1. D

    Manhattan T3-R freeze frame and slo-mo

    I've read claims that the Manhattan T3-R can a) advance video one frame at a time, and b) play in slow motion. But I haven't been able to find any way of doing either of these. Does anybody know if these are possible, and how to do it? Thanks very much David
  2. T

    For Sale 133" 16:9 screen frame. £25.

    133" 16:9 aluminium (I think) screen frame I have the screen (not AT) for it too, which could be used temporarily, but it's probably got marks and creases and really needs replacing. It uses spring tensioning. £25 collected from Hove. Could be delivered at a cost.
  3. Doctor Smith

    Where to buy fixed frame 0.9 gain projector screen?

    Where is the best place to buy a fixed frame 0.9 projector screen for a light controlled room with an Epson tw9400? Budget about 500 Picture is great on my 1.0 diy screen but I would like deeper blacks as I watch quite a few horror films which are mostly set at night. I have experimented...
  4. marcaaron22

    Display a coat in a frame

    Hi, not sure where to post this; I am wanting to display a coat inside a frame, but not sure where/what the best way to do it, The coat is pretty thick.. Any ideas? Thanks,
  5. J

    32" The Frame Art Mode QLED - ethernet port?

    Hi. I'm thinking of purchasing The Frame TV (2021 model - QE32LS03TCUXXU) for my bedroom but I'm seeing conflicting information about whether the included One Connect box for this model has an ethernet port? Can anyone confirm? Or is it luck of the draw? I don't really get reliable WIFI in the...
  6. M

    Recommended USB to Ethernet adapter for Samsung TV The Frame 2019?

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend a USB to Ethernet adapter that works with Samsung TV The Frame 2019? I would like to plug the adapter to one of the USB 2.0 ports on the TV's One Connect Box to increase the TV's internet download speeds. The built-in Ethernet port on the One Connect Box only...
  7. T

    Yamaha RX740 & Samsung Frame Setup

    Hi. I have an RX-740 AV Receiver. I recently purchased a Samsung Frame TV with One Connect Box. It seems that Samsung requires all the video sources (Cable, XBox, PlayStation, etc) be connected via HDMI to the One Connect. The receiver supplies the audio which is connected to the One Connect via...
  8. perfectsquare

    Frequent Audio Drop Outs on Samsung Frame (2021)

    Greetings Everyone, I have a new 50" Samsung Frame (2021) hooked up directly via HDMI to my second-generation 4K Apple TV. I do not have any speakers, receivers, or Bluetooth connections to the TV. My problem is that since receiving the new TV about a week ago, the audio is cutting out at...
  9. O

    Recommend a 4k fixed frame screen 120”

    I’m new to projectors and screens but decided to take the plunge and bought the Xgimi Horizon Pro 4k projector. I’m now looking for advice on a screen. I’ve decided to go for 120” fixed frame. Can anyone recommend something that might suit please? I’m putting in a dedicated room that will be...
  10. P

    One Connect connections issue with AV receiver

    I am at a loss... I have a Samsung Frame 2021 with a One Connect box. I have a second video output, an Epson TW3600 projector. The AV receiver is the Sony STR-DN 1080. Video inputs are: game console bluray player VHS player What would be the best cable setup in order to either use the...
  11. colinb4987

    75" alternative to Samsung Frame?

    New siting room will do double duty as cinema/media room and sitting room/lounge. Neither my wife nor I can abide a massive black rectangle dominating the space, not a massive blank spot of wall for projection. Hence, looking at Samsung Frame in 75". Are there any alternatives that would be...
  12. Doctor Smith

    Brackets for fix frame screen?

    I am building a dedicated cinema room. The screen will be hung over a window. I have attached timber each side and bottom of the window. My question are there any brackets available to attach screen to the timber so the screen can be removed easily? Thanks
  13. C

    Samsung Frame 2020 connectivity

    I have had been having issues when loading up some of the apps (RTE Player, Netflix, Disney+) on my Frame TV - it seems to change so not always affects one app all the time....which is the frustrating part of it. The error I am seeing is strange in that I'm not getting the app's formal...
  14. steve iow

    Monitor audio sound frame SF2

    Anybody have these, thinking too use them as a stereo pair with a Marantz pm7000n any thoughts would be most appreciated
  15. tommyturbo

    Samsung The Frame (2021) Suppliers

    Hi, It seems John Lewis has the monopoly on 50" frames at the moment. Does anybody know of any others?
  16. balsaq

    Samsung The Frame (2021) 43"+ Portrait/Vertical Mode

    Hi there, Does anyone know if the 2021 version of the Frame (sizes 43" and above) allows for portrait/vertical mode? And also if the included wall bracket allows for this? I'm seeing conflicting information online where some sources are saying it exists and some aren't Cheers
  17. Stay Puft

    Best frame Rate?

    Not sure which frame rate to film in. My phone gives either 30fps or 60fps. To me, the 60fps seems strange... like everything is sped up a little. I have a feeling the higher is better for sports but the lower good for most things. Which is best for general every day filming?
  18. silouette

    Making frame for Acoustic Transparent screen

    Hi There After looking out for a acoustically transparent screen to go a bit bigger than my branded screen. Found getting the right size tricky. Anyone recommend a solution fabric wise etc.
  19. B

    Samsung Frame TV - 65" - 2020 - White "Splotches"

    I wanted to post to check if my new 65" Frame TV has a bug - or whether this is a feature of the TV. When I am watching a darker scene in a film/programme, playing a dark scene in a video game or watching a movie with black bars at top and bottom, there are very prominent white "splotches"...
  20. AMCross

    Question graphics card nvidia 1650 low frame rate and running slow

    any experts on here have two pcs one i5 and other i7 both with 16gb ram and ssd main drive one son is having issues with low frame rate running unreal and i7 pc seems sluggish i5 pc running same software runs fine havent needed to use a graphics card pc for a long time so a little behind on...
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