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  1. A

    Freeview play and cache

    I have just bought a hisense tv with freeview play button, as well Netflix etc. However every 36 to 48 hours when I press freeview play it says can't connect to server. I clear cache and it works again. Hisense say there is nothing wrong with the TV. Freeview play say there is nothing with...
  2. M

    Freeview play

    Hi guys I’m after some help I have 3 LG tv with freeview play, they all tune in fine but after a couple of days, itv channel tunes in itv London, I get my signal from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter, when this happens freeview play option disappears in the TV guide. I then retune the tv, picks...
  3. Lollipopman

    Humax FVP5000T-1TB Smart Freeview Play HD TV Recorder

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying the Humax FVP 500T - 2TB Smart Freeview play Recorder, can anyone recommend this or is it a "stay well clear" job. My main reason for this is the wife chirping in my earhole about wanting to record more than 2 programs at once, though the number of programs...
  4. C

    LG OLED55A16LA - Freeview Play recordings flickering

    Hello, The bottom quarter of the screen flickers when playing back Freeview Recordings. I've tried it with a hard drive and various sizes of memory stick, which where formatted by the tv, but still get the same problem whichever is used. The hard drive was used on a previous LG tv without any...
  5. D

    TCL 55DP608 Freeview Play TV useless after reset and update.

    I purchased a 55” TCL smart tv from AO in October 2018. It was glitchy from day 1 but stupidly I put this down to it being a smart tv thing (like a PC freezing). It would often restart and would change the environment into shop mode, despite being set to home. The original remote got broken...
  6. jbmouse101

    Is Teletext available on freeview play? Tx 43HX940B

    My old tx L42et60b decided to die, and I have just got a TX 43HX940B, great picture, but I cannot get teletext on freeview, which is the freeview play variety. Has the old style teletext service been removed, or has Panasonic got rid of it? The remote has a 'text' button, but nothing happens. Am...
  7. T

    Freeview play recorder with Netflix and NowTV

    Hi I have read the other posts on here looking for Freeview play recommendations, but I thought I'd see if there's anything new? This is my first foray into Freeview stbs, and I'm struggling to find anything that meets all my requirements, which I'm surprised at, as I thought by now they would...
  8. Daytrader

    Has the 2020 LG CX series, now had the Freeview Play added, i know 2021 LG have.

    Has the 2020 LG CX series, now had the Freeview Play added, i know 2021 LG have.
  9. D

    Will a new TV make my Humax Freeview Play box redundant?

    Hi all, Some help for a newbie considering a new TV please. We currently have a Humax Freeview Play box which is great for recording multiple programmes simultaneously in HD. We like this feature and want to keep it. However, it has its problems with a few of the streaming services/apps, and...
  10. L

    Freeview play loses log in details every time turned off

    My television lost bbc iPlayer and My5 etc and I was advised to try a software update. I did this and then reset the television and eventually all the freeview player channels started working. on switching tv on after 24 hours, back to the old problem so had to log in to every account. This...
  11. D

    “Freeview play” televisions

    Hi there I’ve a good look online including YouTube videos but topics on televisions with built in Freeview play are hard to come by! I am not talking about STBs I’m looking to ask an owner a couple of questions.... Is freeview play an ”app” on the tv or is it the native epg? Do you have to go...
  12. Kapkirk

    Freeview Play Help not working HZ2000

    Hi Guys, Tonight I decided to use the freeview play feature on my new Panasonic hz2000 OLED TV for only the second time and now it doesn't work. None of the Freeview ch's are working, just stuck on a screen saying loading. Other online apps like Prime, netflix and youtube all work fine. Tried...
  13. J

    EPG - Freeview Play - 7-day scroll back not working properly

    I've just bought an LG 32LM6300PLA smart TV for the bedroom. It has Freeview Play and all the catch-up apps. It is connected to my network with wi-fi. All the apps (iPlayer/Netflix/Prime, etc) work just fine and, for the price, I'm generally pleased with the TV. However the 7-day catch-up scroll...
  14. honda vtech

    Does Panasonic tx-32G302b have freeview play catch up

    Guys sorry Crazy reclusive aunt has had Amazon deliver the Panasonic TX-32G302b tv and she is now going mad because she says it has not got Freeview Catch up. Can someone tell me if this is correct and would she need a set top box Thanks
  15. N

    32PFS6905/12 wrong ratio 4od 5 freeview play

    Having problems with 4od and 5od adverts play fine but when the video plays itself the screen ratio changes with no option to change my 65” Philips tv doesn’t have the same problem!
  16. S

    Freeview recorder recommendation please.

    Hi all - Can anyone give me some advice re a freeview recorderbox please? I just bought a new Smart TV with Freeview Play integrated , but I'd like to be able to record the Freeview channels. Can I buy a decent regular Freeview recorder, and then use the Play function on the TV to watch...
  17. Steve Withers

    Humax Aura Freeview Play PVR Review & Comments

    The new Humax Aura isn't just a Freeview Play PVR, but a fully functioning Android TV device with support for 4K and HDR, numerous apps, Chromecast, and a built-in Google Assistant. Read the review. Write your own review for Humax Aura
  18. T

    Random appearance of Freeview Play logo in programmes

    For a couple of weeks now I've noticed a weak, grey, Freeview Play logo appearing, at random times, during transmissions. I'm not sure if it's in the exact same place every time (near the top and 1/3 of the way in from the right) but it's on BBC and ITV programmes. Has anyone else had this weird...
  19. Mcasca

    Bargain Humax Freeview Play boxes

    Just ordered one myself, free postage
  20. D

    HX600B No Netflix or Freeview Play?

    Just set up a new 55hx600b for my daughter. Flawless setup except for two things - - Netflix displays the opening splash screen for 2 seconds then returns to last channel watched - Freeview play does not load, displays "cannot reach server" All othet internet based apps work, including 4K...
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