1. Acecross

    For Sale Focal Aria 936 - boxed and in fantastic condition

    Hi Everyone, Making some changes to my setup so have some gear to sell. I have a pair of Focal Aria 936 Floorstanders in Piano Black in excellent condition - complete with boxes and packaging. They are heavy and the boxes are large so collection only Thanks
  2. W

    Speakers to match Emotiva A300 amp.

    I'm looking for speakers to match my Emotiva A300 amp. Suggestions include B&W 703 S2; KEF Q950, Focal Quora 826, etc.
  3. F

    Focal chorus 716 help

    Hey guys I m new here to the family and a complete rookie at this speaker towers and amplificators.. I have a focal chorus 716 only one from my brother And he gifted me this beast but I do not exactly know how to connect it to my macbook pro which is also connected to my tv screen through hdmi...
  4. simonliu79

    Alternatives to Focal Sib Evo atmos speakers?

    I'm looking to get a 5.1.4 setup of upfiring speakers and these seem to be the only set around. Are there any alternatives out there at around the same price range?
  5. L

    Wanted wanted focal sib evo 5.1.2 package

    Looking for some of these in nice condition let me know what you have Thanks Kevin
  6. OfLoveAndLiquor

    Focal-based home theater setup: What A/V receiver?

    I'm currently setting up my home theater installation. I've already got the TV (an LG 65 CX) and an Apple TV 4K (2021 model), and I'm now investigating my options for an audio solution. I'm not sure the layout of my living room will allow fitting a full 5.1 setup without the rear speakers being...
  7. S

    ATC speakers for home cinema

    Hello Everyone, I've started the plans on my home theatre and have a moderately sized room (15x12x10 feet) available in my new home and wanted some advice about speakers. I currently have a 2 channel setup with ATC SCM 40As (active speakers) and absolutely love them for their mids and overall...
  8. Call me Candy

    To (Focal) MG or to not (Focal) MG

    Hello peeps. I am in a bit of a pickle concerning a potential purchase of the open backed Focal Clear earphones as to which model to go for, the originals or the new MGs. There is quite a significant price difference of £300 between the two. I have read afew reviews on the MG including Ed...
  9. J

    Speaker & amp demo notes. Monitor Audio Silver and Focal Aria

    Hello. I've had a trip out to my local hifi store today for speaker demonstrations. The two amps tested were the Cambridge Audio Azur 851a and the Marantz 7000n. The speakers tested were Monitor Audio Silver 200 & 300 and the Focal Aria 926. The source used was an Arcam CDS50 and the music used...
  10. dukehoops

    Hegel h390 or mark levinson 585 for 2.1 with Focal Aria 948s?

    Hegel h390 or mark levinson 585 integrated amp for 2.1 with Focal Aria 948s? Putting together a 2.1 system for streaming music listening (many genres) and some movie watching.
  11. bogart99

    Focal Chora 816

    Been offered by a dealer a great price for a pair of Focal Chora 816s. Am tempted to buy to just have a home extended comparison, current Dali Oberon 5s. Probably not a massive step up but I think worth a punt as I would not lose any money on it. Been reading the reviews and seem very positive...
  12. Ed Selley

    Focal Celestee Over Ear Headphone Review & Comments

    The Celestee is the latest member of the Focal headphone family and it’s designed to deliver audiophile performance with closed back convenience - does it manage to pull it off? Read the review. Write your own review for Focal Celestee
  13. S

    Need Integrated amp upgrade advice for Focal 936s

    I have been looking to upgrade my main two channel system for just over a year. Started with a pair of Paradigm Studio 60s paired with my 16-year-old Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXV receiver (130 W per channel) and listening to mostly TIDAL Through a Chromecast audio using the pioneer's Burr-Brown DAC...
  14. Ed Selley

    Focal Clear MG Headphone Review & Comments

    The Clear MG is the latest member of the Focal headphone family and brings new materials and thinking to the process. Is this the home headphone to beat? Read the review. Write your own review for Ed's Product - Change for 3pm
  15. UpgradingAgain

    B&W 805 D3 vs JBL L100 classic vs focal vs Dali Vs dynaudio heritage and...

    Hi guys, I’m on the AV thread about home cinema speakers and kit that also does music. Having considered this, I think I’d rather go at a music system which can do tv as stereo until later when I can add the AV receiver and surrounds to it. In this way, I’m getting high quality audio first and...
  16. Tomnook80

    Focal sib evo 5.1.2 or Wharfedale DX2 - any thoughts?

    Good evening, Looking at either of the above to pair with a Denon 2700h Receiver. I currently have an old 5.1 setup borrowed from my dad, a Tannoy SFX system, which does the job but I'm in the market for a solid upgrade. I watch a reasonable amount Atmos content via my Shield so the Evo's...
  17. lizardboy

    Focal 816 or Triangle Borea BR07

    Looking at purchasing some floor standing speakers and have my eye on the Focal 816's. I've seen some good reviews for Triangle Borea BR07's so wondering how they compare with the Focals? They're £300 cheaper so is it worth spending more for the Focals? I have a small room so the front port of...
  18. Radosevic

    Focal Chora 826 Buzz tweeter

    Hello, I noticed buzzing sound problem at my new Focal Chora 826 tweeters with new Marantz NR1609 receiver. I heard that when I listened piano tracks on both speakers. I tried to play piano tracks with AirPlay (16bit 44.1kHz), S/PDIF (24bit 192kHz). I tried with Pure Direct mode, but same...
  19. M

    Focal 936 Amp matching

    Folks need some help in understanding how to best drive/develop my system. Not looking to keep spending but want to make it sing but need amplifier advice Budget £2-4K new or used. I have Focal 936 - great speaker but as I understand it hard to drive as impedance drops low (<4 Ohms). Use...
  20. tigermad

    Focal Sib Evo Atmos Speakers on wall?

    I have just redone my setup to add 2 additional rear atmos speakers so 5.1.4 setip. The back is quite high on my sofa which I know is not ideal when the rear speakers should be at ear height. My speaker stands are around 7ft away behind the sofa and are 80cm high. I feel this is not high enough...
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