1. A

    Please help with FPV issue!

    Hello, I’m a senior aerospace engineering student at the university of Alabama and my design class is building a blimp/drone hybrid for use on indoor search and rescue missions. I am tasked with the surveillance system and I’m struggling to find a live stream system that can transmit through a...
  2. W

    Conformal coating substitutes

    Hi guys, im new here, and new to drones. I recently bought a fpv tinyhalk II freestyle, and i want to give it a good protection against moisture from wet grass, but here in Brazil i was not able to find the so caled silicon based conformal coating, i just found some acrilic based ones, i dont...
  3. L

    Had an AMAZING time at Alona Bay, Ontario

    I was able to sneak in some really cool flights as well!
  4. rozzatron321

    Question FPV (iflight nazgul owners?)

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to help me, I'm new to FPV drone flying and I online and bought a bunch of kit including the Nazgul 5s with an FR-SKY R-XSR reciever, a taranis qx7 and a set of goggles. When I plug it into betaflight for some reason when I move the sticks on the RC it does not...
  5. T

    Humax FPV 5000T signal test

    My normal source is Freesat using a Humax Freesat recorder, but in summer I tend to lose the picture due to neighbours trees, so as a backup I bought (from Humax direct) a refurbished Freeview box. This works fine, but when I checked the signal level in the settings, it displays strength 85%...
  6. T

    FPV Monitor issue.

    Hi everyone , Im new to drone use ownership and flight. I have passed my flyer tests and have my caa licence that i paid for. I have a Bugs b4w which is a great drone but my mobile phone is useless and wont connect to the camera. I decided to by a monitor to do this so i ordered an Aomway hd...
  7. L

    Question Foxeer Legend 2. Help! New here too so Hello!!

    Hi there Thanks for reading my post. I hope this is ok. I Recently purchased a working second hand Foxeer Legend 2. It switched on fine however The wifi password was unable to be reset and the previous user didnt have the password. A firmware flash was done with update and now the unit...
  8. InFamous01

    Visuo xs816, motors upgrade

    Hi, Recently i bought a visuo xs816 and had fun with it but after a few weeks it began to be boring, drone wasnt realy fast and the range wasn't that good (you can't expect much from an 50$ aliexpress drone i know that) and so i found on youtube some antenna and battery upgrades which i wil try...
  9. Xephlon

    Question FPV Interference from Transmitter?

    Hi all. Recently I have been working on my first quadcopter drone build. It flies well LOS and the VTX and Goggles i'm using (EV100D's) work flawlessly UNTIL I turn on my Taranis X9D and as soon as it starts transmitting, I get these thick white scanlines that completely obscure my vision and...
  10. airtimeheroes

    AIRTIMEHEROES: FPV & Landscape

    Hello everybody, We like to present the first videos we created with different drones. We recorded most of the footage in the city Speyer in Germany. We use self-build drones mixed with a Yuneec Typhoon. We like to get any kind of feedback to any of our video. Have fun and thanks for...
  11. doubledragonxx

    Question FPV drone experince left me wanting more!

    Whilst out racing our r/c cars last week one evening with my son we came across a group of guys racing their FPV drones. Real nice bunch of guys and from what I gathered they formed a fairly successful drone racing team etc... Anyway long story short they kindly let my son and I wear the FPV...
  12. Raincast

    DJI Goggles + PC Game Star Citizen HDMI FPV Quick Test

    Hi all, I tried out the DJI Goggles’ HDMI cable for a quick PC gaming session. It was plug and play with no hassles involved. I apologize for the out of focus video quality. Thanks for giving it a watch! Here are my opinions on it. 1. Unfortunately, the low latency head tracking that...
  13. R

    Review : World's Smallest HD Camera Drone With VR : Skeyne Nano II FPV

    Hi all, I recently received a Skeyne Nano II HD cam drone, complete with VR. The guys sent it me free for an honest review. If your interested, I now have the video, including a complete flight test on my Youtube channel. Hope you enjoy and it is of some use to you. Regards, Steve.
  14. sjackson

    Question Recommend a Starter FPV Drone

    Driving home from work today I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and the idea dawned on me to get my dad a drone with FPV (I think that's the acronym for sending realtime-ish video to a display/phone). Backround on my dad. About 30 years ago he was very big into RC aircraft. Built and flew quite...
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