1. Cynar

    For Sale Focal Aria 906 stand mounts and CC900 centre

    My Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers and matching CC900 centre are for sale. The 906 were purchased from Richer Sounds in February 2020 and have their 6 year warranty. Not sure if it’s transferable, but I’ll provide the receipt and in the unlikely event it’s necessary would assist in any claim...
  2. FootHealer

    For Sale Q Acoustics Concept 20s, Concept stands, Focal Sub, Project Xpression III turntable. LAST REDUCTION...

    Hi again, Well, I'm sad to say I've stuck these on EBAY. I'd prefer to sell them here, so I'l give it one last go. The prices are very low, so please, no haggling. Am selling as I need to make some space. QA Concept 20 speakers and stands £185. Focal Evo Cub Subwoofer £150. Project Xpression...
  3. E

    Amplification questions

    I'm currently "demoing" a full set of Focal, specifically the Aria 948 line (5.1 setup) They were on a huge sale, and I couldn't let this chance slip by, I have 30 days to test them or send them back. I believe If I keep these, I need much better amplification to get the most out of them. I...
  4. MrYaldi

    Noticeable step up from Focal Chorus 716?

    Hi there. I’m currently running a cxa81 Cambridge audio amp through focal chorus 716 speakers in a 1300 cubic feet living room. I feel like my amplifier can push better speakers and I could get a better sound in my current space. I do like my current set up but it can be a bit fatiguing after...
  5. M

    Q Acoustics 3050i package or Focal Domes

    Hi, I have at present the Focal Domes & was wondering if the Q Acoustics 3050i would be an upgrade. We have changed the decor & the Q Acoustics 3050i would look better but not sure if there would be a difference in performance. I would be grateful for any advice please.
  6. J

    For Sale Focal Aria 926 pair & Focal Aria CC 900 centre all gloss white - now reduced

    For sale a set of Focal Aria 926's and a Focal Aria CC 900 centre all gloss white. These were only delivered yesterday and like an idiot I took the boxes to the tip prior to approval from the wife! These are large speakers and extremely powerful so will suit a large room. £1800 for the set
  7. C

    Focal Chora 826 with Cyrus 8?

    I am looking at upgrading my speakers and the Focal Chora 826 on my shortlist. They would be used in a 5m X 4m room with a relatively near field setup. I am using a Cyrus 8+PSX-r amp which I purchased in 2004 which I would prefer not to upgrade as I enjoy the sound. Would the Cyrus amp be...
  8. Saul Goodman

    Nice in-wall speakers review by Erin (Kef, Revel, ML, B&W, M&K, Focal)

    Interesting comments on the dispersion with the MK IW150's. M&K IW150 In-Wall Speaker Review
  9. gemeit

    For Sale Focal S900 Speaker Stands

    Focal S900 Speaker Stands in very good condition bought April last year
  10. beecee

    Focal 42.3 speaker system

  11. M

    Focal 906 or Kef LS50 or something else?

    Is there a clear winner? Vocals and soundstage is important to me and I don't like a harsh treble Wondering if I should consider the cheaper 3030i or is it worth spending more. Will be powering via Nad T778 Thanks 👍🙏
  12. johnnymaelstrom

    Is there a longer 6.35mm cable for Focal Clear MG?

    I'm currently auditioning Focal Clear MG headphones as part of an upgrade to my headphone listening. The other candidates are Sennheiser HD 800 S and Audeze LCD-X. As the Focal's only come with a 1.2m cable for the 6.35m jack I'm going to struggle to use these everywhere I want to. I won't be...
  13. M

    Are Focal 906 worth it?

    I had some Focal 816v floorstanders back in the day and loved them. I'm looking to buy some Focal 906 "maybe" just for my bar area I would be using a Nad T778 via Zone2 preouts and a 200w power amp. Are these regarded as great and good value? I like, lots of music, but I would say vocals...
  14. F

    Naim Uniti Nova stopped working and made my Focal Kanta Nº2 Catch Fire

    After a recommendation, i will wait until Naim and focal to contact me and then depending on it i will update this post.
  15. M

    Advise for Home theatre set up

    Hi Everyone, Im posting on this forum after what seems like years. Could really use some advise on my HT set up. I have recently moved to a new house and trying to get the basement going! I want to use my old equipement to minimize expenses. Here is what i have Focal Aria 948 fronts Focal...
  16. Steve Burling

    Focal home cinema would this work ?

    Hi, I have the following idea and wanted comments as to what people thought as to if it would work to improve the Audio side of my home cinema. This isn’t a dedicated room, just the family lounge. The better half won’t want in ceiling speakers which I respect. The lounge is approximately 18.5’...
  17. O

    Focal v Dali in-walls

    Hi, i'm thinking of having a small home theatre built and have been looking at in-wall speakers. I have narrowed my choice down to either Focal 300 IWLCR6 or Dali Phantom M-250 for the front LCR and then either Focal 100 IW6 or Dali Phantom H60 for the surrounds and rear surrounds. I have seen a...
  18. M

    Focal Chorus SW 800v Active Subwoofer No Output

    I set up my Focal home entertainment system to my Sony DA5400ES receiver and I have output from every speaker except the subwoofer. All I can hear is a light humming from the speaker no matter what settings I change on the receiver. My sub is connected to the receiver subwoofer output using a...
  19. D

    Focal Dome Active Subwoofer - Weird Connector

    Hello, Does anyone know what this connector is called? I have Focal Dome Subwoofer and recently changed amplifier that does not have PreOut so have to use speaker out to Focal Dome Sub High Level Input. The issue is that it has unique connector and I do not have original connector so might...
  20. F

    Focal Electra 927Be vs 1028Be

    Hi everyone, first of all thank you in advance. As the title suggests, I'm torn between these 2 Focal speakers. I was on the verge of upgrading my Chorus speakers and my plan all along was to replace them with a pair of Electra 1028be (fronts) and the 1008be (rears). I already got the 1008be...
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