1. CyberCad

    Cat food - Are there any that all cats like?

    I am still in the early stages of cat ownership (barely a month) and although Jazz is eating and certainly not starving, she does completely refuse to eat some of the foods I have set down for her. I have had to throw some away and replace them with others that she will eat without hesitation...
  2. F

    Future arrived to eastern EU

    Hey Im Interrest About this because I love food. And when you come to the restaurant its not only About food but About service too. Can you chceck this and tell me if you have experience with this somewhere around? Thanks
  3. ODB_69

    Sending a food parcel to USA

    Figured that the food section may be the best place to ask this. Has anyone got any experience in sending a food parcel to the USA? When I say food, it's more 'processed crap' we are sending to a friend. Things you don't get in the USA... chocolate orange, small Christmas pudding, cherry...
  4. N

    As with fuel could the armed forces also be used to stop British farming and food production collapsing from labour shortages and extra costs?

    As with fuel could the armed forces also be used to stop British farming and food production collapsing from labour shortages and extra costs?
  5. myss

    Any supermarket delivery drivers on here?

    There's been a fair bit of news on the lack of HGV drivers and how that might effect on supermarket stock amongst others products/services. I have a relative who works for Tesco and says that they're now moaning about a lack of delivery drivers now. My relative says this is nothing to do with...
  6. 1

    What's you're favourite food?

    For me it's ceviche. I literally live on it atm.
  7. Howardfh

    Food shortages due to pings?

    Really noticed the empty shelves of fresh fruit and veg in Lidl this morning. Note also that Iceland have closed some stores due to insufficient workers available. Add to that the shortage of pickers in fields and we have the perfect storm? Will bogroll hoarding now start for food making things...
  8. O

    Academic/If you ever wonder about what is actually in the food you eat or drink, this may interest you!

    Hi everybody. I am studying for an MSc in Food Science, and really need to capture some information from the fitness community for my research project to ensure adequate coverage of the UK population, and I was hoping some of the users on this board may be able to help me along. A brief...
  9. 1

    What vegan foods do you like?

    I eat a lot of mangos, peaches and black cherries. I only drink this brand of soya milk, The sweetened version has over 23g of sugar in it which I find too rich, but unsweetened only has 5g in it. It has a nice...
  10. J

    Food you just dont 'get'

    I just saw mention of macaroni cheese in another thread but it's something that I have never liked or seen the appeal of. I love pasta and cheese sauce separately, but having them together really doesn't work for me. I have tried it (as a child) but see no reason to try it again. Is there...
  11. Don Rogers Tash

    Best Takeaway/Delivery Food.

    Obviously it's fish and chips. And gherkins. Prove me wrong...
  12. D

    Comfort foods

    What is your idea of comfort food? What do you eat when you want the sensation of warm fuzzy slippers sliding down your throat? Okay, perhaps that's not the best way to describe it, especially if you've been wearing them around the garden or the dog has been chewing on them... but you get what I...
  13. S

    Attitudes to vegan food

    Veganism has become a massive trend recently and many vegan based foods have become available and easily accessible. Personally, I don't have a problem with meat substitutes but I also like alternatives such as tofu and seitan. I know some people can't understand the reasoning behind vegan...
  14. bruce-leroy

    Classic scenes with food from movies that make you really hungry

    My missus made a meal today with Chorizo, which got me thinking about the classic “Chorizo and Eggs” scene from Midnight Run. I remember almost salivating when I first watched the movie during that scene. Are there any other movies which bring up the subject of food that actually make you...
  15. marcaaron22

    Help with looking for a suitable food mixer

    Hi All, I am looking at getting a food mixer, I’ve read that the make: Kitchenaid are the ones to go for is that right? Also, I’ve been told that there is no need to spend a lot, just to get one that has the majority of settings/accessories that I’d mainly use, My budget is £300 at most, Must be...
  16. M

    Food dehydrators.

    Does anyone have experience of food dehydrators? I am looking for one for light domestic use. Not too sensitive on price so budget is flexible. Ideally I am looking for something with a dual timer of 24+ hours, metal shelves and I think a vertical fan so nothing stackable unless anyone can...
  17. Rachel71

    Research about Eating Behaviours

    Hi all, I’m currently working on my PhD, looking at eating behaviour, aspirations and identity. If anyone is interested in taking part, it’s a two part survey, here’s the link: You have to be over 18 to fill these surveys out and you will be entered into a...
  18. DarkNightDark

    What’s your favorite easy-to-cook food?

    All I have is a microwave, give me advice.
  19. D

    Coronavirus Food wholesalers offer online orders to sell stock to PUBLIC.

    " Food wholesalers are making online home deliveries in response to Covid-19 measures. As bars, restaurants and hotels shut due to government restrictions, the wholesalers that usually provide them with food and drink, have seen a huge drop in business. But with stock to shift, they are...
  20. Andy Bassett

    Cafes, pubs and restaurants must close from Friday night, except for take-away food, to tackle coronavirus

    In the latest daily press briefing, Boris Johnson has told UK pubs, cafes and restaurants that they have to close on Friday night. Takeaway outlets will be allowed to remain open. Are you a hospitality employee? If so, how will this affect you?
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