1. amberlamps

    For Sale Huawei P20 Pro sim free

    No longer needed in superb order always had tempered protector and case. Just the phone, might find box tomorrow but assume its phone only when purchasing.
  2. S

    No HD free view channels on brand new Q90T

    Hi, I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but old TV had no problems, set up Q90 and it picks up every channel except HD ones through the aerial. I read about tuning it with the aerial out which I done but no difference. any ideas?
  3. WeegyAVLover

    Scotland first country to provide free period products

    I do not post here very often but this news made me proud to be Scottish: Period poverty: Scotland first in world to make period products free Period poverty: Scotland first in world to make period products free The only issue is it has taken so long for this to be a thing since condoms have...
  4. A

    Any region free bargain coming on black friday?

    Hi, I'm wondering if any of the sites selling hacked BR players are having any discounts due to black friday that you're aware of. Thank you very much!
  5. M

    For Sale iPhone XS Max 512GB SIM Free Space Grey - Immaculate

    iPhone XS Max 512GB Space Grey SIM Free (bought from Apple in Sep 18) Running iOS 14.2 Immaculate condition - no marks, scratches or blemishes Includes charger, brand new Lightning cable, and brand new earbuds. £495 inc RMSD Bank transfer or cash on collection (Northwood / Watford)
  6. KingD

    Free Asgards Wrath for new Quest 2 owners: UPDATED

    as per title, Oculus giving this away free to new users hooking up with Quest Link to PC
  7. Garrett

    Captain Marvel Now Free On Prime

    Got some old series suggested logging into Prime and thought I do a search for what's reputedly the best or one of the best cliffhanger series, and there it was :clap:.
  8. J

    For Sale Free to a good home - Yamaha RX-V367 receiver and some Pioneer S11 speakers

    Served me well for ages but moving to 4K now. There’s the receiver and of the S11 speaker set there’s the centre speaker and 2 front speakers which are both on stands. Free to anyone who could use them otherwise I guess they get binned. Collection only please - Guildford, GU2.
  9. deeno65

    For Sale Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones

    these are as new boxed wanting some over ear so have to go out of warranty
  10. B

    Question Free Streaming Channels?

    hi, i'm looking to buy a replacement 50" screen for my parents, just wondering, i know Samsung and LG have their own free streaming channels (about 40-50), do any other makes of TV have any? Thanks
  11. A

    Bargain Free Stadia controller and chromecast ultra

    If you're a YouTube Premium member, get a new Stadia Premiere Edition, with a value of £89.99 – it's yours for free. It includes a Google Chromecast Ultra for streaming Stadia games to your TV and a Stadia Controller for controlling the action wirelessly.
  12. Skood

    For Sale OPPO UDP-203 UK (not region free)

    I’m selling my OPPO UDP-203 which I have owned from new (purchased from Peter Tyson on release) It’s in immaculate condition, having been put in the unit and only lightly used since. Has not been modded or unlocked in any way. Comes with original remote (which has never been used as I use a...
  13. st4fore

    For Sale FREE - Any game you want!

    Entries now closed. Will draw the winners shortly Hi All, Early in the last lockdown I did a game giveaway. I'm doing another one now. I am giving away 2 games I don't play (Destiny 2: Legendary Collection and Mass Effect: Andromeda) or ANY game you want up to the value of £50 - PS4 or PS5...
  14. F

    For Sale XSPC Reservoir Pump / Hardware Labs Radiators / USB DAC

    Hi, hope everyone is well. Today I have for sale various items from my existing rig. XSPC Photon 270 Reservoir with x4 Pump -> £50 plus postage Lovely reservoir and pump combination. Unfortunately now discontinued and now longer available anywhere. Features toughened glass, aluminium CNC cut...
  15. E

    Question Connection of free to air receiver to TV

    I have a very old Humax IRCI-5400Z receiver used to pick up foreign stations (German on Astra) In our holiday flat in Spain. Being so old, it has a Scart socket and also the 3 RCA sockets (white, red and yellow). Unfortunately our new TV (which was a present from our daughter) doesn’t have a...
  16. T

    Question Need to replace my old Region free OPPO bdp-83

    Hi I need some assistance, My old OPPO BDP-83 region free blu ray player is acting up and cause oppo digital doesnt exsist anymore and the last firmware update for it was back in 2014... they aren't proving much assistance. But i need to try and find a replacement that has similar...
  17. danmc_82

    Free Remote With Sky Q

    Whos seen this? Just had ours delivered. Got it through SKY VIP.
  18. Steca

    Free PSVR Adapter available Now to Order

    As above.
  19. JabbaNut

  20. camcroft

    Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Earbuds (Refurbished) + FREE PROTECTIVE CASE

    Deal of the day on ebay £ 79.95 1 years warranty from Cambridge themselves. I paid £10 for the case alone when I bought mine.
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