1. Lleyton

    Freesat 4HD Pixelating/Glitching

    Hi, For the past 3 days channel 4HD has been pixelating quite badly, according to DVBViewer mediaserver in 1hour there is about 80 disconnects. I thought this was a problem due to bad weather but lately we have had no wind or rain to cause any problems. Also I have 2 mates futher north than me...
  2. pembs

    Naive 4K TV / Freesat set up question

    Hi With the advent of more and more streaming services (we have Prime + Netflix, and 6mths disney offer) i think we need a new TV rather than have to use a HDMI or connect to our Xbox to view them! We have a TV from 2010 - a 32 inch Sony KDL-32EX503, that we watch FreeSat via a Humax 1010s...
  3. gg13533

    SKY Q to Freesat

    Hi - thinking of moving away from Sky to Freesat, will I need to change anything on my dish or will the existing lnb work?
  4. MahaRaja

    Freesat on Pana GT60: Has Panasonic stopped it?

    Hi Folks, Just noticed last night that my Freesat does not work and it says 'no signal' just wondered if Panasonic has pull the plug. Has anyone has experienced it. I did check for loose connection cable at the back of the TV but it's not loose.
  5. A

    FREESAT ITV+1 channel 112 and ITV channel 111 missing

    Just bought an OLED55CX5LB and very pleased with it apart from one or two setup problems. We only get 21 FREEVIEW channels here so use FREESAT from most TV which is why I like LG as it has a built in satellite decoder. My old LG TV worked just fine all the FREESAT channels. New one seemed fine...
  6. ++ Jase ++

    Sky+ to Freesat Cable swap?

    I currently pay £104 a month for Sky+ (Multiroom 2 rooms) and to be honest I never watch any of it so I plan to cancel and just move to freesat this week. My question is at the moment I have 2 cables going to each of my Sky+ boxes, is it just a case of using the same cables and just plugging...
  7. Toonaroond

    Onkyo TXNR906 not playing nicely with Freesat

    I’m trying to get my onkyo to pass the hdmi signal from a brand new Freesat box through to my projector, but it only picks up the audio and there’s no picture. Very briefly at the beginning it flashed up the picture, but there was no audio and I’ve not been able to replicate that since (not that...
  8. TVEye

    Retuning Freesat

    I have a Q90T, but I'm sure it must be relevant to all newer models. I feel sure I must have tuned in Freesat at some point, but I can't remember how I did it and can't find a menu option anywhere to allow me to do it again. The only reason is that a local version of BBC1 is appearing at the top...
  9. K

    Help changing fro SkyQ to freesat (Hybrid LNB)

    Hi, Apologies however I have been scanning forums for hours now and it's all getting confusing. I've currently got Sky Q along with Freesat upstairs, fed by the old style Hybrid LNB that sky used to offer. I'm looking to ditch Sky entirely next month however I'm confused as to what would be...
  10. AFM1

    Freesat from dish through aerial point to Freesat TV via adaptor?

    Hi, wondering if someone can help me. The tv I want to buy only has a freesat tuner, no mention of freeview. I do have a satellite dish, so no issue there. However, I only have an aerial point in the room it's going in, which goes up into the loft. Is there any way I can connect the tv freesat...
  11. STUMANN73

    Freesat issues please help.

    Hi all im in desperate need of advice help! Please read carefully its going to get complicated o_O i already have 2 recordable Humax freesat boxes( only able to record to programme's at once on each box) connected to my old sky dish though its octo LNB 1 upstairs 1 down. they both work...
  12. SpamJavelin

    New 55 inch TV with Freeview / Freesat recoding?

    I have spent a few hours trying to figure out what my options are on this and my head is starting to hurt. I can justify a new TV to the missus by ditching Sky (£45 a month) and just using normal Smart TV features (Netflix / Prime / Disney / iPlayer) but she still wants the ability to watch...
  13. N

    Using Freesat box 4K for Catch up only

    I have just purchased a Freesat 4K box and set it up via my dish and connected it to the internet. So far so good. I am moving shortly and will not have a dish at my new property. I have disconnect the dish and am using the box for catch up via the internet. Works well but on the screen in the...
  14. D

    How to switch between freesat and freeview

    Hi there, I've got the Q60T, can someone please tell me how to switch between freesat and freeview on the smart remote, thanks.
  15. waring192

    Question LG OLED GX Freesat help

    Hello, I picked up the LG OLED 65 GX just before I went into hospital with a bad leg, ended up being in 9 weeks but least my leg is still attached! Anyhow, I normally use a combination of Plex/Kodi, HDHomeRun and TVHeadEnd but I thought I would try using LG’s EPG etc using the previous owners...
  16. E

    Freesat recordable 4k box

    Hi I keep getting the message, ethernet cable connected. How do I get rid of the message?
  17. M

    Freesat TV - Issues With Signal

    Hi all, Purchased a new TV yesterday - LG 55UN70 - with built in Freesat. Connected everything up and ran a scan for channels, picks up Astra 2 and identified approx 150 channels. Signal quality 98%, signal strength 95%, however when any of the channels are selected it states no signal? Have...
  18. W

    Arris Freesat box - Netflix won't exit

    Just recently, when I press Exit on the remote to leave Netflix, it briefly returns to broadcast TV then immediately back to Netflix. Even turning the STB off and on again doesn't help. It does eventually exit after several tries, but very annoying. Anyone else experiencing this?
  19. J

    Panasonic Freesat Recorders-Clock

    I have a Dmr-bs780ebk and I can not set it to automatically set the clock. Anyone out there whose recorder allows you set it to 'automatic"? Everything else works. Good signal on both tuners. Tried different post codes, tried full factory reset, tried days of unplugged. I can set time and date...
  20. Vendikar

    Freesat 4K Recorder missing end of programme

    Hi, I recently purchased a Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box having previously been a Sky customer. One thing I missed on the Sky Q platform was the ability to pad the times, i.e. add say 2 minutes to the beginning and the end of the programme. I cannot find out how to do this on my new box, is...
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