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  1. R

    Choppy/Sluggish FPS

    Hi guys. So I've recently upgraded my PC to a 4090, 7800x3D, 32gb RAM etc, proper high end rig. Installed on fast m.2 drive. I get really good FPS but the games I have tested still don't feel smooth at all, I don't get stutters but everything feels choppy and it's like I'm dragging my mouse...
  2. S

    Potensic Atom fps

    I have just started using my Potensic Atom and loving it. It shoots video at 30 fps. However the video editing software complains that the "protect" is 25 fps. When I change the project setting to 30 fps the message then changes to something close to 30 fps complaint (e.g. 29.67 fps). However...
  3. Iancity

    FPS help needed

    Hi, hopefully a quick one - have an Xbox X playing the latest COD into a 32" 4k monitor that supports 120fps (as does the xbox and the game), yet my monitor setting tell me I'm only getting 62 sometimes 63fps. There doesnt seem to be anywhere on the monitor settings to pick 120 so I assume it...
  4. King Tones

    Sand (TBA)

    Discover the immersive world of SAND, an MMO FPS where players navigate abandoned cities beneath a dried-up sea in epic steam-powered walking machines.
  5. King Tones

    John Carpenter's Toxic Commando - 2024

    Buddy-movie vibes meet over-the-top action in this frenzied co-op FPS powered by Saber's Swarm Engine. Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Saber Interactive are thrilled to reveal John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando, coming in 2024. Tag team with up to four players in this intense...
  6. Marky748

    Next Xbox predictions

    Do you think the next xbox will have 200 fps and a different controller layout? What else could they add to the xbox - like a new feature that could change gaming? Maybe xbox vr or ar?
  7. B

    Samsung QLED 4K Q60B some 4k @60 fps videos freezing

    Hi, it's a new tv and some youtube videos keep freezing, always at the exact part of the video, it lags for a few seconds then stops but sound continues. I tried downloading those "problematic" videos and play it from usb flash to be sure its not my internet connection (i have 200/100 mbps)...
  8. Eavega

    Can't turn off U8H FPS, HDR, ect. Info box?

    Just got a new U8H and I've got an info box on the right side of the screen that shows the FPS, HDR, and a couple other settings, but I can't figure out how to turn it off. Anybody know? I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing.
  9. scordx222

    game FPS interesting in 2022 ?

    hi everyone im a new gamer and i like to game FPS but i only play game from steam like CSGO , Apex , PUBG and riot game Valorant so do you have other games you can comment this thank for com. เล่นเกมป๊อกเด้งได้เงินจริง
  10. zack007attack

    What if any of the classic 007 films could be made into FPS games?

    I think I speak for many of us when I say GoldenEye 64 was an absolute hit, as was Perfect Dark and The World is Not Enough. However, that also got me thinking. If you could make any of the classic 007 flix into solid FPS games with the inspiration and quality of GoldenEye, which ones would they...
  11. M

    FPS drops during the offline games (no matter digital or disc)

    So, I have had this problem since I got my ps5. I wouldn't bother here anyone if I can just take it back to the store but the problem is that I am right now in China and this PS5 was bought in Hong Kong. Strict rules for covid are preventing me from crossing a border. Anyway, while I'm playing...
  12. fenix086

    2k Monitor 120 FPS for Xbox Series S

    Hi everyone. Hope whoever is reading this is well. I've bought myself a Xbox Series S and now need a monitor to go with it. I love playing Warzone allot so really want the high FPS but would love to also maximise graphics capabilities. This is the monitor I've picked out MSI Optix G273QF...
  13. G

    Best TV for 24 FPS, with respectful motion interpolation?

    I have used a Pioneer Kuro Plasma for quite a while. Although it is great, it is starting to show its age. I was wondering what brand or what OLED TV can eliminate stutter on the minimal motion interpolation setting, or with the use of black frame insertion or a combination of both. Basically...
  14. G

    How does 24 FPS work when streaming apps are 60hz?

    I am new to streaming, having survived long on Blu-rays and DVDs. My question is how does 24 FPS work when most streaming apps operate at 60 hz? Does this add judder or stutter? If so, can it be fixed? I found this: Three-two pull down - Wikipedia
  15. P

    Looking for a 4k streamer/media player that supports 23.976 and 24.00 fps

    As per the thread title, I am fed up with with the frame skipping caused by outputting 24.00 fps content at 23.976 fps, which leads to a frame being dropped roughly every 42 seconds on some newer Netflix content (and Disney+ too I think). Streaming apps should ideally switch refresh rates...
  16. D

    LG tv and Now, 50 fps issue

    Hi guys. I was about to pull the trigger on a Now tv subscription for Sky Sports to get me through Christmas when I read about the lack of 50 fps support for LG tv's (and X box) when using Boost. These are the two routes I use for streaming. I was wondering if anyone who uses Now tv has any...
  17. tjkhulen

    4K or native 1440P monitor better for Xbox series x running performance mode for high FPS

    Hello. I have following question. Got the Xbox series x and looking for a monitor. I will mainly be playing halo infinity in performance mode for PVP , but would also like to play the campaign in 4K quality. However 95% of my time will be doing high FPS performance mode. As I understand the...
  18. HeavenlyWarrior

    Guidance on getting controller support for old FPS games

    Hi, need help if you can. I'm getting into the Indie FPS scene on Steam but I'm a controller guy. I've finished Quake Remastered Doom 1& 2, Ion Fury, Project Warlock, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Dusk and Amid Evil and now bought the Heretic/Hexen collection - but its not even keyboard and...
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