A floor is the bottom surface of a room or vehicle. Floors vary from simple dirt in a cave to many-layered surfaces modern technology. Floors may be stone, wood, bamboo, metal, or any other material that can support the expected load.
The levels of a building are often referred to as floors although a more proper term is story or storey.
Floors typically consist of a subfloor for support and a floor covering used to give a good walking surface. In modern buildings the subfloor often has electrical wiring, plumbing, and other services built in. As floors must meet many needs, some essential to safety, floors are built to strict building codes in some regions.

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  1. terencejames

    Painting my garage

    I’m looking to paint my garage walls and possibly floor as I’m sick of all the concrete dust everywhere. Has anyone got any recommendations regarding paint and possibly floor covering? Do the breeze blocks absorb a lot of the first coat of paint?
  2. S

    Floor Standing Speakers on a hard floor

    I’m looking to place a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 300’s Ona hard tiled floor and just wondering whether it’s better for them to sit directly on the tiled floor or better to be sat on something softer like felt? Does anyone have any experience or an opinion? Thanks
  3. King Tones

    Killing Floor 3 - TBA

  4. N

    What to do with edging

    So i built a pergola on my patio. I then put a roof on it. I then put curtains around it. Its great however i still get the floor wet and the gravel around it gets blown in to the area and dragged under the curtains, so i need some sort of edging. Ideally to stop anymore water coming in (think...
  5. F

    Recommended floor standers with Lyngdorf TDAI 1120

    Hi, I'm after some recommendations for floor standing speakers to connect to a Lyngdorf TDAI 1120. Budget for floor standing speakers is approx £1K and also, will a sub be required? I do like bass, so I think I already know what the answer to that is. So which sub would you recommend?
  6. Foxhound357

    Floor standing bluetooth speakers

    Currently I use my ipad pro with a small bluetooth speaker (bose soundlink II) to listen to music while I work out in my small home gym. I'm wanting to get something more substantial as the small bluetooth speaker is better than just the ipad, but not quite enough. I've looked at the Klipsch...
  7. S

    What soundproofing materials to make this "floating floor"?

    What soundproof wood should i use? What materials should i use for the resilient underlayment? I am located in the southwest USA
  8. Rusty2228

    Floor Standers VS Bookshelves?

    So I got Oberon 1s simply because I wanted speakers with small foot print. They sit on either side of the TV on the large wooden TV stand. The floor standing Oberon 5 don't have a perimeter that much bigger, only taller. I realized now after gettting a sub, that in terms of taking up flat...
  9. raz77

    Advice on floor standing speakers both roughly same price. From AV.com

    Hi how would you rate the triangle BR08 vs the Revel concerts 2 F35, roughly the same price and looking for some new speakers to go with my powernode 2i. Was also looking at the Dali Oberon 5
  10. C

    Samsung 9100S rear speakers, suggestions for floor stands please.

    Hi, Samsung do not make floor stands for the 9100S rear speakers, can anyone advise floor stands that will be suitable and hide the speaker cables? I have looked but they seem difficult to find and I hoped somebody may have tried something that looks good and does the job? Thanks for any...
  11. T

    Small floorstanders

    I'm looking for a new streamer amp and speakers (max £4k) and have had my first demo. Listened to the Cambridge Audio Evo 75 with MA Silver 200s, B&W 603 S2 and Dali Oberon 5s. Disappointed with the Evo 75 so switched to the Uniti Atom. Discarded the MA 200s. Much MUCH better! The 603s were good...
  12. JKRsega

    Floor Standing speakers up to £350

    Looking for high quality but low price.
  13. andycc72

    Streamer, Amp & Floor Standers for £1500

    My friend is looking to buy a streamer, amp (could be an all in one) and floor standing speakers and has a maximum budget of £1500 He is based in Denmark and his room is 4x4 metres. He is not against buying used. He loves Reggae and old school Hip-Hop and as such bass is important to him. Hence...
  14. W

    My New Floor Stander Build

    After completing a speaker build a few weeks ago (Paint suggestions for speaker build), I decided that I wanted to add some sub-woofers to the speakers. However, I wanted everything in one unit. I couldn't think of a good way to do that with my previous build. So, I decided that I'd just go...
  15. Secondhand

    Soundproof concrete floor? Help.

    I’m converting my double garage into a home cinema. The house is detached with an internal garage and concrete floor. I’m sound proofing the walls and ceiling. Should I sound proof the floor as I don’t understand where sound will travel via the floor? Acoustic underlay or normal carpet underlay...
  16. Planktons

    Worth biting on a "2 week floor model" CX?

    There is a local B&M store offering a 48" CX "2 week floor model that's in otherwise brand new shape" for $1k, but I think it's likely I can knock off another hundred or two if I visit in-person. Should I bite? I heard it's not reliable to count on checking the runtime of the TV since it can...
  17. A

    Shed base for workshop/workbench

    I'm building a shed which will have half of the space allocated for fitness (weights, cycle, etc.). Planning a concrete base with 2x4 timbers for the flooring with 18mm plywood or OSB over. Just wondering what to do in the corner with the 'gymnasium' in terms of strengthening the floor to...
  18. knorythm

    In wall vs floor sub

    I‘m finishing manKave/media room. I do understand sub placement but I’m totally torn...Wife doesn’t want any speakers or sub on floor in room. I’m ok doing a couple of in wall subs from Episode but I know floors will sound better. I was thinking front wall under 120” screen for Episode dual 8”...
  19. dazed&confused

    Wall mounted to beat my floor standers?

    Background - I'm not going to be spending any more money for quite a while, having just purchased a Lyngdorf TDAi 3400 to integrate with my 5.1 system, but there's nothing wrong with planning ahead, and I'm thinking speakers may be my next *change*, if not *upgrade* :) I'm positing here...
  20. supahfly

    Question Reciever + floor standing speakers OR Soundbar + Sub £800

    Hi, Trying to find a solution to replace my old soundbar LG LAS455H + Sub. It was okay but I need something better for watching films and listening to music. My budget is very limited $800. I was hoping you can help me find best option of reciever and floor standing speakers for my budget...
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