Freesat is a free-to-air digital satellite television joint venture between the BBC and ITV plc, serving the United Kingdom. The service was formed as a memorandum in 2007 and has been marketed since 6 May 2008. Freesat offers a satellite alternative to theFreeview service on digital terrestrial television, with a broadly similar selection of channels available without subscription for users purchasing a receiver. The service also makes use of the additional capacity available on digital satellite broadcasting to offer a selection of high-definition programming from the BBC, ITV plc, Channel 4, Channel 5, NHK and RT UK.

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  1. B

    Question E4 picture quality on freesat box

    Hi, i'm trying to sort out an issue for my dad. He has a freesat box, it's a freesat branded one that was recommended as compatible with the sky q lnb at the time. He's been having some issues with picture quality but only on E4, it looks all pixelated. Almost like when HD tv's first came in...
  2. A

    Freesat 4K With Sky Q LNB Issues

    Hi all, Currently with Sky Q which ends in June, so I've dusted off my Freesat 4K box from when I last used it 18 months ago. Back then we were at our old house and I had installed a hybrid LNB to use with it. We are now in a new house which had a new dish and LNB installed a couple of months...
  3. P

    How to find recordings on freesat with sony remote

    I have a freesat 4k box and sony tv. X95L Have managed to set sony controller to tv and by pressing guide on sony remote the freesat box guide appears. I can record , series link etc from it. What I am struggling to to is get to this page using sony remote. Any ideas
  4. plloydie

    Question Freesat 500gb recorder box start up.

    We have just bought a new Freesat 500gb recorder box. Everytime on starting the box we get a message saying "we are settling up your dish. This may take a short while." Is this normal? The message is on the screen for about 15 seconds. Everything else works perfectly. We had an old sky HD box...
  5. Q

    Freesat using existing Sky dish - gets channel list and EPG but signal 0%

    Freesat newbie - hopefully not doing something stupid! Parents just moved into new property with no digital ariel, but there is a Sky dish we were told was working. I've purchased them a new LG TV (43UR81006LJ) with Freesat and connected it up (there are two cables coming from the dish but I've...
  6. N

    Arris freesat - why is it so loud?

    For years we've just had a hard drive plugged into the LG TV for free sat. My partner has bought this box and now our once quiet and peaceful lounge has a fan wizzing away constantly. I'm guessing this is because it's using old spinning hard drives? For £250 I'd of expected a SSD as a 500gb one...
  7. P

    Using inbuilt freesat on tv

    Anyone with a twin tuner sony tv with hard drive connected using the freesat function and recording? What's your views on it over splashing out on a freesat box or paying sky for basic channels? Does is series link ?
  8. C

    Freesat - is this normal?

    I am currently at my mother in laws new house. She moved in today and I have just come to plug in her tv etc. She used freesat at her old house but left the dish (doh!) however there are two satellite wires labeled signal in 1 and 2 coming through the wall of the new house, so I thought result…...
  9. rmcg78

    Question Should I use my Manhattan Freesat Sx Hd box with my current TV set up?

    New to this forum. About 4 years ago I bought the Manhattan Freesat Sx Hd box, back then it was £45. I used it for a while as I had an existing satellite dish at the back of my house which had not been used for some years after I had cancelled Sky. I tested the Freesat box recently and it's...
  10. RayShields

    Lg TV, Freesat, no signal on 2 specific Scottish channels

    Hi, LG TV in my rental, tenants moved out. On the property TV Just noticed I can't get BBC 1 Scotland on 101 or BBC Alba on 109. TV software up to date, done an auto tune, checked correct postcode is entered in location and it comes back with the correct Scottish location. Only these two...
  11. M

    Using sky dish for freesat

    Hi there, I have a sky dish with a hybrid lnb on it, it is an EL010. Will this work with the manhattan sx box? It was used for sky q so do I need to swap the plugs the cables are plugged into to get it to work? Also there are two cables in my living room, does it matter which one I plug into the...
  12. finnfather

    Sound interruption

    Hi all, For the past several months we have experienced a momentary interruption to sound level while watching TV. It's just enough to cut out a word or even just a phoneme or two, but it means that, without subtitles, you can easily miss an important point. As you'll see from my sig, my...
  13. E

    Question UHD setup

    Seems everyone is leaving Sky... after being a customer for 14 years and paying way over the odds more recently for SkyQ and not being offered a good deal I have cancelled. We mainly use Sky for Live TV now as although you can record most are available via the catch up streaming services. I was...
  14. Demogorgon

    Wanted Freesat Box

    Looking mostly for the newer Freesat boxes available. But will consider anything.
  15. P

    Series link built in freesat

    I am in process of cancelling SKY Q and at same time purchasing a new TV and a freesat box. When viewing in Currys the x95L I seen it had twin tuner freesat with the ability to record... I immediately thought this will save me £299 quid and I can just use my Hard drive vs a new freesat box and...
  16. E

    New Freesat Boxes for 2024

    The newest 4k Freesat boxes came out in 2020, any sign of a newer nextgen version now they are three years old tech? Sky Q gets turned off tomorrow after 12 years with Sky and don’t want to splash out £229 immediately on the 500GB box if a newer version is just around the corner. Anyone with...
  17. M

    Question SkyQ to Freesat no signal. No dish was needed for sky q prevously

    Help needed please. sky Q was working perfectly now trying to switch to freesat. please note we dont have a sat dish. Its a new build house 2019 so some kind of magic/voodoo/ wizardary I guess. Here is the TV media distribution box how Sky set it up I have set up freesat box in the same...
  18. R

    Question Best 4k Freesat box to replace Sky Q

    Having cancelled Sky what's my best box to purchase that will work with the Sky Q LNB, also will the dish be in the correct alignment to receive Freesat. Thanks.
  19. B

    Moving to FreeSat from Sky Q

    Hi Everyone My parents Sky Q subscription is coming to an end and due to them being pensioners, and with the current cost of living crisis, they do not want to renew their Sky Q subscription, so they have been looking at moving to FreeSat. Unfortunately they do not have a TV aerial installed...
  20. D

    LG OLED77C34LA Freeview and Freesat. tuned both in but I'm only getting Freeview how do I change over to Freesat please? I prefer Freesat as more HD programs there. Thanks
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