Focal or FOCAL may refer to:
Focal (lexicographical website), an Irish lexicographical website
FOCAL (programming language)
Focal (HP-41)

Focal Radio, a radio station based in Stoke-on-Trent, England
FOCAL International, a trade body representing the film archive industry
FOCAL (spacecraft), a proposed space telescope
Focal-JMLab, a French manufacturer of audio equipment

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  1. grahamfocal

    For Sale Focal electra 1007 be including dedicated stands.

    Focal electra 1007be speakers with matching stands. Selling on behalf of my brother in law. Ex demo from around 2012. Technically apart from ex dem, he is the original owner. Always kept in same position in living room and never moved, apart from me borrowing them for a few weeks recently...
  2. ianof

    Recommended longer Headphone Cable for Focal Clear MG (paired with A&K Acro CA1000 and iFi Hip-Dac 2)

    I have just purchased the Focal Clear MGs and I'm going to pair them with an Astrell&Kern ACRO CA1000 (a portable headphone amplifier with digital audio player capabilities) and a IFI HipDAC 2 when on the move using my phone. My next challenge is getting a longer cable. The Focals come with 2...
  3. dannyhang118

    For Sale Draper Focal Point Projector Screen

    I am selling a Draper Focal Point projector screen and rear projection surface. Frame - Draper FocalPoint 488cm x 274cm Screen / Surface - CineFlex CH1200V Draper FocalPoint Anti-Sway Stabilizer (black) (Pair), 5 x 56 This set up was used for one music tour only. There are some signs of wear...
  4. TalosL

    Sub Decision - Focal vs REL

    Hi all, This is my first post in the forums! I would be glad for your help in a dilemma that I face. I have a stereo hifi system which includes the Naim Unit Atom and a pair of Focals Aria 926 K2 speakers along with Naim cables. I am very pleased with my setup but I always wanted to...
  5. GeeDee77

    Amp recommendation for focal 936 k2

    Posting here in a new thread following recommendation from a member, hopefully someone can help. I have focal 936 k2 speakers, with arcam sa20 amp. They sound great but sometimes after sustained high volume the amp cuts out. It restarts OK but it's not ideal! I've been recommended to upgrade...
  6. Florya

    Which is better, the Focal Vestia No4 or Aria 948 at the same price.

    Hi, just wondering if the newer Vestia No4 would be better than the old Aria 948, I think it's over a decade old tech and it's recently been discontinued so there's a few on sale and the Vestia is the same price at the moment. appreciate any advice on which would be a better purchase. Thanks!
  7. P

    Question Focal Theva N3-D & Denon AVC-X4800H

    Hi all, I'm looking to get new setup for movies and music. Did some research and come up with those two things. Would 4800H be good enough to get those focal working? What do you specialists think? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Focal set to launch new Aria Evo X speaker line-up & comments

    Building upon the decade-old Aria 900 series, the new collection is made up of the N°1 bookshelf, N°2, N°3, and N°4 floorstanders, and the Aria Evo X Center. Read the news.
  9. F

    Question Surround match to Focal 301/2 on wall speakers

    I have just recently installed a new front stage with Focal 301 L/R and a Focal 302 CC. The speakers bracket a 77” OLED TV. I am now debating what to use for surrounds. I know the Aria 906 have the same tweeter and cone so they seam like a good choice. What about the Focal Theva Surrounds...
  10. BazSingh

    Question Help choosing AMP/AVR for Focal Aria K2 926 Speakers

    Hi all, I'm in the process of deciding on a set of speakers and amp to kick-start my music/home theatre setup. Currently leaning towards a pair of Focal Aria K2 926s with alongside a center speaker, with a sub/rears to follow at a later date. I'd probably listen to music daily and use the setup...
  11. C

    Focal Chora

    Hi. Newbie here. I have a pair of Focal Chora 826. I realize they are entry level and as most Focal lower end models, they’re bright and what I describe as harsh for music. They’re great for movies on my HT but I want “warmer” and fuller for music. I’ve read that different amps could warm...
  12. F

    Denon or Sony AV receiver to pair well with Focal Chorus 806v/816v?

    Hi So this is my current 5.1 speaker setup: Focal Chorus 816V floorstanding speakers x 2 on the front Focal Chorus 806V bookshelf speakers x 2 (for surrounds - at rear, not side or angled etc as its the only option available due to room walls and doors layout) Focal Chorus CC 700 V for centre...
  13. spinaltap

    Focal: XLR to Twin Jacks?

    As Focal MG, Stellia and Utopia owners know their headphones are supplied with a 1.2m unbalanced cable plus a 3m balanced cable - the latter with 1 x Male 4 pin XLR to 2 x Mini Male Jack Plugs, for connection to a Naim Atom HE, for example. My Meridian Prime will accept a balanced connection...
  14. Ian Collen

    NEWS: New Focal Powered by Naim store opens in Newcastle & comments

    The audio and electronic partners find a new UK home in the Peter Tyson branch, with the in-house demonstration room marking their 51st global outlet. Read the news.
  15. P

    Focal Spectral 40th

    I may have had an acute case of blind upgraditis... I have been using a pair of Dali Opticons 6 with an Arcam sa30 for the past 2-3 years. I bought the speakers second hand very cheap after reading reviews and still love them to this day. They are my first set of hi fi speakers and matched my...
  16. Doug Pyper

    Focal Theva Home Cinema Speaker Package Review & Comments

    Focal's Theva system promises to "spatialise" listening experiences, which certainly sounds like it might be a good thing. We put the speakers through their paces to find out just how good. Read the review. Write your own review for Focal Theva Home Cinema Speaker System
  17. YYDeckard

    SR25 and Focal Bathys and USB C

    An odd one here - and bear with me as only got my headphones yesterday - all works fine with my Astell SR25 using AptX and the headphone jack (obv) but the minute I plug in the USB C cable it works but I cant alter the volume - either via the headphones buttons or the SR25 - Is it a bug or am I...
  18. spinaltap

    Focal Bathys Dune

    Focal are releasing teaser FB posts that suggest that their new Headphones will be unveiled tomorrow. A completely new model, or replacement/upgrade for an existing model?
  19. cyreptiles

    Question Focal Aria Vs Vestia

    Hello I would like to know if Focal Aria 926/906 are better than Vestia No 2/N1 including centers. I can find very good prices to build my 5.1 using Aria because this model will be discontinue end of year as I heard. What are your recommendation between both series performance? Another...
  20. alebonau

    Focal Owners

    :clap: Hello Focal owners, calling all to share in the love ❤️ of the focal sound 😍 Joined team sopra with the 3 …lovely speaker so well made and seems to have settled in nicely …
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