1. klnc

    For Sale Free - Stunning Fujitsu 50" Plasma Display (P50XHA58EB)

    I have a (very) old Fujitsu (Google it) 50" plasma which I'd like to donate to a loving home. It hasn't been used for a couple of years, but it still works and had a picture to rival a Pioneer Kuro back in the day and, even at only 768p, is better than most modern LEDs on the market. Plasma...
  2. Stampax

    Advice needed - Free standing punch bags and boxing gloves

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with using a punching bag for exercise? I'm certainly not looking to take up boxing as a sport (I'm aware enough of my abilities to know this is not for me!!!!) but fancy a punch bag as a way of getting fitter and a new type of exercise. Anyone got...
  3. Ptenisnet

    For Sale Free to a good home (must collect) - Stewartscreen Model A Videomatte 200 tab tensioned projector screen

    Must be collected before 9th Dec Free for collection my Stewart screen 4:3 tab tensioned Model A Videomatte 200 tab tensioned projector screen. It’s an old screen but it’s unique in that it unfolds bottom-up rather than the usual top-down direction. 4:3 aspect ratio, viewing area is 170.5 x...
  4. J

    For Sale 7 x 500GB HDD Drives Free -postage only

    I have seven Samsung HD502HJ 500GB 7200rpm Drives I no longer need. These were in a RAID array I have now upgraded. Someone may be able to use them and I'm quite happy to either let them go free on collection, or just the postage which I suspect will be a about a Tenner. These are not...
  5. J

    For Sale Blu-ray cases free to a good home!

    Hi all As above, have 200 - 300 empty Blu-Ray cases that are just going to be disposed of. So thought I'd offer them up here first. Don't want anything for them, but it's collection only from LU7 postcode. It's the box pictured plus two bags. Thanks
  6. Fad i

    For Sale FREE working Kuro 5090

    Need the space and would rather know it was getting use than going to the tip (which is where it will have to go if no takers) working Pioneer Kuro 5090. Item is boxed ready to go located at CA11 0XR. Have an original stand which would sell for £50. So you could have a free tv or buy a stand...
  7. Jigga Jackson


    Hi all, Having a clear out and came across an xbox 1 copy of RARE REPLAY. Its basically 30 games on 1 disk and I remember playing perfect dark and killer instinct Gold for hours on it. The usual, give a like and I will pick a person at random on Friday evening and PM them. Good luck all!!
  8. piston broke

    For Sale Free to a good home...Onkyo SR876 NOW GONE

    Free to a good home, an onkyo sr876. All works perfectly, in good condition and pretty sure I've got the box too. I've just changed to a 4k passthrough amp and thought it would be nice to offer it up to someone who needs an amp:-) You can collect...
  9. Soulstorm brew

    For Sale Free Zalman Z11 plus case

    Hi all I have a Zalman case here that is just sitting around taking up space. If someone wants it just come and pick it up, I think I have 1 x 120mm blue led fan here for it, it still has the side panel fans in there as well. I'm down Seaford way.
  10. nheather

    For Sale Free Steam Games from Humble Bundle

    ALL GONE! Just bought a Humble Bundle but have no interest in these sports games Street Power Football Tour de France 2020 Rugby 20 Anyone want them for free - let me know. Cheers, Nigel
  11. Daytrader

    For Sale Steam Humble Bundle December games and more, a couple Free Updated 07 12 2021

    PPG Please Beyond The Wire 3 Lacuna - A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure 1 8 Doors - Arum's Afterlife Adventure 1 Greak: Memories of Azur 1 Fling to the Finish 1 Voidigo 1 Wingspan 2 Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion 50p Möbius Front '83 50p SimpleRockets 2 1 Due Process 1 Katana Zero £1 RING OF...
  12. J

    For Sale FREE - Motherboard Bundle - quad core 6600, 8GB DDR2, Asus Striker Extreme (edit) motherboard.

    This is a motherboard I extracted from my media pc a couple of years ago and found it idling up in the loft. I did use it on my test bed to show my nephews how a computer works (which they quite enjoyed) and someone else may be able to use it for something similar... since its not really much...
  13. I

    For Sale Apple iPhone 12 Pro 256gb in Pacific Blue - Purchased from Amazon Sim Free

    As above, as I've upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro now, this can move to a new home. Out of warranty now. Originally purchased from Complete with original box, unused data cable and extra screen protector. Battery is on 91% health.
  14. R

    Are Delivery Reports Free on Voxi?

    Just wondering if SMS delivery reports are free on Voxi? I've Googled, but can't find the answer. Thanks.
  15. F1Hydro

    For Sale Free KRP-500a

    Hi All, Having a clear-out so have some old Pioneer gear to get rid of, details below; Free KRP-500a. Media box died several years ago so not included. Screen itself is in very good cosmetic condition. Collection only due to size and weight. PDK-WM01 wall mount £20. Good condition. Collection...
  16. mambo1888

    Free Games giveaway (Control and Dragon Age Inquisition)

    Hey folks, I already own this months Amazon Prime free games so if anyone can make use of them here are codes for Control and Dragon Age Inquisition. , Control - 57PM028B86EB658DDA - redeem @ Dragon Age Inquisition - CDR9-R5GA-XRHJ-7N5J-7LZE - redeem @
  17. S

    I chose Xbox Series S over X (Feel free to Change my Mind)

    This overview is coming from someone who has a TV that can utilize the complete specs of Series X and a Fiber Gig symmetrical up and down connection. I still have the opportunity to swap it out for the series X. I am choosing the Series S for the following reasons: Developers Aren’t Using...
  18. D

    Bargain Expired Expired LG G1 all sizes with free GX soundbar (RRP £999) at AO

    Add TV and soundbar to basket and use code FREEGX Free wall installation too.
  19. CableGuy

    Simple HOME CINEMA Planning with SketchUp FREE - how to

    Hi everyone, As a huge enthusiast of this hobby (passion) myself, I’m always looking at ways to maximise my cinema room. In fact, I sometimes dream of my “end game” setup and wonder how that would be, what I would do etc. Well, with this in mind, if often used the free version of SketchUp...
  20. P

    Free to Air Problem

    Hi. I have just bought a IView HD Free to Air box from Amazon only to find that you cannot connect to the Wi Fi Router without a USB Dongle .I put in a TP Link Dongle but it still doesn't work. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Phillip
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