1. J

    HCS 5172WK Hoover fridge freezer

    Hi, I am trying to replace the LED light strip in the fridge freezer. I've got the light cover off and unscrewed the recessed screws and dropped down the unit. Is it just a case of prising the LED strip out from the inside? Worried about breaking the tabs.
  2. A

    Odd problem - fridge interfering with DAB radio

    This is driving us nuts. We have two Pure DAB Evoke radios, both a few years old now. Most of the time they aren't on - we use other devices - but when we do use them, we've noticed something really bizarre. When we open the door of our new fridge, the DAB signal crackles and breaks up. Shut...
  3. N

    Fridge switching off and on?

    Hi. I have a 3 year old Beko Larder fridge (model TLS481NS) well cared for, clean coils, plenty space etc. No freezer on it. It’s was keeping its temperature fine but past few weeks it keeps switching off and not cooling. The light stays on. This is becoming more frequent now too, about...
  4. tom 2000

    Question Integrated Fridge Freezer Behind One Cabinet Door

    I have two cabinets in the kitchen currently used as general storage that are designed to take integrated appliances. They are tall cupboards so if i could fit a fridge freezer into one cabinet the capacity would suffice. The cabinets have single full height doors. So I need the appliance doors...
  5. N

    Liebherr fridge temperature problem

    I've got recently a Liebherr CBes4056 fridge (premium biofresh). First days into work, it worked well, the temp was set 4C and -18C for fridge and freezer, respectively. After some days, it started to behave unexpectedly: the temperature was rising in the refrigerator, it went up to 10C. I had...
  6. tapyeno

    Help! I have a leaking fridge!

    I have a fridgemaster which leaks water onto the floor every month or so. I have tried pouring some hot water down the drain hole in case it may be blocked by ice, but it drains straight through to the floor. Anyone got any ideas please?
  7. chris301up

    Bush Fridge Freezer Too Cold - Help Please

    I have a Bush BFFF48144W Fridge / Freezer but the fridge compartment is far too cold and freezes most of the items stored in there. The thermostat is turned right down to the lowest point it will go, but still too cold. There is a build up of 'powdery' ice on the rear panel which, in my...
  8. Boomstickboomer

    PC faults with a RSG5DURS Samsung American Style Fridge Freezer

    Help with PCB identification needed ! Our 6 year old Samsung Side by Side American Style Fridge Freezer has an intermittent problem with the ice and water dispenser. Every now and again (roughly once a day) it will dispense the wrong thing. We ask it for water and it vends crushed ice for...
  9. T

    Samsung RS51K5680SL Fridge Freezer - Plastic taste to water

    I've got a Samsung RS51K5680SL American Fridge Freezer Have had it plumbed in to mains water - and run about 40 litres of water through it by now. However, the water still has a distinct plastic / chemical taste. Almost like paint. This generally only happens when it's been left for a few...
  10. wicker_man

    Question Fridge Freezer - Brand & Warranty

    Hi, I shall be purchasing a new fridge freezer in the next few weeks. I was initially set on getting a Bosch for £490 which has a 2 year warranty. I already have a Bosch washing machine and tumble dryer which haven't given me any problems in the 3+ years I have owned them, which is why Bosch was...
  11. CFC1


    I am in the midst of doing one of those 7 day challenges, this one being mono. I took a snap for it today whilst also having the AVF compo in mind. Anyhow, it's a desperate late stab again from me, but here it is. Fuji X-T1 with Samyang 12mm lens. 2 secs at f5.6 at ISO 200. Processed in...
  12. E

    Question Fridge Freezer fan issue w video

    Hi there Got a pretty standard fridge not cooling, freezer fine issue. I thought I'd attach a video of the noise it makes to confirm what I'm thinking w/ the fan and get anyone else's views. The funny thing is that the fan doesn't work for a little while, then kicks back in again and works but...
  13. A

    Issue With BEKO Fridge Freezer

    Heya, our BEKO Frost Free Fridge Freezer is having a few issues with over cooling in the fridge department and the top half of the fridge at the back is icing up and there is frost buildup on it. Even at minimum and with a thermometer in the fridge its getting as low as -1 or -2, the freezer...
  14. A

    Water Pipe Install for American Fridge Freezer

    Hi all, I have a old American Fridge Freezer. The make and model is Whirpool 20RB-D3SF. I have connected the fridge plug to the mains and the fridge and freezer is working fine. However, I would like to make use of the ice and water from the freezer. In order to do this I need to connect the...
  15. jambokaos87

    Question Potential Fridge Issues?

    Hi all, Recently moved into my flat and there is an integrated Electrolux ERN2821 fridge/freezer in situe. I've noticed in recent weeks (been living there for just over a month and a half) that the fridge doesn't seem to be keeping "cool" for long periods. I recently installed an analogue...
  16. J


    I have an old Electrolux fridge/freezer TR71. The fridge drainage hole has become blocked. I have tried everything eg the useless Electrolux drain hole tool, using a flexible plastic curtain rail (which previously always worked) etc. I think something has gone down which simply can't be...
  17. C

    Man Cave Beer Fridge

    Afternoon All! Not sure if this is the best place to post, so apologies if it isn't. I am looking at getting a beer fridge for my Man Cave. It will be mainly used for bottles/cans of beer. Had a look around and most fridges appear to just 'chill' the beer but I like my beer very cold, not...
  18. M

    American fridge freezer £1000-1500

    Hi, does anyone have any advice on the best American fridge freezer in the £1000 - £1500 bracket? I've been looking at the Samsungs (rs7667) and LGs (gsl761,760 and 961)but I've heard the aftercare can be poor with these and it's hard to compare them and decide which is the best model. I've also...
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