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  1. J

    Manhattan T3-R lip sync

    Hi all, Just got myself a Manhattan T3-R to replace BT YouView DTR-T4000 after cancelling BT TV. Very impressed with it in many ways, it’s much faster and more responsive than the BT box with a better to navigate guide, although the picture quality is slightly softer to my eyes. Anyway I have...
  2. tobyadams

    COM7 Crystal Palace

    I am 14 miles away from Crystal Palace and get 100% strength and quality from channels 23-28 but almost nothing on 55. Looking at the diagnostics, the flicker of signal I get every now and again just isn't enough to tune to. Anyone have similar issues or could suggest anything to help? TIA
  3. J

    Question Samsung UE40B6000VW won't find freeview HD channels

    My old Panasonic tv packed up and I have been given a Samsung UE40B6000VW tv. HD channels are picked up ok on the other TV's in the house and were also picked up okay previously on the TV that it has just replaced. Although this is a HD tv, it just will not pick up the HD freeview channels...
  4. The Lazy Luddite

    Question TV for watching Freeview

    Hi, I am considering purchasing a new television (or monitor) to replace my prehistoric standard definition Samsung 30” widescreen CRT. Given the criteria below, I would appreciate if you could provide some guidance, on if I am likely to have an improved viewing experience with a new TV...
  5. Photon89

    Question Do TVs with DVB-T2 tuners built in, automatically receive HD channels over aeriel?

    I'm in the UK. This is the TV I'm looking at: There is no Freeview HD service apparently, but it's not clear to me if that means it will only be able to receive SD channels out of the box. Does it mean it will see less HD channels than if it had...
  6. I

    Question Freeview HD channels have legged it on Panasonic recorder

    Hi, A few nights ago all the HD channels vanished on my usually very well-behaved Panasonic DMR-EX97 Freeview recorder. Gah! I've cleared the channel list by removing the aerial and rescanning, then scanning again with the aerial plugged back in, but the channel list still shows nothing at...
  7. C

    Freeview tv, quality varies from 10(excellent) to 1 (bad)

    I live quite close to Crystal Palace (4 or 5 miles north). I've got a panasonic TX-L32E5B, 32 inch lcd. I have an aerial on the roof. When i run my setup, the signal strength is good; I get many channels with a signal quality of 10, but I also get many channels with a signal quality of 6, 3...
  8. S

    Answered Hisense A6200 freeview hd?

    Hi first time poster! I recently bought the Hisense 43 A6200, great value! The slight problem im having is getting the hd channels on freeview play? When I auto scan it recieves all the channels but no Hd ones? My antenna is potential quiet old if this has anything to do with it. I’ve checked...
  9. L

    Question Is there a 40" TV that's good for just Freeview SD/HD?

    I'm looking for a 40" TV that will mainly be used for watching Freeview SD & HD channels and used with a Fire stick. Netflix, Sky, etc are unlikely ever to be used. I understand the latest UHD, 4K TV's show up the poor quality of SD channels, and as its for a bedroom, 40" is big enough. All of...
  10. jimbo3147

    Question Simple Freeview HD Receiver

    My 88 year old mother-in-law has a Sony KDL-37W5810. She seems happy with it but it seems that this does not have a Freeview HD receiver. I was considering if I could enhance her viewing by getting a simple Freeview HD receiver which I could make simple for her to use with the few channels she...
  11. A

    Freeview HD advice SD new tv's

    Hi, Having just gone through a new tv purchase, with mostly SD requirements, id just like to add, that freeview HD on my set at least, has a dozen est, HD channels, the 5 terrestrial & others that i find interesting, like alternative news channels, i had thought to only get very ltd HD access...
  12. A

    Question Humax freeview freeview HD tv

    I use an old humax freeview recorder pvr 9300T, but new tv comes with freeview HD, would i have to switch between each to get the HD content ? as regards just watching & or recording capability. Thanks
  13. Rob.Screene

    Plex - Freeview HD IPtv with HDHomeRun and 4K HDR Media Playback with Apple TV 4K

    I thought I would share my whole house networked Freeview HD recorder experience, to replace a now dead Windows Media Center with two Freesat HD tuners. So far, I can't believe how well this new wave of hardware tuners and software works, even with 4K and HDR. My goal is a whole house HD...
  14. G

    Freeview HD boxes that downscale to Scart/AV

    Looking for freeview box that can receive HD channels and downscale them to Scart or AV I know they exist but they don't seem to say in there descriptions Interested if any of these mini Scart freeview receivers can.
  15. M

    Labgear Psw241 Quad Screened Coaxial Outlet Plate for SAT Freeview HD TV DAB

    Hi I am looking for a wall socket that I can connect my sky+ box and connect a second tv to the rf2 output on my sky box. The sky box is in one room and the second tv is using a magic eye to control the sky. I want to keep all the cables hidden
  16. I

    Best Freeview HD + with DLNA etc

    Hi My Humax HDR T2 is needing replaced, after a long period of excellent service. There`s some kind of fault with it whereby it keeps introducing interference into the signal, or at least that`s what my trial and error (and numerous attempts to retune to different transmitters) has led me to...
  17. W

    Answered Will I get Freeview HD via the aeriel if I buy a secondhand Sky HD+ box?

    Hi all, I have run a Samsung with a Amstrad 160 Sky HD box (just used for free channels with the £25 Sky card), and a rarely used Bush DVD/Video in the living room. In the roof space there is a booster and the leads to an indoor aerial and Sky Disk (at bottom of front garden to obtain signal)...
  18. R

    Question Freeview HD looks better than Netflix 4K!

    Why is is that Freeview HD images look brighter and clearer then 4K stuff from Netflix. We've just watched Bright on NF then switched to The Wolverine on C4. The Wolverine looked great. Clear, colourful but only HD. The colours really popped where NF always seems dull. This is on an LG...
  19. S

    Question Freeview HD recorder with network access?

    Note: Please treat this as a noob question; I've been out of the loop for a few years re PVR models, so I've no idea of the current state of the market or available features. For many years I've been running a Topfield 5810 PVR (standard-def Freeview PVR), with the MyStuff interface, and a...
  20. raniator

    Quickest and best way to get Freesat?

    Hi all, I've got Sky (HD box, dish etc) and I'm going to cancel my subscription. I've researched all my options and it looks like Freesat is the best alternative (open to all suggestions though - I'm in the Midlands and can't get Virgin TV or any of that cable stuff). What is the best /...
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