1. 2000AD

    Question Freeview HD CH41 - 634 MHz Problems

    I had an aerial guy out today because my Freeview HD channels (on CH41 - 634.00 MHz) are fluctuating in quality. I keep getting the intermittent "no signal" message then immediately the picture comes back again. Over and over this occurs. Signal strength across all frequencies is always a...
  2. P

    TV's that can record

    First things first, Merry Christmas to you all! I'm new here, but decided you guys were the best people to ask this particular question: Is there a television out there that can record three channels at once (triple tuner like a Virgin Tivo box), and has an inbuilt DVD player and freeview...
  3. H

    NEWS: Freeview dropping Standard Definition devices from 2017

    Freeview is to stop allowing its branding to be used on standard definition only equipment in 2017 as it seeks to push viewers to higher quality HD broadcasts and, ultimately, Ultra HD ones. Read the news.
  4. JabbaNut

    Freeview embarks on all-HD future

    High definition TV will become the norm in the UK from 1st January 2017 as the Freeview logo is withdrawn from new SD TVs and set-top boxes. Guy North, Managing Director of digital terrestrial TV platform Freeview, described the move as “a landmark moment” in the evolution of UK television...
  5. S

    Question UHD HDR 49" TV with Dual Freeview HD & DVB-S2 Tuners

    Hi guys, I am looking for a new UHD HDR TV that is 49" minimum and has satellite connections as I'd like to use HD+ with the TV while also watching TV on Freeview HD, ideally I'd also like a recording facility (through external HDD?). I originally looked at the Sony 49XD93 however I have been...
  6. H

    Question Freeview Signal/Picture Issues

    I live is a good signal area and when my TV is tuned it shows that for most channels the signal strength is over 70% however i am finding that the picture scrambles and keeps dropping out. I have also found that re-tuning my TV doesn't fix the problem as i quite often find that i loose channels...
  7. S

    Question Best Freeview box

    Hi, I need a basic Freeview box for my Dad. Input is to be a regular TV aerial/coax cable. It just needs the following functionality: - Ability to record programs ... so, a PVR. - Straightforward to use, easy to record. - HD compatible - I understand this helps with upcoming frequency changes...
  8. FlyingPete

    Question Technika TV won't tune in freeview

    I've gained a 23-inch Technika TV to go in the upstairs bedroom. It's been tuned in before in its former home in Northampton, but I need to retune it for picking up freeview channels in Coventry. I've tuned in to the two analogue channels from my VCR and Sky box modulator outputs with no...
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