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  1. choddo

    Amazon tennis framerate

    Is it just me, or maybe my TV, or is the framerate on Amazon Prime a bit shonky? I was expecting 60fps to look a bit smoother than Wimbledon or the C4 feed which I’d assume is having some 60:50 conversion going on. But it looks almost like it’s 30fps or something.
  2. J

    Very odd problem with frame rate on OLED TV

    Hi all, So I’ve discovered something very odd when I connect my gaming PC to my OLED TVs. I have an LG 65 inch C8 series. When I connect via HDMI to my 2080Ti, it runs fine at 1440p, but on some games (such as RDR 2) switching to 4k introduces some stutter or slower frame rate. I’ve always...
  3. M

    Help with a JVC Everio Camcorder - Frame Rate settings

    I have a JVC Everio R GZ-R495DEK - and I was getting my videos in 30FPS - I went through the settings and I changed it to what I thought would give me better frame rate but it actually reduced it to 25. I believe I'm supposed to be able to get 50 FPS with it. Any help? Many thanks
  4. jambomakaveli

    32” tv.... bad frame rate, sport terrible!

    Recently bought a tv for the kitchen dinette area... that way the wife can mostly use the living room tv. Due to space, and it being wall mounted we only wanted a 32”. wife went to Tesco and bought a: sharp 32” lcd. Model number : 32BC2KO seemed ok at first until I started watching any sort...
  5. A

    Best frame Rate?

    Not sure which frame rate to film in. My phone gives either 30fps or 60fps. To me, the 60fps seems strange... like everything is sped up a little. I have a feeling the higher is better for sports but the lower good for most things. Which is best for general every day filming?
  6. O

    LG CX frame rate not matching

    I’m thrilled with the new LG CX. I also purchased a Denon x3700h. Connected to this is an Apple TV 4K. I’m running Apple TV at 4K SDR 50hz My issue is that when using the internal diagnostics menu (channel tuning highlight and pressing 11111) it’s saying I’m running at 50hz I can already...
  7. AMCross

    Question graphics card nvidia 1650 low frame rate and running slow

    any experts on here have two pcs one i5 and other i7 both with 16gb ram and ssd main drive one son is having issues with low frame rate running unreal and i7 pc seems sluggish i5 pc running same software runs fine havent needed to use a graphics card pc for a long time so a little behind on...
  8. M

    Arcam AVR550 4k frame rate

    Hi I have this receiver and know that it is compatible with 4k but I cant see any mention of frame rate in the manual. If I buy a new LG OLED with 120Hz framerate will the Arcam cope with that? If so will I need an enhanced HDMI cable? thanks
  9. J

    Frame drops with Chromecast at 60Hz

    Hello, I got a Chromecast with Google TV recently and have been disappointed with the quality: every so often (like every 1-3 minutes), I'll get a few seconds of frame drops, where things are noticeably jerky compared to the normal frame rate (although it's not really "jumping"). Some details...
  10. S

    Films & TV app framerate

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this with the Films and TV app. I can't seem to get the framerate running correctly and smoothly. I've gone into TV modes and have tried everything enabled except VRR (TV is an LG C9 for reference). When I set it up this way the movie plays ever so...
  11. drummerjohn

    Question One streaming device that correctly plays at the right framerate

    Bought a Firestick 4K stupidly thinking that the apps like Netflix, AppleTV, iPlayer would all work at the right frame rate ie adjust the output, but they didn't. The only app on the Firestick that adjust the framerate correctly is Amazon Prime Video. Is there a streaming device that plays the...
  12. W

    TU8000 Frame rate issue?

    Hi all. Purchased a brand new UE TU8000 today. Agree with the reviews that it's a great picture, however I've noticed that it randomly seemingly changes the frame rate and stutters for half a second or so and then gives a very brief cinematic effect. It's very random and seems to only do it on...
  13. T

    Question Is 50Hz or 60Hz better for 24fps?

    Quick question and hoping for a quick answer! For a 10 year old UK 1080p LCD TV with only 50Hz or 60Hz to choose from, which of those is the best player setting for 24fps films? 50Hz and 60Hz are available but 24Hz is greyed out. I know both will involve some sort of pull down and judder -...
  14. R

    Which is more important? Frame rate or Dolby Vision support?

    If you had two tv options. Both identical but one has 120Hz and another has only 60Hz but Dolby vision, which would be better? How important is Dolby vision? Especially on a budget TV?
  15. outofmyshed

    LG UM7500PLA Broadcast DTT frame rate issue

    I snapped up this low-ish end 43" UHD set in the sales a while ago, and as an upgrade from an 8-year-old Sony I'm happy with it, except for one irritating issue with watching DTT channels (Freeview Play, in the UK): When viewing any HD DTT channel, the TV often appears to switch down from...
  16. P

    Question Would an HD Fury Vertex solve judder and refresh rate issues?

    I am one of the many who has had issues with Philips TV's and judder/stutter etc. Last night I switched on adaptive refresh rate in Kodi on my Nvidia Shield and when playing back my archived media from my NAS on it, previous issues were no more. Hooray! With this in mind, I want to fix the...
  17. M

    Sony Motionflow & Film mode Settings Explained (finally!)

    Hello all, between myself and some others on this forum, namely @Built To Chill , @Metalex , @Mattjax05 , we have pieced together what the different settings do and how different combinations affect different content. *Note that these results were obtained from tests on the XF90 & A1 Oled...
  18. Flash80

    Frame rate for youtube videos????

    OK bear with me here but hopefully this is simple question to answer. I am planning on creating some vlogs which I am going to upload to YouTube. I have Canon G7X II which I will use to film 95% of my vlogs however I will also record some footage on my IPhone 6. Now my question is what frame...
  19. V

    Tanix TX3 Max (4K, HD Audio, Auto frame rate)

    I would never guess that a 45$ tv box could be that good. There are the obvious limitations (up to 4k30, Mbit LAN, no BT, availability from China with all warranty risks) but i believe the low price justifies them all. Can't even recall a tv box <100$ with auto frame rate switching. If it could...
  20. georgetsang

    BBC iPlayer app - Frame rate

    Using the iPlayer app on the EX700 and I assume this will apply to all 2016/2017 Panasonic TVs that has the inbuilt app. Wondering if any has any frame rate issues with viewing content using the app. Seems to me the soap opera effect is prevalent and no matter what settings I apply (Frame...
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