1. Dr Force

    Mandalorian Premium Format

    Looks stunning, must have for me
  2. C

    Please help me with my audio format query

    Hi everyone, I am not extremely tech savvy or knowledgeable in the area so please bare with me. I recently purchased a Philips 65PUS8204/12 and I don’t really understand how the audio works. I have ordered the Sonos ARC Soundbar to go with the TV and to my knowledge I will not be able to...
  3. D

    Question Is Your Picture Format Setting Still Working?

    I have a 70PUS6704/12 and ever since the TPM196E_091.003.051.041 Saphi software update the Picture Format setting has stopped working. I can still access the setting and select the various options, e.g. stretch, zoom, fit to screen, etc., but the image on the screen no longer changes. This...
  4. PFMC84

    Question Which Hard Drive Format Is Required?

    I have an external drive with a lot of content on it, it is formatted as exFAT so it can be accessed by my iMac and a Windows system. But when I plug it into my Hisense H43B7500UK it doesn't pick it up. So what format does it have to be for a Hisense TV? I hope there's a format that will suit...
  5. Bidge

    Device Compatibility between different video/audio formats

    Hey all Not really sure if this is the correct thread to ask these questions in and if it is not, hopefully someone can move it to the right place. Looking for some advice. My tech knowledge and how each system talks to each other is no longer up to date. In fact, it's not even close to being...
  6. F

    Native Disc Format - HDR10 or DV

    Hello I have the Panasonic 820 4k player. I do know there is a major difference, metadata and bitwise, between DV and HDR10. It is not always very clear information on the back of the disc case about what the native picture format on the disc is recorded in. As an example, on the back of the...
  7. Dr Force

    Sideshow Premium Format Conversion

    Hi I have always considered Sideshow 1/4 scale to be the pinnacle of collectible large scale statues...until I got Captain Phasma! The Paint Job was awful, the sculpt was average and it lacked everything you should expect from a £400 piece. Having the skills, I decided to completely overhaul...
  8. C

    HDR varieties

    If a tv doesn't support a HDR format, for example HDR10+ or Dolby Vision, and you try to playback a movie or programme encoded as such to it, does the tv just default to HDR10 ? Thanks
  9. C

    Question Samsung Series 4 Plasma TV

    There is a USB port on the side of the TV and I put a load of .jpg's onto it to view large size but it says that these are not a supported format. Does any one know what format is required, I can find nothing in the manual??? Thanks
  10. chaz

    Question Can not Format 4TB Hard Drive

    I have a brand new unused Seaate 4TB hard drive but when I try to format it seems not to show up when I try and format it What am i doing wrong please? I used a SATA to USB to try and format it. Please see Photo
  11. redlancer87

    Question ideas for higher-end large format 4:3 rear projection

    I've started looking around for a new projector for our office that gets used for a lot of presentations and multimedia. Our current projector is getting a bit long in the tooth (10 years old) and we're wanting to get something better. Couple of caveats, though. Set-up is rear projection...
  12. mr starface

    Samsung Tab A format SD card as internal storage

    Hoping some of the bods on here can help me with this. We have a Samsung Tab A with a SD card for extra storage, rather than having to constantly move apps from internal memory to the card I want to format the card so it is seen as internal storage which should be possible on Android? (Have...
  13. M

    get home made dvd content same quality to usb stick which format best ?

    Hi. preparing a test dvd with footage that will test flat screen ability to portray the detail that is visible in this SD footage when its played on a Sony WEGA. Shops say best bring usb stick with it on., have no dvd players to play dvds on. Also wall mounted so cant plug leads in. Its been...
  14. R

    Question Panasonic UB400 - Audio Format Not Supported

    Howdy, I've purchased a Panasonic UB400 4K BluRay Player specifically to stream content from a server. All is well, apart from any video content with AC3 audio - "Audio Format Not Supported." Specifically with MKV files with AC3. MKV with DTS are good. Same problem sourcing from USB drive. I've...
  15. L

    4K signal format for my LG b7

    A quick question. Should I have my Denon 4400h set to standard or enhanced for the 4K signal Format? Standard is 4K 60p 4:2:0 8 bit video signal. Enhanced is, 4K 60p 4:4:4 4:2:2 or 4K 60p 4:2:0 10bit video signal.
  16. M

    Question Digitizing Vinyl records - best format?

    I'm having fun and games trying to digitize my record collection and putting them onto an Astell & Kern Kann. The process is relatively straight forward, but my limited knowledge of file formats is getting the better of me, and so I would like to ask a couple of (probably embarrassing)...
  17. S

    Audio format surround switching issue with Samsung TV's.

    Can anyone else confirm this issue. I have an MU8000 TV. An example. I watch Amazon TV. The audio output format is Dolby Digital +. I then switch to a USB movie that has a DTS surround audio track only. When I switch back to Amazon TV, because DTS is not available it reverts to PCM stereo. So...
  18. petrolhead

    Question Denon AVR2300 to LG “invalid format”

    ever since I connected my windows 10 pc with Nvidea GTX 980ti graphics card to my LG oled tv through my Denon av amp I have had connections problems. The Denon is connected to hdmi 2 on the tv which gives audio pass tho. Today again the screen went blank with “invalid format” on the screen...
  19. M

    Sound format issue

    Hi all I have a Sony xe9005 TV and a Sony ct-290 sound bar. I use the ARC facility on the TV which works very well with my virgin box and when using Netflix or YouTube apps via the TV. However I have a Blu-ray player and a sound related issue. When playing a Blu-ray with DTS sound the sound...
  20. S

    Audio Output format switching issue - DTS / Dolby Digital

    I've got a slightly annoying issue with the TV audio output switching of formats. I get this issue when using Optical and HDMI ARC. For example I have a USB movie file with a DTS track on it. If I set my Audio Output to DTS it works fine. I then go to Amazon Prime and view a video that is...
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