1. M

    For Sale Top of the range Adidas Predator football boots, size 10, BNWT's

    Hi, I'm putting this out there to see whether there is any interest. I've just had a message that my son's football team is folding. We had made the decision, this was going to be his last season anyway. However, his main present for Xmas is a pair of Adidas Predator football boots, that...
  2. P

    Podcast Request re BBC's Football Daily and 606

    Hi all Just a request to find out if anybody out there downloads and keeps the above Podcasts? I'm missing some episodes from April to July 2021 & would be grateful if anybody had them? They are no longer available from the BBC's website or any other podcast apps. Thanks.
  3. C

    Wanted Football Manager 2022

    Looking for Football Manager 2022 Steam Key
  4. ShaunIOW

    Wanted Football Manager 2022 PC Steam Key

    As per title.
  5. T

    Advice needed for laptop. Mainly for football manager and media

    I don’t have a desktop pc and my MacBook is over 10 years old and stopped working could be battery but specs won’t be good now days. I used to own an ASUS and Acer but they only lasted around 15 months which is why I went to MacBook. I want to spend around £1000 mainly for football manager but...
  6. ussjtrunks

    Audio Dropouts on HDR football?

    Been noticing lately the Atmos track will drop out for a second and comeback. Haven’t seen it happen on other channels just while watching football with atmos. It’s really obvious cos the Atmos symbol flashes back up on the tv when it comes back
  7. N

    55" Series X & Football?

    Hello, I have just recently bought my first house and I am looking to invest in a good TV for it. I will mainly by watching Football on the TV along with some gaming on my Series X. I am more a casual gamer so nothing competitive when it comes to gaming. Would an OLED TV be a worthy...
  8. ussjtrunks

    Screen goes dim on hdr football?

    Randomly the screen during hdr football will go dark almost like it dropped hdr, only way to fix it is to change channel and go back to skysports, any of ye noticed this, I’ve seen it happen like 3 times over the last few weeks
  9. joscejrod

    Samsung 75q70r poor image with football

    Hello, when I’m watching football all lines of the field and other horizontal structures of the stadium (bleacher railing) are blurred/flashing. Any help please?
  10. VisionMan

    Premier League 2021/2022 football discussion

    The previous thread was locked because of non-football discussion and so I've started a new one for discussion about Premier League football. Good results for West Ham and Spurs today.
  11. M

    Football and money laundering through betting sites [article] Eye opening long piece about how Asian betting companies have invegled thier way into the fabric of the game and by circumnavigatin regulations via Isle of Man which is famous for its hands off approach to fiscal governance.
  12. M

    How to try to buy a football club using illegal methods.

    Interesting hour long expose of how to buy a football club with the help of a Mr Fixit. Everton, Derby Co, Hull, Bournemouth and others all named as having been targeted by this fella as a front for questionable potential owners. Lots admitted chicanery on camera. Just published so any fall out...
  13. R

    Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Olympics - Football question

    Does anyone know how when you play Football (soccer), to block a team power shot? It always gets pass the goalie but I once saw the CPU block it. Thanks!
  14. Zorro2021

    Drone games: Racing, Football & ?????

    Good evening everyone I am a newish pilot and have been looking at the use of drones for entertainment. I have seen plenty of drone racing media and more drone football. Does anyone know of other "sports" that use drones as their focus? Apologies if this has been discussed before, I have...
  15. Wreck It Yat

    The future of heading in football

    Personally, (as someone who has had a brain injury), I think this is great to see: I feel incredibly for those sportspeople (not just in football but rugby too) who suffered neurologically early in life after retiring. Looking at the future, could...
  16. richp007

    PES? Not anymore.....Welcome to "free" efootball!

    Well it looks like the old legend has finally been laid to rest :(
  17. BorisBlade69

    TCL C815 or Hisense U7QF

    Will be buying one of these today from Costco. Both are 65” TCL is £648 Hisense is £720 Am I right in saying the TCL has a 120hz panel so while I know I won’t get [email protected], I should be able to get [email protected]? Tv is purely for Xbox series x gaming and watching football. This tv is just something...
  18. The Dark Horse

    Who has no interest watching the Euro 2020 football?

    I can't say I'm a big football fan, if it's a big game I might watch it but otherwise I have no interest, so if I miss the Euro final I wouldn't care or go out my way to watch it. Who else feels like this? Or because its England do you get behind it more and celebrate it?
  19. A

    Football alternative training

    I’ve played football on and off my whole life, interspersed with periods of running (10kms several times per week) and weight training. I’m now 42 years old and finding myself bruised, battered, in pain or injured almost every day, due to the physical nature of the sport. For this reason, this...
  20. BTRFC

    Recording grassroots football

    Hi, I run a grassroots football team and would like to start recording our matches for training purposes, and maybe some highlights uploaded to YouTube. I'm looking for relatively affordable setup, capable of being used in all weather, possibly something that can be setup and left, with...
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