Freeview may refer to:
Freeview (Australia), the marketing name for the digital terrestrial television platform in Australia
Freeview (New Zealand), a digital satellite and digital terrestrial television platform in New Zealand
Freeview (UK), a digital terrestrial television platform in the United Kingdom
Freeviewing a stereoscopic image with the free eyes without using a viewer
Audience Network, a United States satellite network exclusive to DirecTV subscribers formerly known as "Freeview".

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  1. L

    Has Anyone Ditched Their Antenna and Regretted It?

    I mostly watch steaming, and I like sport. However, I still have a decent antenna on the roof, and own a simple Freeview recorder which can write direct to USB. I don't remember the last time I availed myself of this useful function. I'm doing some work on the house, and it would be a good time...
  2. nevillet

    60 or 65" TV for around £1K or less

    Hi All, We currently have a Panasonic 50" TX-50CX680B which we are looking to upgrade. We are not gamers and mostly watch Freeview channels. Because the Panasonic came with the Plex client we enabled the Plex server feature on our Synology NAS and currently have 12,000 videos. After the...
  3. Willis1995

    Zooming in on UKTV Broadcasts

    Hi, Has any one noticed that there is a weird problem on Drama channel (Freeview) when they broadcast Classic EastEnders? Some episodes are shown zoomed in, and some are shown full frame. What is this all about?
  4. B

    SONY KD-32W800 Freeview Catch-up Apps Not Working?

    Hi all, Just a reach out to any owners of a Sony KD-32W800 or anyone who may have had recent Freeview issues with their catchup services. I've had this TV for a few days now, the terrestrial TV works great (all channels TV & Radio scan ok via antenna - good picture!), apps like YouTube, Spotify...
  5. BourbonKing

    Ditched Virgin. Freeview Replaclment for V6 Box and Old Philips/Sagemcom HDTP8530_05?

    Not too long got rid of Virgin Media V6 box as the package was too expensive. Currently using my old Philips/Sagemcom HDTP8530_05 500GB Freeview+HD box but its limitations are showing, not least it's propensity to not record more often than I would like! What Freeview HD recorder replacement...
  6. C

    Question Hisense 55U7KQTUK Freeview Guide issue

    Hi All, Hopefully a quick and easy question to answer. Set up my new Hisense 55U7KQTUK a week ago and all was working fine. I switched it off at the mains yesterday because I needed to move the TV. Since then there's an issue with the Freeview Guide. The guide displays fully populated so that's...
  7. R

    Contacting Freeview

    I purchased a Panasonic TX-77LZ2000B television a few months back. When it was first set up, BBC1 HD was on (Freeview) Channel 1, BBC2 on Ch 2, ITV HD on 103, Ch4HD on Ch 104 and CH5HD on Ch 105. (The SD versions of ITV, Ch4 and Ch5 were on Chs 3, 4 and 5.) No problem, Panasonic has...
  8. R

    Question Aerial for Freeview HD TV

    I have a new QLED Samsung TV connected to a very old aerial in the loft for Freeview and a Sky Dish for Freesat. On the same channel, the Freesat picture is much sharper than the Freeview picture. Would a new aerial improve the Freeview signal to the same quality? If so, what sort of aerial...
  9. L

    LG C3 OLED - Turn just scan off on Freeview tuner

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to turn the just scan to on, on the LG C3 when using the in built tuners on the TV? It is greyed out on SD channels, but it lets me turn the just scan on and off on the HD channels. Do I need a service remote to enable this? Has anyone managed to fix this?
  10. L

    LG C3 OLED - Turn just scan off on Freeview tuner

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to turn the just scan to on, on the LG C3 when using the in built tuners on the TV? It is greyed out on SD channels, but it lets me turn the just scan on and off on the HD channels. Do I need a service remote to enable this? Has anyone managed to fix this?
  11. K

    Shotgun aerial to freeview

    Hi, I recently moved into a new house which has a satellite dish outside and a twin shotgun cable inside. I've got a TV with a standard aerial socket which I'd like to watch Freeview on and was wondering what the best way to do that is? The house hasn't got a freeview aerial so is there an...
  12. R

    Question Philips 43PUS7392/12 freeview error FVP-01-033

    Hello My smart TV has just started to have an issue with freeview and is giving this error FVP-01-033, I have tired uninstalling it and updating it again, also tried reboot of my router etc. Does any one know what this error actually means? Many Thanks
  13. M

    Is there a vast difference between Coaxial Cable?

    Hi All, I live in a Park Home and have recently purchased a LG 55” G36 TV. I wish to watch Freeview on it and understand I need an external aerial. Is there a difference between external and internal Coaxial Cable, are there a vast difference between the cables themselves that will effect...
  14. wiz

    Question Harmony remote won't turn on TV to Freeview

    Hi Been trying for a while but nothing seems to work If I turn on the TV, then all is ok but if I go to my Nvidia shield activity then go back to TV I get a blank screen. IE the TV has not switched from the HDMI input. I then must manually switch via the Harmony (TV) which works every time...
  15. bery_451

    Question Which Live TV/IPTV service you be using on your Laptop this year to Watch Freeview Channels this Xmas?

    Hello, I dread the idea of downloading numerous apps to watch a single channel. Numerous apps that take up hardware resources on my laptop slowing it down because they are like bloatware. For example downloading BBc iplayer just to watch bbc 1 live or Itvx app to watch itv live or downloading...
  16. J

    Question Freeview box connected to new TV

    My wide screen CRT TV as finally failed, I’m going to buy a new flat screen TV with freeview play inbuilt. If I connected my freeview recorder through a SCART/HDMI adaptor to the flat screen TV, would I be able to watch the TV programs I’ve recorded on the freeview recorder?
  17. G

    Annoying issue with Freeview / Freesat broadcasts and Just Scan and how to fix it. LG55CS

    I watch broadcast TV through Freesat on LG CS. Some channels are HD and some are SD. With the HD channels I am able to adjust the Just Scan option (ON for me to eliminate the overscan) but when I switch to an SD channel this option is greyed out and set to off. This overscans (zooms in slightly)...
  18. M

    LG OLED55B36LA or the Samsung QE55QN90C and use of Freeview…..?

    Hi All, I am interested in either the LG OLED55B36LA or the Samsung QE55QN90C. Both have good reviews , but I read that LG’s can blow up….should I be concerned? In addition we have a Samsung SAMS-UE43TU8500 TV which we have Freeview on, but in the Specs neither run Freeview, did I add an App to...
  19. S

    TCL C range with UK Freeview HD blanking screen

    Hi everyone I thought I would create a thread to see how wide spread the issue is with the screen banking out when watching UK Freeview HD channels. I've had 2 TCL TVs 65C745K and a 65C805K both have had the same issue. I returned the C745k because of this. Ive contacted TCL and they are...
  20. S

    Need Freeview Play

    Posted this at Windows 11 Forum yesterday and advised to come here - "We are currently looking for a new TV setup and atm a Samsung OLED is favourite but Samsung TVs don't have Freeview Play. Our TV watching is predominantly UK freeview and we currently use a set top box a lot to record stuff...
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