1. S

    Freesat Cables help

    Hi all, I recently posted about connecting some coax cables (drawing attached). I bought a TV with Freesat, and Freesat channels seemed to be recognised in setup when I plugged one cable in. However after tuning it simply says "No signal" or "No service" on each channel, despite the guide...
  2. Alex43

    For Sale BT 4K Freeview Recorder + 2 x Humax Freesat HD Recorders

    Hi Just clearing out some of my gadgets and have the following Freeview & Freesat PVR recorders available They are all 1TB models All prices include mainland UK delivery. Payment by PayPal Gift please. BT DTR-T4000 1TB £100 Humax HDR-1000s 1TB £110 Humax HDR-1100s 1TB £140
  3. buddy777

    Freesat box stopped working?

    My] Arris freesat box has stopped working after 2 weeks,I get nothing on screen.I hav checked all the connections and all are ok, Is there something iam not doing.I have thrown the box away and can't return it to Currys .Any advice please
  4. B

    Sky satellite dishes being used for FreeSat

    Have just upgrade from Sky + to Sky Q A new dish was fitted for the upgrade, and the old dish left in situ with all cabling to the house. A replacement LNB was fitted by Sky about 5 years ago Can this be dish used to also receive FreeSat ? If yes what else do I need to do and what equipment
  5. B

    No sound on tcl sound Bar

    When watching non HD material there is no sound on my freesat and tcl soundbar any solutions thank you
  6. M

    Freesat connection issues

    I have 5 Freesat box’s at home. 3 of then allow 1 cable to be connected, 2 of them allow 2 cables to be connected which allows me to watch one channel while recording another. Both of the box’s that allow me to watch and record and now telling me they cant get a signal on quite a few of the...
  7. S

    Sky gets a picture but Freesat fails

    I bought a new Aris Freesat box to replace Sky. The Sky HD box works fine. I plugged everything that was plugged into the Sky box into the Freesat box and turned it on. All I get is the message "Picture lost - no signal". I can't get to any other screen like settings for example. I've tripled...
  8. wackojacko72

    For Sale Humax 1100s Freesat dvr

    Humax 1100s 500gb boxed in excellent condition. Very little use in the past couple of years so moving it on. Kept in an av unit so in excellent cosmetic condition. Remote only used for set up as I use a harmony remote so as new. Was £75 now £65 delivered
  9. Saldawop

    Sky Q lnb

    Ditched Sky Q. Going to go Freesat as only get few channels via Freeview. I understand the Freesat 4K boxes work regardless which lnb is on my dish? Have two wires coming into house. Not bothered how many channels can be recorded as long as I can watch one channel and record another.
  10. J

    Arris Freesat 4k UHD hard drive is offline

    This box is not showing recordings and if you try and instant record it shows a message "hard drive is offline" in the information menu it shows the HDD and shows that it contains data. Any ideas, is there a hidden format menu ? Many thanks in advance Jamie.
  11. L

    FREESAT recordable 4K TV Box

    I have recently bought the above Freesat 500gb box to replace my Humax 1tb Freesat box on which the hard drive disk failed. Despite following the setup instructions I have the following issues: When the box and the TV are turned on I get a message: "We are setting up your dish. This may take...
  12. A

    Freesat 4K SD looks awful on 1080p tv.

    So I have a Sony Bravia KDL43 from 2017 which is a 1080p tv and I have up until recently been watching Sky +HD on it which looks great on both HD and SD channels. I was really surprised how great SD channels looked on it when compared with freeview SD channels. I was enjoying my viewing but I...
  13. Hear Here

    Freeview vs Freesat

    OK, simple question I hope. I've just bought a new TV (Samsung 65QN95A) that has both Freeview and Freesat tuners. In the past I've used Freeview only, although my old 55" TV has a Freesat tuner too. The question is - which offers the better picture quality? Freeview offers several stations in...
  14. R

    Lg freesat

    Hi I'm going to setup my sister's new tv at the weekend it's a lg 50up81006lr 4k my question is it says it got freesat do anyone know if its the same freesat she get from her Humax freesat box of is it a different type satellite programs. Im asking because it would be nice to get rid of her...
  15. buddy777

    Humax freesat recorder does it show BBC teletext

    Iam thinking of buying a Humax freesat recorder but only if I can get the BBC text service every morning.Can anyone advise it this service is available on a Humax box
  16. D

    Freesat 4k 2tb without any 4k channels

    Hi all Ok, So I just got the Freesat 4k 2tb box from Argos, only to find there are no 4k channels or am I missing something? apart from the apps on the device what can I watch in 4k Why is it titled 4k? Thanks Dean
  17. john9159

    Satellite dish and LNB for Freesat box

    I bought a Gt media V7S Freesat receiver two years ago in error thinking it was a Freeview box. I kept it all the same but never bought a dish for and would like to try it now. It's a lot more flimsy than I expected but I have to try and put it to good use. I need advice as I am overwhelmed with...
  18. pembs

    48/50" Freesat TV - help me choose

    Looking for a new 48/50 inc Freesat TV to replace an old 32" incher Looking at Richer sounds and JL i have narrowed the choice to Samsung QE50Q80A £799 Samsung QE50QN90A £1099 LG OLED48C14LB £939 Which one should i go with please for a general allround TV - no gaming. In quite a dark room...
  19. B

    Upgrading the hard disk in a Freesat 4K box

    I may get hold of a cheap Freesat 4k Recordable box soon, with a 500GB drive in it. Is it easy to upgrade the hard disk to a 1TB or 2TB drive? Is it similar to upgrading the old Foxsat HDR boxes? Cheers
  20. B

    Moving from Sky Q to Freesat (LNB question)

    Asking on behalf of my parents. My parents are looking to get rid of Sky Q in the new year and are looking at going to Freesat. I was doing a bit of digging around for them to see how this could be achieved and came across a few things online about the Sky Q LNB's not being compatible with...
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