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Format may refer to:
Text formatting, the typesetting of text elements
File format, particular way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file
Document file format, for storing documents on a storage media, especially for use by computer
Audio file format, for storing digital audio data on a computer system

Content format, encoded format for converting a specific type of data to displayable information
Disk formatting, the process of preparing a data storage device
Formatting, preparing computer hard disks to store data, destroying any existing contents
FORMAT, a command-line utility to format disks in many computer operating systems

Format (Common Lisp), a programming function for formatting printed output
Format (Fortran 66), a programming statement for formatting printed output
Format (Algol68), a programming function and type for formatting printed output
Format (album), a compilation album of B-sides and bonus tracks released February 2012 by Pet Shop Boys
The Format, a musical group
The Format (album), by AZ
DJ Format, a hip-hop artist
Other Uses:
Film format, standard characteristics regarding image capture on photographic film
Newspaper format, the size of the paper page
Playoff format, competition in sports and games to determine an overall champion
Radio format, the overall content broadcast on a radio station
TV format, overall concept, premise and branding of a television program

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