'A' grouped connectors at the back. I've noticed that it displays PCM on screen...
  15. D

    Question Denon xv2400 front usb use.

    Wondering if anyone could answer this question can the usb port on the front of my denon xv2400 be used for wireless usb headphones namely the pulse 3d headset from Sony for music playback.
  16. T

    Marantz receiver owners: How does the front door stay closed?

    Can anyone tell me how the front input door on the Marantz receivers stays closed? Purchased a used one and this is the only, but annoying issue. Marantz support have been completely useless stating that its not under warranty so they dont know how it closes even though its the same mechanism as...
  17. Kev Ratters

    Front Room Overhaul

    So thought i would put up a little thread of how our front room will be changing over the coming months. The intentions is to redecorate the living room, whilst replacing my AV Equipment with some fresh kit. All with the scope of being done by christmas, although a new couch isnt likely to be...
  18. M

    Question Panasonic DMR- BWT 720 Blu-Ray recorder Front Display stopped working.

    Hello hoping someone can help me here. I have a DMR-BWT 720 Blu-ray recorder which I have had since 2013 from new. Never had any problems with it and been very happy with my purchase. Went away for few days last week and when returned noticed we had had a power cut while away. On turning on the...
  19. stevoknevo

    What front L/C/R to pair with Anthem MRX 500?

    Edit - ended up buying a pair of PMC GB1 and DB1i centre 👍
  20. M

    Question What front & rear height speakers? Dali Alteco, Wharfdale D300 or other?

    so following on froma few other posts ive done. I have totally upgraded my AV system to the Denon 3600, Dali oberon 5 & vokal with Monitro Audio bronze FX mounted to the side of the MLP as i sit right up against the wall so cant have true rears. Im after a proper immersive sound so also have a...
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