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  1. D

    Wanted Currys OR John Lewis upto £449

    Looking for 449 vouchers, currys or John lewis
  2. addyb

    For Trade John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)

    In excellent condition. Would like to trade for Mad Max Fury Road or The lord of the rings trilogy (will add cash to this trade) As per rules price is £18
  3. Horatiogreen

    For Trade Assassins Creed Valhalla

    I am just not feeling the love for this game, so looking to trade. Also willing to add some £s to a deal if appropriate. Game is in excellent condition, but trade only.
  4. Waynej

    For Trade Xbox Wireless Headset (sealed) for Seagate 1TB Expansion Card

    £125 - but not for sale, currently for trade only. As title, this is the recently released official Xbox Wireless Headset for trade, brand new and sealed. I am looking to trade this for the Seagate 1TB Xbox Expansion Card. I’d like new, or at the very least not too old and still complete with...
  5. Floyd AVF

    For Trade 247F

    Looking to trade this for another Horror blu ray (any region)
  6. TimeForAChange

    For Sale Lego (Over 20KG)

    I have for sale my kids Lego, They don't use it anymore, Its sat in around for the last year or so. There's well over 20KG of Lego (The boxes they come in are with it as well) This is collection only from Milton Keynes. Price £200 ono
  7. cmdrmarc

    Wanted Metroid Dread Art Book

    Anyone want to offset the cost of their lovely special edition by selling me the art book you've looked at once and put in a drawer? :D
  8. S

    For Sale FIFA 22 PS5 (Standard Edition) £46

    Bought this by mistake as needed ultimate edition for cross play. Only been used for approx a few mins. £46 Inc delivery. In immaculate condition.
  9. T

    For Trade Wanted sealed/new PS5 (disc) for swap with new and sealed XBox X

    Hello, Having bought an Xbox X, my daughter would prefer a PS5, so if anyone has a PS5 new and sealed that they would like to swap for a new and sealed XBox X, please let me know!
  10. needsos

    For Trade Switch joy con controller

    looking to trade my pink + (right) joy con for a - (left) joy con Don’t mind colour etc Excellent condition also looking for a comfort grip
  11. G

    For Sale /Trade: Luigis Mansion 3/Astral Chain

    Have the above 2 games available for sale or trade. Both listed for £32 each delivered. Looking to trade either for Super Mario 3D World, Metroid Dread.
  12. Chox1988

    For Trade My Rift Apart for your Tsushima/Returnal/Sackboy/Miles Morales Ult ed.

    As per the title really, rift apart is mint and boxed. Im guessing in some cases might take some cash on top but haven't checked specific amounts. And the spiderman code would have to be unused with miles morales. Thanks.
  13. Sreeves2983

    For Trade Alienware M15 R5 RTX 3060 5800h 16gb 1tb nvme 1440p 165hz gsync screen cherry MX red keys + cash, trade for RTX3070 laptop or itx system

    Alienware M15 R5 RTX 3060 5800h 16gb 1tb nvme 1440p 165hz gsync screen cherry MX red keys I am after a trade + a bit of cash for an RTX 3070 itx system or laptop
  14. A

    For Sale Nintendo switch Oled model white

    Had 2 delivered as totally forgot I had pre ordered with game. Brand new never opened Nintendo switch Oled white Paid £309 plus £10 DPD delivery. Instead of going through the hassle of sending this back and waiting for a refund I’m happy to take £290 collected if anyone is interested...
  15. cambookpro

    For Trade Apple Watch Series 6 44mm Graphite Stainless Steel for Silver Series 6

    Hi Bit of a weird one. I bought a graphite stainless steel Series 6 earlier this year after always owning a silver Apple Watch. After 6 months, I've realised I just don't like the dark colour and it doesn't go with any of my watch bands. Could deal with it on any other gadget, but one I wear...
  16. G

    For Sale The Hangover Trilogy limited edition Blu ray steelbook

    as per title hangover trilogy bluray steelbook in good used condition price includes delivery 1st class Royal mail
  17. C

    For Trade Few older games...

    Dear all, Looking to trade a few older games, for some equally old titles. I have: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Lego Movie Hitman: Definitive Edition NBA2K19 Bioshock: The Collection Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens I am particularly looking for Doom (either of the two recent ones), any CoDs other...
  18. Torres 76

    For Trade Astral Chain, Carnival Games, Mario, Minecraft, Kirby, Aladdin + more…

    Hi All Got the following games which I’m looking to swap only please. All are UK, boxed and in good condition. Prices are only for forum compliance purposes. With Case -Aladdin £18 -Astral Chain £32 -Carnival Games £22 -Civilization £18 -Go vacation £33 -Kirby £35 -LOL £18 -Mario Maker £32...
  19. gilford

    For Sale iPhone 11 Pro 256gb black

    I have this for sale, superb condition, had since the start of 2020 and always in a case. Was on ee but have requested for it be be unlocked so can be used with another carrier if you wish. Battery health currently sits @ 92% For transparency I sold this on a wanted thread on Wednesday for...
  20. El1te

    For Trade My RTX3080FE for a 3060 or similar

    Bought this in June but has hardly had any use and is overkill just sat idling so looking to trade it out for a 3060 or similar spec. This is the Founders Edition. Would be looking for money on top - for valuation purposes I am valuing my RTX3080 at £940 Any questions please feel free to ask...
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