1. D

    BK Gemini II Frequency Range

    Moving on from my last post about surround back speaker range... but a separate subject. Does anyone know the frequency range of the BK Gemini II please? I'm particularly interested in how high the frequency goes. For example, an REL Quake, Strata or Storm pretty much start falling off at...
  2. londonguy1973

    Speaker Frequency Response

    Currently have some Monitor Audio BX5 floorstanders but am going to look into upgrading them in the next few months. Something ive never understood though is the frequency response quoted by different manufacturers. The BX5 say 36Hz to 30Khz. Im looking for something with a bit more bass punch...
  3. Seanrose4217

    Frequency crossover

    Evening Folks, just purchased a Cambridge audio SX120 sub. I have already set my crossovers for all other speakers (normally 10hz above Their Lowest) and had my sub setting on my receiver at 100hz.. Does this frequency setting on the new sub override the receiver? Not entirely sure how it works
  4. DeadEarsMate

    Question Wharfedale DX-2 - what crossover frequency works best?

    Hi, First post here, looking to hear from other DX-2 users on selecting best crossover frequency, mainly for movies, but music too. I just bought and installed the speakers with a Sony STR-DN1080, very pleased with the initial results, now looking to fine-tune it a bit. I read some reviews...
  5. T

    Question Is 50Hz or 60Hz better for 24fps?

    Quick question and hoping for a quick answer! For a 10 year old UK 1080p LCD TV with only 50Hz or 60Hz to choose from, which of those is the best player setting for 24fps films? 50Hz and 60Hz are available but 24Hz is greyed out. I know both will involve some sort of pull down and judder -...
  6. D

    Question (For a deaf guy) Is there a way to get my bass shaker to output higher frequency?

    Hello, I am deaf and I am using a Clark Synthesis Silver which has a frequency response range of 5hz to 800hz. This is better for me since most bass shakers typically only go up to 200hz max. However I am wondering if there is a way to get my Clark to respond to slightly higher frequencies? Is...
  7. M

    Question Low frequency Budget Subwoofer recommendation

    Hi, Looking for some thought/comments on a budget low frequency sub? My current main floorstanders are 35hz to 20khz (though centre/rear/upfiring speakers only go down as low as 60/80/90. I am relatively happy with the sound but want to try and get a bit below 35khz. Most budget subwoofers seem...
  8. E

    Question Crossover Frequency Control knob

    My sub, a Wharfdale SW-150, has a CFC knob next to the volume knob. Its crossover range is from 35 to 85 Hz. What does one do with it? I have used the AVR to set the Crossover Frequency (to 120 Hz). I will appreciate any info.
  9. F

    Question Kef Speakers. Frequency help

    When looking at the Kef website several frequency figures are quoted.... Frequency range, frequency range free field, frequency response, and typical in room bass response, and then a (+- dbl) is quoted. Can anyone help with what this means and which are the figures to take notice of for bass...
  10. Tyler Durden

    Question My Behringer Inuke NU3000D is generating a low frequency hum through my Sub - Is it broken?

    Of late my sub has been emitting a low frequency hum which increases in volume when the gain of the amp is turned up. The NU3000D is connected to my Denon X3300W. The hum seems to come and go. If I disconnect the RCA cable it stops, so I suppose there is a chance it's the sub output of the...
  11. Ahmed98

    Answered YAMAHA YST-SW515 VS AUDIOENGINE S8 Subwoofer

    Which is better for high quality music! Thank You! ☺️
  12. J

    BK Monolith problem

    I have a BK Monolith Plus and something strange is happening. I use it in 5.2 setup and always felt it sounded odd. I have it level matched with the other sub, but as the frequency contour is set to max LFE I thought everything is set perfectly. But it sounds nowhere near as deep as my much...
  13. M

    Question Dali Alteco c1 crossover frequency

    Hi all I recently bought a pair of Dali Alteco c1’s to add on to my existing Dali zensor 1 5.1 setup I have all other speakers set for 80hz crossover frequency apart from sub which is 120 At what crossover should I set c1’s at. They’re set as upfiring spkrs/Dolby Atmos setup The denon2400h...
  14. UMAR 3:16

    Question KK Q125 cross over frequency

    hi all, Running the KK Q125LCR with the Onkyo 876. What should the cross over frequency be set too? After running setup it was full range but I have changed this to 120htz. Is that ok or should it be 80htz THX.
  15. N1ck

    TV speaker frequency range

    For reference what sort of sound frequencies to TVs achieve? I appreciate that every TV is different and that older plasmas may have a fully/deeper sound due to their larger sizes compared to ultra thin LED displays but, I have no idea whether we are looking at 80hz - 20khz, 150hz - 20khz, 500hz...
  16. B

    Answered A300 amp wierd frequency balance between left and right speaker

    Hi there, I own a Cambridge audio a300 v2 amplifier. I don't know wha is up with it but in the non "direct" mode, the frequency range on the left speaker seems pretty normal however the right speaker only puts out very high frequencies at extremely low volume (barely audiable). It works just...
  17. A

    Question Question about frequency response and Impedance

    For frequency response, does larger range generally mean better speaker? For a receiver with minimum impedance of 6ohms, does it support 8ohms? is a reciever with minimum impedance of 6 ohms better or a receiver with 6|8 ohms better? sorry for such newbie questions. Thank you.
  18. G

    will 2g phone frequency vanish?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy one of the smaller feature Nokia phones. I see that they are 2G only. Is there any chance that the 3 and 4G bands will swamp 2G into oblivion? I don't want to be left holding a dead phone. Cheers
  19. Bosee

    How to cutoff a frequency going to an amp

    Hi, I have 2 pairs of speakers that are listed on the manufacturers page as being recommended for use with a 50hz high pass filter. All I know is that this makes sure no frequencies lower than this go the speakers, although I have no idea whether this is something I can buy or how else I can...
  20. A

    AV crossover frequency setup and Audessey

    Hello, I have just bought a new system and in process of running in my speakers. I'm a little confused about Crossover settings and Audessey setup. I'm running a 3.1 setup. When I run Audessy it sets up crossover frequency to my 3 saterlites individually, L/R = 200HZ and Centre 150hz, sub I...
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