1. kenshingintoki

    Projector friendly light fittings

    Hi guys, for wall light fittings, what are projector friendly light fittings? i.e. I can have them on and they don't completely destroy the picture. Can someone link me some decent looking ones? I'm assuming its light fittings which direct the light up and down as opposed to leaving an open...
  2. B

    Can't find any speakers wife friendly

    I'm currently looking to upgrade my very old Gale 5.1 Speaker setup to ideally an Atmos 7.2 Setup. I have a Denon AVRx2400 Gale Series 30 - https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQF7kOqjDvFn-_KOj6neSDL8-78tK5NkyPyMiEOegrbhDfyUQiM&s The main problem I'm finding is noone seems to...
  3. Thet4nk1983

    Project Covid - (Wife Friendly...)

    Hi All, Has been a long time since I last posted on this site - over the years have been watching all the great projects posted Back in 2008 was heavily into the home cinema and at the time Blu-ray and home cinema was coming onto the scene had a full 7.1 setup using onkyo speakers, amp and a...
  4. worcesternaf

    Question Looking for Help. Need a budget friendly pj with throw of 4.5m and 100" screen

    As title really. Need a budget friendly pj with throw of 4.5m and 100" screen size
  5. B

    Music System with very user friendly remote control

    Hi, I am looking for a high quality music system that can store MP3 files (and also Wav files and other lossless formats) on an internal drive and that has a user friendly remote control that can be used to browse through the existing folders of MP3 files on the hard disk… ideally with a visual...
  6. PaulDavidThomas

    Wife friendly Rack for the lounge

    Before I go and build one, does anyone make a wife friendly Rack that can go in the lounge. Happy with 8u high by 3 wide ... So 3 x 8 units. I've not seen any... Equally, if anyone is interested let me know the build / cut plan for making one myself.
  7. broona

    Question IR friendly cabinet for 65" C9?

    Looking to replace my ancient IKEA frosted glass door cabinet (with limo black tints as can be seen in my pic), but struggling to find anything suitable. I'd like something with tinted IR friendly glass doors as I hate seeing lights from my devices, less than 1600mm wide, and preferably with a...
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