1. R

    Question Connecting Freeview box and Sky Q box.

    I want to connect a new TV to a Sky Q box but don't want to record to it. I have happily been using Freeview since it came out. Is possible to connect both to a new TV and record to my Freeview box whilst watching a program on SkyvQ. (I know nothing about Sky Q but am moving in with my...
  2. M

    QLED - Sky Arts on Freeview

    Sky Arts is available on Freeview from today but a rescan of my QLED still shows channel 11 as Pick. Can anyone explain why I can’t get this channel?
  3. Steca

    Freeview or Freesat

    Hi, Hope someone can help I have both aerial and sat disc. Currently I have a Sky Q box and looking at getting rid and just have Freeview or Freesat. Can anybody tell me what’s better? Can you connect two boxes one upstairs and go into both recordings say like with sky mini box? Thanks
  4. B

    Perplexing problem with 1 Freeview Connection. Can anyone help

    Hi all, Im very new here so i apologise for any bad ettiquette. Ive just switched my parents from Sky to BT. I set up the BT box and scanned for freeview channels about 2 weeks ago. it was all set up fine. It didn't get touched for 2 weeks as they watched Sky till that ran out. When they went...
  5. marktabs29

    Question Toshiba 50UA3A63DB UA3A Series Smart Android TV Freeview Play Problem

    Hi, I bought a cheap Android smart Toshiba TV for the use of the offspring. I know that this is a Turkish Vestel TV re-badged as a Toshiba TV and manufactured in Eastern Europe, but I thought that I would give it a go. Overall, I have been quite impressed with the build, picture and sound...
  6. S

    Sky Arts coming to Freeview in SD.

    Sky Arts is coming to Freeview channel 11 on September 17. Standard definition (aka really, really low quality) only. Do people watch SD channels? In this day and age it's a travesty. I would imagine the vast majority of TVs are capable of at least 720p. It's not for a lack of bandwidth of...
  7. Wigley Woggled

    Best Outdoor TV aerials for receiving high definition freeview (Granada region, UK)

    Hi Folks, This is our first purchase of a dedicated outdoor TV aerial for freeview. There seems to be so many options: number of elements, different shapes etc., quite overwhelming! Do you have any advice on which specific aerials would suit? We live in the North West of England. We've been...
  8. F

    A8 / XH95 EPG

    Have my sights set on either Sony A8 or Sony XH95. However, on visiting both John Lewis & Currys (weekend), no staff member was able to answer below question. Whilst, watching terrestrial TV and on accessing the Electronic Programme Guide, YouView overlays the current picture with its EPG...
  9. AnnaCB

    Cable confusion!

    Looking for help. I am moving into a house which has been renovated and which has several "aerial sockets" in various rooms, however it does not have an aerial on the roof. The owner says "Virgin cable is ready to be activated". I don't know whether this just means that there is Virgin cable...
  10. D

    Question Sony Bravia - who to Change region.

    Newbie needing help please. Just retuned as prompted by Freeview. Region has switched from East Midlands to Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire. How can I revert back to East Midlands; there doesn't appear to be an option to do this. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. steftymo

    HZ2000 dual Freeview tuners.

    I see that this TV has dual tuners for Freeview but according to the specs. only one is an HD tuner. Does this make any difference when recording ? In other words will it always record in HD unless 2 programmes are being recorded at the same time? Also I have a WD My Passport 500gb drive USB 3...
  12. n0166895

    Freeview play apps have disabled on pus7304

    Hi all Noticed this morning Freeview play app had disappeared from my TV. After looking on Google play store I found it and it had been disabled. I enabled it and then went to open but now getting an 'accept terms and conditions' notification and when o go to accept the app crashes. Can't use...
  13. The Lazy Luddite

    Question TV for watching Freeview

    Hi, I am considering purchasing a new television (or monitor) to replace my prehistoric standard definition Samsung 30” widescreen CRT. Given the criteria below, I would appreciate if you could provide some guidance, on if I am likely to have an improved viewing experience with a new TV...
  14. S

    TVs with twin/dual Freeview tuners?

    Hi guys. Does anyone know of a 32" TV that features dual Freeview tuners that can record content? My parents have a mass of equipment from VCR, dvd, Blu-ray, and you view set top boxes that I feel could be massively simplified with the right choices. The limitation is they prefer a smaller...
  15. Silverz1123

    Freeview TV signal through sky dish

    Hi I've just moved in to a new build house and haven't been able to get the TV or sky to work. I've spend the afternoon trying various things and finally I've got the TV to receive the freeview channels. The way I have done this is by connecting coax to the faceplate for the sky wires and then...
  16. L

    Apps available through Panasonic DMR HWT 250

    Hello! Can anyone advise me about the Panasonic DMR HWT 250? It has Freeview Play with the basic apps like BBC iPlayer etc. Through DIGA marketplace there’s Amazon Prime and Netflix. I have tried to research but just wanted confirmation I’m right that that’s mostly it, and the only way to get...
  17. O

    Question FreeSat and Freeview on LG B8 - need advise for sharing signal via Return to Bedroom TV

    Hello all, I need some help as really new to all this. I live in a flat with a communal dish (mainly used for SKY) and an antenna. In my lounge I have a quad TV/FM/SATx2/LAN/RETURN wall plate from Schneider. In the bedroom there is a single one with a female coaxial entry. Just purchased a...
  18. Money13

    Question Samsung TU8000 Freeview FV app support

    Hi, I just bought Samsung TU8000 model, I was use to watch Australian News Channel in my Mobile using an app called "Freeview FV". In fact I saw many cheap TV advertising Freeview FV support etc. I thought Samsung being such a leading brand must be having this app preinstalled. However, when I...
  19. S

    Icecrypt T2200 Freeview HD Receiver

    Hi have had this Freeview box now for some time and everything was fine until I got a new tv which just has hmdi connectors on it, so plugged the hmdi cable and all I get is no signal on the tv and yes its on the correct channel. the tv aerial goes into the box and then into the tv this is...
  20. stu232

    Cant connect to Freeview Play.

    I don't normally use Freeview Play so I can't say for sure how long this has been an issue. When I click on the Freeview Play button on my remote I get a black screen with an error message saying "Can't connect to the server. Please try again later". It has been say this since last week when I...
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