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  1. D

    Question Humax Foxsat HDR Problems

    Hello I have had the foxsat hdr since new years ago. Been a good box. Recently it has developed a fault and does not record the full program and has become erratic. Has anyone any repair advice for this box.
  2. M

    Question Help with Humax Foxsat HDD Replacement

    Looking for some advice please in relation to an inability to format a Seagate Pipeline 1Tb SATA HDD in my Humax Foxsat box. I am not running custom SW. Have read many old posts so I am seeking to confirm my suspicion as to what I think is preventing my HDD being formatted in my Foxsat Box...
  3. N

    Question Ad skipping on Foxsat custom firmware?

    Hi, I have been using the Humax HDR fox T2 with custom firmware for a few years now. I've just picked up a FOXSAT HDR and planned to install the custom firmware on that too. Naively I presumed it was the same CF which I now see that it isn't. I'm not seeing an ad skipping package on the Raydon...
  4. D

    Foxsat Channel List symbols

    On a whim, I did a non-Freesat scan for the first time in ages, and noticed a couple of symbols I hadn't seen before against some channels. In each case, the channel in question was unavailable, presumably due to no longer broadcasting on the originally-configured transponder - but I'm...
  5. D

    Foxsat Subtitles on Channel 5

    For the past couple of weeks I have a problem that only occurs on channel 5 (and+1 SD) which is that subtitles flash up and disappear in less than a second. It's not a problem on Freeview, it's not a problem on a Sky box I use as a Freesat receiver, only the Foxsat. Rebooting the box once seemed...
  6. C

    Humax Foxsat HDR not responding

    Hi. I have been running Raydon's CFW 4.1.3 on my Humax Foxsat HDR for some time. Went away on holiday last weekend, powered the Foxsat HDR off and returned yesterday to find that although it boots up OK, and displays the default channel (BBC1 South HD, I cannot get it to respond further...
  7. D

    Foxsat non-Freesat scan seems to add channels arbitrarily

    I'm having trouble getting my head around how the Foxsat handles the results of a non-Freesat scan. I use KingOfSat from time to time to identify channels that have moved between transponders, and then scan the relevant transponder(s) so that I can then use the Channel Editor to move them to...
  8. B

    Humax Foxsat Twin Tuner Issue

    Both cables are showing good quality and signal, however only able to record one programme ie. One tuner not working properly Have tested box on different cables which feed a fully working box so sure it’s not a cable issue. Stumped. Any ideas please
  9. deewee

    FoxSat HDR no BBC Radio 4

    Recently updated the latest update package to Raydons custom firmware - thanks David500 and adrianf36.. I’m not sure if my problem existed before, but we can‘t seem to find BBC Radio 4 any more in the satellite listing. Even keying in 704 on the handset doesn’t work. Have I missed some latest...
  10. H

    Foxsat HDR

    Hi, so my mum has recently left Sky and just wants the free channels and be able to record so I gave her my old foxsat HDR, now I've installed it, the 2 cables on the outer connectors etc. It won't auto tune, it just says searching for satellite. Manual tune picks up channels but none of the...
  11. D

    Freesat EPG not updating on Foxsat

    Using the custom Foxsat firmware, both the Now/Next and 7-day EPG are showing zero content on the web interface. EPG on the TV itself is populating normally. I download the EPG every now and again (last time was about 3 weeks ago) using an FTP connection to the Foxsat. Today I noticed that...
  12. D

    Foxsat HDR custom firmware and patch

    Why do i need to install these when replacing HDD...installing hardware easy...understanding software not so [for me]
  13. D

    humax foxsat. how to lose music/photo section

    I'm not sure how to format the drive to lose mussic/photo partion so i have more space for video...any help gratefully received Derek
  14. A

    Humax Foxsat HD picture aspect ratio

    Aspect ratio suddenly changed on the CVBS outputs Scart and RCA. It is very slightly out of shape and for e.g text missing from graphics on news channels at both sides of the picture. HDMI output is not affected. The box refuses to change to RGB output on the scart. Appreciate any help.
  15. Stuggie

    foxsat 320

    hi i recently cancelled my sky hd+ and have a humax foxsat 320 so trying to us sky dish ive tried manual and auto scans but only get rubbish channels and only 1 radio station shows 28.2E also dose no recognize my post code thanks in advance
  16. oxonjeff


    I used to get the EPG guide as posted in 1st photo with one press of the Guide button, but now when pressing EPG guide, i get the 2nd photo and have to keep pressing All Channels everytime i now check the EPG This was after a factory reset / HDD format. I guess there's a setting i cant find...
  17. M

    Humax Foxsat and Subtitles

    I have a Humax Foxsat box and I've had it for years. Still works great. I've noticed when I record movies though, it doesn't record the subtitles (most of the time). I recorded the News tonight to see if it would record with subtitles, and it did. I'm confused. I can only assume that the movies...
  18. D

    Humax Foxsat - capture EPG contents?

    I'm gradually accumulating a list of films that I want to watch/record should they pop up on any satellite channels. It's already long enough that it's becoming infeasible to search for them all, one by one, using the EPG search facility either on the Humax itself or that provided by the custom...
  19. WattsX99

    Humax Foxsat with custom firmware not recording scheduled non-freesat recordings.

    Not really sure why this has started happening because I used to be able to schedule recordings on non-freesat channels without an issue. I'm running the 4.1.3 version of Raydon's firmware and everything else works fine. This is the schedule list from the web interface The first 3...
  20. Geoff_W

    Help! Is my Humax Foxsat HDR as Dead as the Proverbial Parrot?

    It looks as though my 13 y.o. Humax Foxsat HDR has finally bitten the dust. It was working fine first thing this morning, but I brought it out of standby at lunchtime and it just hangs on the Custom Firmware 4.1.3 loading message. Having powered it down a few times I noticed that the Boot...
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