1. Barnes1988

    50" TV for Football Outside

    Hi everyone. My brother is after a TV for outside his house. He has recently renovated his garden into a bit of a pub garden and he has a little Tiki hut bar which he wants to put a TV in for the football etc... He wants a TV around 50 inches and he has Sky Q fitted in the house so was looking...
  2. S

    Samsung Qled any good for watching football?

    Hi, newbie here. I just wanted to know from any current owners of Samsung Q65 80 R what the tv is like for watching football on? I love watching lots of football on sky and concerned about tv’s motion handling ( some reviews have said its ok and some have said not so good) so just wanted to know...
  3. JabbaNut

    Manchester United sues Sega over Football Manager trademark use
  4. LCF

    Question Filming HS Football

    I'm tasked with purchasing a entry professional grade video camera for filming HS football games, practices and scout highlight videos for individual players (with slow motion capability). For games, the camera would be set up in the press box (a fair distance from the field). I thought my job...
  5. D

    IPS Panel or VA for Football & movies?

    I’m so tempted to pull the trigger on one of the Phillips deals at Curry’s. Do I go for Philips Ambilight 55PUS8204/12 55 459.00 with it’s IPS panel I beleive or the 50“ 379.00 version with its VA panel? I’ll be sat directly opposite the TV. Thanks In advance, I’d like to order today.
  6. JabbaNut

    New York Court for allegedly offering a €3 million bribe to a top football manager to win International TV football rights for Imagina, Mediapro’s par

    " The founder of Mediapro, Gerard Romy, and major shareholder in the group until just a few months ago, has been charged in a New York Court for allegedly offering a €3 million bribe to a top football manager to win International TV football rights for Imagina, Mediapro’s parent company. He...
  7. W

    Recording football highlights

    Hi all, I wonder if I could pick your brains, as I'm having trouble finding an easy way to do this. I have a Sony AX100 Camcorder and would like to start recording football matches for my local team. I was hoping that there may have been a feature on the camcorder that would allow me to place...
  8. Theseus

    Football comedy moments

    A few of my favourites off the top of my head..:D
  9. JimmyMac

    Xpert 11 - surviving without real football

    Ok folks xpert -11 is a free online footy manager game. Pretty simple to play and doesn’t use real teams or players so you don’t get some gthat somehow ends up with all the greatest players and wipes the floor with everyone it’s been about 5 years since I played it but we had a league going...
  10. M

    Question Want to buy a cheap lPC/iMac for Football Manager 2020, any ideas???

    So just on the off-chance in the future I have to self-isolate (hopefully not) but anyway, I'm thinking I need a cheap iMac/PC desktop to fire it up Football Manager on, I do have a MacBook Pro but as soon as I run it on that the fans are screaming... I am normally an Apple guy with Apple...
  11. JabbaNut

    Sky Sports, BT Sport no live sport but no refund ( not just football )

    " As well as the Premier League being suspended, the likes of F1, Test cricket, Six Nations rugby, golf and tennis tournaments have also all been postponed. Meanwhile high-profile US sporting leagues including the NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS have all been placed on hiatus, whilst the March Madness...
  12. MAM1

    Problem watching football.

    Whilst watching football on Match of the Day in HD I have noticed that when the camera slowly scans along the pitch the grass definition completely disappears, and looks more like a snooker table. Even the lines that go across the pitch disappear the higher up the screen you look. This is on an...
  13. nicey1958

    sj800v and amazon prime live football

    Does anyone know the reason I cannot get the pause/rew/ff options while watching live streaming PL say contact LG... nvidia shiled say contact amazon (beacause I cannot get it on the latest 2019 shield either. I'm begining to think its an amazon prime player problem? I can do all...
  14. JabbaNut

    Survey: 96% football fans want personalised TV channels

    " A recent survey of UK football fans revealed there is a significant appetite for personalised TV channels, with audiences willing to pay extra for access for content tailored to their favourite football team. The Future of TV Market Demand November 2019 showed that 96 per cent of viewers...
  15. W

    Question Need to buy a 50 inch TV for mainly football and movies

    Hi my toshiba 37 inch WLT68 is showing some banding lines horizontally and has served me well since 2007... looking to upgrade, room size limits me to a screen size of 50 inches, and I will mainly be watching football and movies, would like to try 4K. Budget is around £400 tops... can get a...
  16. G

    Specs required for football manager 2020

    Hi all Got a 10 year old alienware m15x which is still functioning well! Only problem is that in trying to play fm2020, the graphics capabilities are "low" and even then, the quality is shocking during the matches The actual loading times are fine, it's the graphic side of things These are...
  17. G

    Amazon football stream 4k hdr very dark

    Hi im just trying to find out if any1 else has had an issue with the 4k hdr stream of the football ive found the picture very dark to the point i had to put the dynamic contrast setting to high just to get any brightness. I know my tv isnt the greatest set i.e. not really bright enough to do hdr...
  18. indie24

    Fire Cube TV Football Amazon Prime

    Hi Was the football choppy for anyone when it was shown on Prime? I have a Philips 6754 model and the football was so choppy until I forced the Amazon Prime output to 2160p 50hz. Once I did this it appeared to flow better so I think the auto refresh feature is not yet fully working. Has this...
  19. L

    Best tv for football

    Which tv is best for watching football: Panasonic fx 780/750E, Samsung Q70R, or Philips pus 803?
  20. R

    OLEDs and football

    I’m in the market for a new TV and watch a shed lot of sport. I love my cinema too. So I was in Currys checking out the latest and greatest and had a play with the C9 , Panny 950z and a Sony OLED to. All 65 inch. I played same YouTube clip of a compilation of goals from Messi. Please excuse...
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