1. tjkhulen

    4K or native 1440P monitor better for Xbox series x running performance mode for high FPS

    Hello. I have following question. Got the Xbox series x and looking for a monitor. I will mainly be playing halo infinity in performance mode for PVP , but would also like to play the campaign in 4K quality. However 95% of my time will be doing high FPS performance mode. As I understand the...
  2. HeavenlyWarrior

    Guidance on getting controller support for old FPS games

    Hi, need help if you can. I'm getting into the Indie FPS scene on Steam but I'm a controller guy. I've finished Quake Remastered Doom 1& 2, Ion Fury, Project Warlock, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Dusk and Amid Evil and now bought the Heretic/Hexen collection - but its not even keyboard and...
  3. Y

    Trying to understand the refresh rates of VR headsets

    So i just unpacked and setup my new HP Reverb G2, and tried it briefly in few of my games, and now comes the boring part and that is optimizing graphical settings for acceptable FPS without loosing all the image quality. The first thing i've been wondering about, do VR headsets have something...
  4. MartinH32

    Improve FPS in Valhalla

    I've just fitted a 3080ti, The PC is a Ryzen 3800x with 32gb of ram, running off an SSD (M.2 2280). Perhaps I wrongly expect to be able to get 60fps at 4k on ultra. I'm actually managing around 36fps with occasional stuttering. Dropping the resolution down to 2560x1440 is only giving me a couple...
  5. FlagshipDevice

    Guide for FPS, G/V-Sync, Monitor and Game Settings etc…

    Hello people. After years of procrastination I finally built my first PC last summer. In hindsight, more research on my behalf would’ve made me hold back as new GPUs and CPUs were imminent. Lesson learnt. However… As things turned out, it could perhaps be argued that I chose a great time to...
  6. W

    Panasonic gz950 vs Sony a9g 24 fps motion

    Hello everyone. Longtime lurker/infrequent contributor here. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give. I’m currently viewing a 65 inch Panasonic gz950 at around 8 feet but considering an upgrade to a 77 inch Sony a9g. I’d be viewing the Sony from perhaps another foot away - so...
  7. moviegamefan

    After a year of researching TV’s I bought a Samsung QN90A who has insufferable stutter or artifecting in low fps hdr content. Please advice a desperat

    After a year of researching TV’s I bought a Samsung QN90A who has insufferable stutter or artifecting in low fps hdr content. Please advice a desperate newbe. Dear forum-visitors, I am new to avforums. Well, sort off. I only just registered, but I’ve been reading relevant threads from the...
  8. M

    Considering Beyerdynamics for FPS gaming but which?

    My current setup is a Sound Blaster G6 with AKG K702 and a V-moda mic. I find them pretty good to be fair but quite intrigued to try some Beyerdynamics. Other headphones I own are: Sennheiser HD58X (Didn't get on well with them for FPS gaming) Philips Fidelio X2HR (Too bass heavy) Philips...
  9. chechu21

    Plex and files at 25 fps

    Hello! I have a Sony Xh9096 TV and something a little strange happens to me. When I play content at 23.976 fps through the TV's native app, there is no playback problem. But when I play content at 25fps from time to time the image jerks or micro-cuts, something I think is called judder. Instead...
  10. alex96

    Game feels like 20 fps while or while not recording, but when recording the footage is a good 60 fps and 1080p but the game is still slow

    Game feels like 20 fps while or while not recording, but when recording the footage is a good 60 fps and 1080p but the game is still slow Hello, when I play a game the frame rate is always very low and choppy, however when I start a recording, the game itself is still really slow and choppy...
  11. Mexico Man

    FPS Boost

    https://majornelson.com/fpsboost/ More titles added.
  12. D

    Oled cx, series x warzone &120 fps issue

    Hi please, i have to fix this problem and i need your help. Mostly play on warzone Tv : Use lg oled 65cx Xbox series x Cable 2.1 high speed Wireless Mouse & keyboard when i change to 120fps and move my mouse , only on the menu options i have sounds lag only when i move the mouse and only on...
  13. theneoncake

    Low FPS and low GPU usage help??

    My boyfriend used to play games with no problem and ever since we moved he's had massive FPS drops. We went to Best Buy and they ran diagnostics for a pricy amount (even when we already tried at home) and they said hardware was completely fine?? Then told us to remove some software like Razer to...
  14. HeavenlyWarrior

    Where to find HD versions of old-school FPS games

    Hi, I've been interested in the new wave of retro-FPS games recently and it's ignited a desire in me to go back to the old-school FPS games. Problem is, I'm not a PC gamer (I use Xbox, Stadia and the odd game on Geforce Now from Steam with controller support), so I'm not familiar with what to...
  15. F

    FPS drops on lg OLED CX

    Hi, just connected my laptop to my LG CX 48inch TV, set the Nvidia settings to 60hz 4k resolution, same as my laptop display. I played the game in 1440p 60hz on my laptop with no single drop in performance, the LG is set to game mode. Now when I play the same game on my LG CX, it keeps the 60fps...
  16. sickboyshadow

    Series x FPS onscreen monitoring

    Hi guys have a new series X and a new LG CX TV how can monitor FPS of games while I’m playing on the tv live. (pc users have game bar) thanks
  17. W

    Question Issue with LG TV and Juddering 30 FPS PS4 game

    Could someone please watch the video I have attached to this thread to try and find out why the picture does this on my LG TV. I have no idea what it could be. The refresh rate for the TV I am playing on his 60hz and the game is running at 30FPS I believe. I am not sure if the FPS of the game...
  18. ctrlaltdisease

    Low GPU usage and Low FPS

    Hi, I have asked this question on discords, subreddits and other places but have been ignored every time. I have a RTX 2070 Super, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, a Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core CPU but I can't reach a stable FPS. I mainly play pavlov, and I can sometimes get near 90 fps but for the most part it is...
  19. F

    Will a PC with 5600 XT run fortnite with high FPS?

    Hello guys, I realise you probably get this question a lot, but I need to buy a fortnite computer for my son. I found this computer AMD Ryzen 7 3800x GPU: 5600 XT 16 GB ram SSD 480 GB Will that be good enough and have high enough FPS? I'm sorry if the question doesn't make sense, I dont...
  20. G

    Question Pioneer Kuro and 24 fps?

    My Pioneer Kuro 8th generation has a 72 hz mode, called drive mode 3. However, I watch my movies via a PS3 with 24 fps mode on. Are these two modes supposed to be combined, or is the 72 hz mode also a pulldown?
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