1. Stuggie

    foxsat 320

    hi i recently cancelled my sky hd+ and have a humax foxsat 320 so trying to us sky dish ive tried manual and auto scans but only get rubbish channels and only 1 radio station shows 28.2E also dose no recognize my post code thanks in advance
  2. oxonjeff


    I used to get the EPG guide as posted in 1st photo with one press of the Guide button, but now when pressing EPG guide, i get the 2nd photo and have to keep pressing All Channels everytime i now check the EPG This was after a factory reset / HDD format. I guess there's a setting i cant find...
  3. M

    Humax Foxsat and Subtitles

    I have a Humax Foxsat box and I've had it for years. Still works great. I've noticed when I record movies though, it doesn't record the subtitles (most of the time). I recorded the News tonight to see if it would record with subtitles, and it did. I'm confused. I can only assume that the movies...
  4. D

    Humax Foxsat - capture EPG contents?

    I'm gradually accumulating a list of films that I want to watch/record should they pop up on any satellite channels. It's already long enough that it's becoming infeasible to search for them all, one by one, using the EPG search facility either on the Humax itself or that provided by the custom...
  5. WattsX99

    Humax Foxsat with custom firmware not recording scheduled non-freesat recordings.

    Not really sure why this has started happening because I used to be able to schedule recordings on non-freesat channels without an issue. I'm running the 4.1.3 version of Raydon's firmware and everything else works fine. This is the schedule list from the web interface The first 3...
  6. Geoff_W

    Help! Is my Humax Foxsat HDR as Dead as the Proverbial Parrot?

    It looks as though my 13 y.o. Humax Foxsat HDR has finally bitten the dust. It was working fine first thing this morning, but I brought it out of standby at lunchtime and it just hangs on the Custom Firmware 4.1.3 loading message. Having powered it down a few times I noticed that the Boot...
  7. mole

    Humax Foxsat not recording

    hi just looking at my elderly neighbours foxsat which lost all its recordings, although showed hdd at 43% full. I tried a record but nothing happened either from an adhoc record or from in future from TV guide. tried the usual power off for a while at the socket back on etc..... formatted the...
  8. WattsX99

    Humax Foxsat HDR - Raydon's Custom Firmware Weirdness

    This is rather puzzling. I picked up a cheap Foxsat box a few days ago with a 500gb HDD. Flashed Raydon's Firmware (4.1.3) without an issue. Everything working. Decided I'd upgrade the HDD to a 1TB drive as I wanted to keep using the box so ordered a new 1TB Western Digital Purple drive...
  9. P

    Humax foxsat remote seems dead. Is it the remote or could it be the box.

    Good afternoon. The remote (RM-108) for my Humax Foxsat HD seems dead. It is only a few months old, although the box itself is several years old. It was working one day and then the following day, nothing. I have put in freshly bought batteries to no avail. No lights, no response. The buttons...
  10. R

    Humax foxsat HDR - a few channels missing; same missing channels on Foxsat (no HDR)

    My setup is unchanged in several 9+ years and I have had very few difficulties - just occasional hedge trimming (dish is near to ground) and an LNB change 3 years ago. I have one dish, one 4-way LNB. This feeds two TVs - one of these has a foxsat box, the other TV has a foxsat HDR box. About 2...
  11. D

    Humax Foxsat Offloading Recordings

    I have tried to struggle through the many pages on this rather old subject, but I am both confused and misled by dead links. I want to take off, onto USB memory, some classic videos and have the released memory available. I initially identified that I should be able to copy, albeit slowly, with...
  12. T

    Humax Foxsat recorder password

    Any help appreciated have started using my recorder again and have a few recordings that appear to be locked/protected have not a clue what password is just wanted to know if it's possible to reset it or do I have to live with them being there thanks in advance
  13. D

    Options for viewing Foxsat HD recordings via PC ?

    I'm working my way through a backlog of stuff I've recorded over the years, now I have more time to spare. The TV is in use most of the time, so I've been using VLC on my laptop instead. Having had buffering problems with Mediatomb on the Humax, I tried TwonkyMedia 4 and that runs fine for...
  14. Diez66

    Foxsat HDR Raydon Firmware Unable to turn on in the morning unless power cycle.

    Hi, As per the title. Old box, replacement disk a while back and up until very recently, perfect. Some mornings the box has the red LED on, the time is displayed (as if it was ready to start a scheduled recording). I press the remote to turn it on, or the button on the front, nothing happens. If...
  15. D

    Foxsat transponder scanning sequence?

    I have noticed when doing a scan in non-Freesat mode that transponders are scanned in sequence that is sort of, but not quite, in frequency order. As far as I can deduce from the resulting 5xxx channel numbers assigned, the transponder scan sequence goes something like this: 10714 10758 10773...
  16. D

    Humax Foxsat blanks momentarily on HD - solved

    Not so much a post looking for a solution, but curious why a solution worked. For some time now, I've had to put up with a momentary blackout when switching to any HD channel. The picture displayed for a few seconds, then went blank for up to 5 seconds, and after that displayed correctly...
  17. HDRW

    Humax FoxSat - HDR feeding via LAN to Humax HDR Fox-T2?

    I have several Humax devices, all successfully connected to my LAN. I can see programmes recorded on an HDR Fox-T2 on an HD Fox-T2 (both Freeview), but I can't see anything on the Foxsat. I am running custom firmware 4.1.3 on the 'Sat, and initially it couldn't be found by the T2s. Looking at...
  18. Stinger

    Humax Foxsat Freesat receiver won’t switch on

    My reciever after switching off overnight now wont turn on, the radio and TV lights on the front are blinking randomly but other than that nothing else seems to be working. Has anyone had these symptons before and can recommend any fixes/repair so I can use it again. Thanks
  19. H

    Raydon's custom firmware for Humax Foxsat HDR

    Hi I have been running Raydon's firmware version 4.1.2 for more than a decade and am still doing so without ever encountering a hitch. However I have lost the original download so if it ever needs to be reinstalled I won't be able to do it. Can anyone tell me where to get hold of it please. I...
  20. mrminibus

    Humax Foxsat HDR custom firmware how to video help please!

    I have a Humax Foxsat HDR and for many years I have wanted to load the custom firmware but it looks complex. I have searched for a step by step video and just can't find anything to follow, can some kind person please point me in the right direction?
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