1. J

    Small floorstander shootout! Dali Oberon 5, Wharfedale Evo 4.3, Monitor Audio Silver 200 6g

    Hello. Having been wondering if my Dali Oberon 5s are correct for my ears or environment, I have been seeking out the opportunity to listen to alternatives of a similar size. This week, I have made some progress in that I have had the opportunity to directly compare some of these. Using a Quad...
  2. D

    floorstander recommendations smooth top end punchy bass

    Hi I m maybe looking for a few ideas on some new floorstanders. I have had some monitor audio gs20s for a number of years and maybe looking into getting a used pair of floorstanders with a smoother tweeter and punchier bass. The gs20 s extend very low at bottom end but sometimes due to the...
  3. gava

    Floorstander recommendation needed...

    Hello, just looking for some advice for my next system upgrade - very much in exploration/research mode at the moment. Assume no issue with power - the amplifier will have minimum of 200W/8Ω, and 350W/4Ω. Looking for a set of floorstanders. I do have a sub, but would prefer to set that quite...
  4. bogart99

    Floorstander or standmount.

    Currently looking to move on from my Quad 11Ls for something hopefully somewhat better. I really do not want to change my amp Audio Analogue Puccini SE, 50W into 8 ohms as I think it is a cracker. Am considering floorstanders but they will obviously need a bit more power to drive than the...
  5. Icicle666

    Room size + Floorstander advice

    Good Day Sorry if this is in the wrong section. (Mods feel free to move it, if it is) I am currently looking for some floorstanders for my computer/entertainment room, the problem is that the room is pretty small. (+- 11.5m^2 / 124ft^2 ) Now I won't be able to use a sub for a while so I...
  6. kenshingintoki

    Is this stupid? Horizontal floorstander speaker acting as a centre?

    Hey guys. Is this stupid? I had a 200c which developed a rattle so I've replaced it with a spare floorstander KEF I had. I've had to position the tweeter to the centre point of where I listen. It seems okay to me sound wise. I haven't done a proper comparison with the dodgey speaker because...
  7. A

    Floorstander Advice for Yamaha A-S501 in small room

    Hi all, I have recently purchased Yamaha A-S501 stereo amp and thinking of purchasing floorstanders for them in a relatively small room about 11m2. I know people do not really recommend floorstanders in such small rooms but I will not krank up the volume very high often. But when I listen to...
  8. T

    XTZ Spirit 4 bookshelf & 11 floorstander

    The XTZ Spirit range has been well-received and there's a glowing review of the Spirit 11 floorstander on this forum. XTZ Spirit 11 Floor Standing HiFi Stereo Speaker Review | AVForums I've seen positive comments from posters here about other speakers in the Spirit range, focusing on...
  9. DonGately

    Question RB-82 II thoughts

    Can anyone recommend a competing floorstander in the same price range as the RB-82 II, which are going for $600 for the pair on Amazon? I recently found some floor models of the MartinLogan Motion 40's for about $800 at my local best buy. Any thoughts on this? Are the Motion 40's worth the extra...
  10. D

    Question Floorstander v Standmount: which is best?

    I‘ve been loving my system (Marantz CD6006 UK as transport, Roksan Kandy K3 DAC, Rega Brio, Monitor Audio Bronze 5) but I have been recently reflecting on floor standing vs stand mount speakers. I rate the MA Bronze 5 hugely as they combine scale and detail, but they are the baby of the system...
  11. Danhifi

    Bookshelf to floorstander

    I am planning on moving from the B& W CM1 s2 to the B&W CM8 s2. Has anyone made this exact move? Has anyone moved from a bookshelf speaker to a floorstander? Pros and cons of the move in regards to sound?
  12. N

    Answered Opinions on Mission LX-4

    I would like to know if anyone has any experience with Mission LX-4. I couldn't find any review of this particular model anywhere. PS - Is Mission a well regarded brand?
  13. clarky78

    Changing from floorstander to bookshelf

    Hi, due to a move around I will be changing my Monitor Audio GX200 speakers for bookshelf speakers. I am considering KEF Q350 or maybe R300. I also like the Dali sound so maybe Sensor 3. I will be pairing them with a Radius surround and centre speakers to start, eventually planning to get...
  14. sensei

    Upgrade advice. Q acoustics or Dali Zensor. Floorstander or stand mount

    Hi all I've decided to upgrade my kit but having problems making a decision and just going round in circles at the moment. My room dimensions are 4.5m x 4.5m and I have small ceilings around 2.4m high. My main use would be TV/Movies say around 80% and music 20%. I currently have a q acoustics...
  15. S

    Question Floorstander upgrade

    Hi... After some advice.. Looking for an upgrade for my KEF iQ7 which I have owned for a while. I have a 7.1.2 setup, although the .2 is in the making as have the upfiring Onkyo Atmos speakers. I've recently swapped out my Onkyo amp for a Denon x6200; movies are very good, just the is a...
  16. ashenfie

    I have £2-£3K to spend on front AV floorstander

    I have been conceding what to purchase/audition for a while. Im getting confused as there are so many options. My room is 5m by 7m we set against the 7m wall so are around 4.5 metres from the TV. The wall behind the TV is a partition wall. Quite a few hard services blinds/ wood floor so...
  17. J

    Focal chorus 726

    Focal chorus 726 for sale as new £850 now currently retailing at £1499! quick sale due to be coming pregnant need to down size ,still have plastic covers on with box- piano black and leather finish.
  18. D

    What are these speakers?

    I found a pair of very interesting speakers on a second hand trading website. Can anybody help me find info on these? The seller doesn't have a clue himself. Toru kõlarid (kuulutus 4759387) click on the pictures for a closer look They are omnidirectional speakers that originate from Switzerland
  19. skipton01

    Question Most neutral/transparent Small Floorstander

    Most neutral/transparent Small Floorstander I'm considering an upgrade to my current floor standers in the new year as my current setup just feels a little wooly in the lower mids/upper bass region with a lot of music. I currently use trusty old Mission 782se speakers that have served me well...
  20. C

    Replacement of front and centre Kef eggs

    Hi I have the following: Amp - Yamaha rxv671 Subwoofer - BK 400 DF I WOULD LIKE TO REPLACE THE 2 front Kef eggs and centre. I like the idea of floorstanders and was looking at the q acoustics 3050 with centre , Dali zensor 5 or the monitor audio bronze 5. Any help would be appreciated. My main...
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