1. S

    Setting up satellite for multi Freesat system

    Hi all, the house I moved into a while ago has an old Sky dish that moves in the wind as the threads have been done up to tight in the past, so was thinking about changing it to a Triax like a couple of the neighbours have but looking on their site there's quite a few to choose from. Could...
  2. A

    Use of a SAT splitter on two separate FreeSat TV sets

    I have for a number of years been using a twin user SAT Dish (like this one: Technisat Multytenne), connecting one cable to the "main" TV and the second cable to a second TV in a spare room (Samsung UE46C7700). I have now bought a new twin tuner TV (LG OLED 55 C8) to replace the "main" TV and...
  3. N

    Question 32”1080p TV with Freesat HD Built-in

    Hi all, I am looking for a 32” TV that is Full HD 1080p with Freesat built-in. Everything I come across is only HD Ready 720p and really wanted 1080p. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  4. C

    Missing Freesat channels after electrician moved the satellite socket

    Hi, I have a Humax Freesat box. Last week an electrician moved the socket on the wall (where I plug the RF cable in) a couple of meters. Since then the only channel I seem to be able to get is BBC2 HD and ITV HD (albeit slightly pixelated). The other channels display the message 'The receiver is...
  5. barryc808

    Question Using Freesat box without hard drive?

    My Humax HDR-1000s has recently succumbed to the missing hard drive fault. I can still hear the hard drive fire up when I start the box but no amount of factory resets or powering down has fixed it. I will carry on using the box as a receiver but I was just wondering, as the hard drive would no...
  6. F

    Freesat and no dish

    Hi first time on here and first time with freesat ... I need help - is there anyway I can set up my humax freesat up to record/play whilst I’m waiting for a dish to be put up ?? I appreciate any help thanks
  7. O

    C8 Freeview & Freesat USB Recording

    Does anyone know if you can record with the Freesat Tuner while simultaneously watching a Freeview channel. I know you cant watch a Freeview channel while recording another. I thought maybe utilising both Freesat and Freeview tuners may allow me this functionality. Has any one tried this and is...
  8. H22A

    Question Another Sky / Freesat Question

    Apologies if this has been asked before here, I have searched various online communities, but I see conflicting answers over time (it seems to have been a popular question over the last 10 years), so looking for a definitive answer for 2020. I am currently a Sky customer of many years. Plan is...
  9. R

    Samsung UE55NU8000 Recording from Freesat.

    Love the picture quality, recording from the built in Freesat tuner is frustrating. Sometimes it records from the start and at other times, starts recording several minutes into the program. Sometimes it doesn't record at all. One further point! The set has two LNB inputs and I assumed it...
  10. S

    For Sale Manhattan T3 - Freeview 4k etc

    Hi there, I'm selling our Manhattan T3 freeview box with 4k and apps like YouTube, Netflix etc. We have only used it for a couple of months as a stopgap. It's in good condition with just a few usage marks. Comes with Remote, Hdmi cable, power cable and paperwork. Thanks
  11. daldred

    Advice for TV to handle Freesat, recording, on-demand services, preferably without extra boxes?

    Hi - new to the forums, done a bit of searching around, and ended up posting for advice... I currently have an (ageing) fairly ordinary TV, an even more aged DVD/VHS player (and quite a few DVDs), a Freesat dish with two cables, a Humax 500GB freesat box, and no rooftop aerial. I'd like to...
  12. bogart99

    Question Future of Freesat

    Simply does it have one? For example the Humax store has not got one single Freesat box in stock. RS have dropped Freesat and JL look to be going the same way.
  13. T

    Sky to Freesat.

    A few years back I cancelled Sky and bought a Freesat box. Just plugged in the two sattelite cables and Freesat worked ok. Then we upgraded the Freesat box and kept the old one, not used. My daughter just decided to cancel Sky and I offered her our old Freesat box. I tested it to make sure it...
  14. C

    Unable to enter post code on Freesat on Samsung TV

    Hi, I have a problem entering my post code when scanning for satellite channels on Freesat. This means that on Channel 101 I can only get BBC1 London instead of BBC South West and if I select this channel I get weak signal, check connections message. This problem seemed to start when I started...
  15. G

    Samsung NU7400 and FreeSat

    Hi, I have a Samsung TV UE50NU7400 and I thought it had FreeSat. I bought a coaxial cable and connected it to the wall socket (I know we have a satellite setup in the building) but nothing happens. I don't see any mention of FreeSat in the TV user manual, so I guess I was just mislead by the...
  16. Han

    For Sale LG 55UM7400PLB (2019) 55" SMART 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV Freesat Play

    TV was delivered to us on the Thursday the 5th of December (2 days ago from time of this listing). We have unpacked it and tried a test fit and unfortunately is a little too big for the space we have (going into an alcove) Because we have opened box and removed from packaging are unable to...
  17. pedro2000uk


    There's been a clear move towards more better channels on Freesat of late with Discovery launching a suite of their quest quest red D max channels & +1s including HD & epl highlights with Quest HD / Sony's more polished revamp with new movie channels & upgraded content, Premier Sports Freesports...
  18. andrewt9763

    Wanted humax hdr 1000s freesat 1tb box or Similar

    Looking for as title or similar freesat hdr recorder Thanks for looking.
  19. B

    Humax HDR-1100S Freesat 1TB issues

    Hi Folks, I purchased a Humax HDR-1100S Freesat 500GB box back in September. I was impressed by the box, it did everything it should do and it did it very well. I was so impressed I decided to buy the same box in the 1TB version for the extra storage space. Since getting the 1TB version it's...
  20. V

    HD Channels but not SD on freesat HUMAX HDR 1100S

    Hi first time post. I have freesat using a Humax HDR 1100s. Everything has been working fine until a couple of weeks ago. Now I cannot get several channels on my Humax box. The problem is that I am getting ITV HD and BBC HD, but I cannot get them on SD. I have lost other channels also. When I...
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