1. D

    Budget friendly height speakers

    Hi all I have a denon 1600h amp and a wharfdale dx2 package. I want to add the two front height speakers, but didnt want to mount wharfdale speakers up there, Ive seen a few but not sure which wpuld be best Budget is 120 ish for a pair, i will angle them, What would be a good choice Jake
  2. T

    User friendly home automation hub

    At the moment I have the follow smart devices: Philips Hue Google Home Nest Stat (3rd gen) Ring Doorbell Heatmiser UFH stats In the near future, I'll also want to get Shelly Dimmer 2.5 modules At the moment, I'm using each of the separate bespoke applications to control things but this is not...
  3. N

    Neighbor Friendly Soundbar for apartment

    What would be a best “Neighbor Friendly Soundbar ” setup? I moving to a top floor apartment and I guessing a subwoofer will penetrate sound to the neighbour's below. Also the main tv lounge is 6m x 6.5m, so fairly large, and I really like my music aswell as moves and sports… So quality of...
  4. C

    Budget friendly 2.0 setup to replace a bose soundbar

    Just purchased my parents a new TV (Samsung Neo QLED 65", Absolutely fantastic TV by the way!) and now they would like to replace their small Bose soundbar for a few reasons; It is mounted to the chimney breast and if its too loud neighbours complain, I suspect this is mostly todo with it...
  5. sykotik

    Pet friendly weed killer for block paving.

    Just gotten a new puppy and i now need a pet friendly weed killer , i have been using Galop360 but can't use it now any recommendation on what to use please ?
  6. rousetafarian

    Does anyone know any friendly book publishers?

    A friend of mine is looking to have a photographic book published (76-100 pages + preface/contents etc), FYI its a photographic collection taken on his daily walks around central London during the pandemic. Any ideas or pointers? He’s funding this himself and its the first time he attempted...

    Projector friendly courier suggestion

    Hi oh knowledgeable and wise avforums'ers! As title really, whom would yhoom recommend? Thanks peeps! Glen
  8. H

    Ron Dennis-Mansour Ojjeh friendly bet Germany 2008

    Just wondering if anybody happened to notice the friendly exchange of cash between Ron Dennis and Mansour Ojjeh on the grid in front of Kovalainen's car before the start of the German GP in Hokenheim that year - on live telecast? It was a bet regarding the age of the lovely grid girl holding the...
  9. M

    Wife friendly 5.1 to replace B&W CM series...

    A few years ago I sold my KEF T305 speakers and bought the B&W CM series CM5 front, CM1 rear, CM centre and a REL T7 sub. I later also sold the T301 speakers form the family room in place of a sound bar. We are about to redecorate the lounge and the CM series are going to go - looking to change...
  10. D

    budget friendly (sub £100 street price) 1080p Bluray / DVD player/scaler with Ethernet for Netflix, Prime etc

    Looking for an interim DVD scaler / 1080p Bluray player with ethernet for Netflix, Prime, Youtube & the like Have a surprisingly good old Sony 1080p LCD screen that already shows stunning images, using Prime dongle - assume a main brand player will handle pic quality for these even better + I...
  11. D

    Question Kid friendly speaker stands

    Looking for some stands for my KEF Q300 that are the least likely to be able to be knocked over or pulled over by a child please. Something with a wide and deep baseplate and a good enough base plate for the (quite deep) KEFs to sit on. Assuming that fillable ones may give it more weight and...
  12. AMCross

    UHD Friendly blu ray drives

    anyone have any experience on the best ones
  13. V

    Need help finding a suitable TV for my dad (65/75")

    Hi guys, Tomorrow I'm going shopping for a new TV for my dad and I could use some advice. He's looking for a 65" or 75" with a budget of max. 1400 pound. Not a lot of requirements other than the best possible picture quality for this budget/size. What is important is it has to be user friendly...
  14. C

    Question How user friendly is the Sony Android TV user interface

    Thinking of buying a 49 inch Sony 9505. But I have to be careful that her ladyship finds it easy to use for the basic functions (she is a bit of a technophobe). Some folk seem to say the Android TV can be clunky and slow to respond, Is this really true?
  15. A

    Question Living room friendly set of speakers

    Hi guys, I need some recommendations on the new set of speakers, we've got a new house reserved and will be moving in 4.5 months. I currently run the 5.1 system consisting of Tannoy floorstanding speakers , centre and surrounds and big SVS sub, all of this through Anthem MRX-720. It sounds...
  16. M

    Friendly tv on Samsung smart tv??

    Hello, I own a Samsung Smart Q series tv with downloadable apps, etc. I’d like to join YouTube tv but my wife wants hallmark, and 'friendly tv' is the perfect companion service. HOWEVER... I’m trying to determine how I can watch the friendly tv service? Do I have to buy a roku or smart...
  17. DLxP

    Fixed ALR scope screen (reasonably budget friendly)

    I've somehow managed to persuade my better half that a fixed projector screen in the living room is a good idea. Now I need to find the screen. Having done a few searches on here, AVS and YouTube, I'm still not clear on what to go for. Elite Screens seem to come up over and over, but that's...
  18. Bennyboy1985

    Question Friendly headphone advice needed please.

    Hi All Having read through quite a few threads on here and doing abit of research online, i just cant decide what wireless headphones to buy. I currently have a set of in ear but want a nice set of over ears. Ive got a budget of £350, currently on the list is the Sennheiser momentum 3, B&W PX7...
  19. T

    Question Star Wars Episode 1 to 3: Which scenes to censor for kid friendly viewing?

    My 9 year old son is extremely keen on Star Wars, he's been reading many books, played many of the Lego Star Wars games and played with countless toys. After much pressure from him, I finally gave in to letting him watch the movies Episodes 4 to 6. He really enjoyed them and is now asking to...
  20. Z

    Anywhere I can buy an IR friendly glass door for media wall?

    Hi All, I'm building a fake chimney breast as part of a home renovation and I'd like to house my blue-ray player and sky box behind some IR friendly glass - ideally a drop down door. I really like this but it seems an absolute waste of money to pay £200 for the whole cabinet when I actually...
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