1. W

    My New Floor Stander Build

    After completing a speaker build a few weeks ago (Paint suggestions for speaker build), I decided that I wanted to add some sub-woofers to the speakers. However, I wanted everything in one unit. I couldn't think of a good way to do that with my previous build. So, I decided that I'd just go...
  2. Secondhand

    Soundproof concrete floor? Help.

    I’m converting my double garage into a home cinema. The house is detached with an internal garage and concrete floor. I’m sound proofing the walls and ceiling. Should I sound proof the floor as I don’t understand where sound will travel via the floor? Acoustic underlay or normal carpet underlay...
  3. Planktons

    Worth biting on a "2 week floor model" CX?

    There is a local B&M store offering a 48" CX "2 week floor model that's in otherwise brand new shape" for $1k, but I think it's likely I can knock off another hundred or two if I visit in-person. Should I bite? I heard it's not reliable to count on checking the runtime of the TV since it can...
  4. A

    Shed base for workshop/workbench

    I'm building a shed which will have half of the space allocated for fitness (weights, cycle, etc.). Planning a concrete base with 2x4 timbers for the flooring with 18mm plywood or OSB over. Just wondering what to do in the corner with the 'gymnasium' in terms of strengthening the floor to...
  5. knorythm

    In wall vs floor sub

    I‘m finishing manKave/media room. I do understand sub placement but I’m totally torn...Wife doesn’t want any speakers or sub on floor in room. I’m ok doing a couple of in wall subs from Episode but I know floors will sound better. I was thinking front wall under 120” screen for Episode dual 8”...
  6. dazed&confused

    Wall mounted to beat my floor standers?

    Background - I'm not going to be spending any more money for quite a while, having just purchased a Lyngdorf TDAi 3400 to integrate with my 5.1 system, but there's nothing wrong with planning ahead, and I'm thinking speakers may be my next *change*, if not *upgrade* :) I'm positing here...
  7. supahfly

    Question Reciever + floor standing speakers OR Soundbar + Sub £800

    Hi, Trying to find a solution to replace my old soundbar LG LAS455H + Sub. It was okay but I need something better for watching films and listening to music. My budget is very limited $800. I was hoping you can help me find best option of reciever and floor standing speakers for my budget...
  8. S

    Question KEF R3 vs B&W 704 s2 floor stander

    I am now looking at getting the ARcam SA30 amp and looking at either of these speakers. Obviously one is standmount, the other floor stander. Ive had a great price on the 704s, never considered floors before. My room is 3.5 x 4 mtres, the speakers would sit in a big bay window. Question is, are...
  9. Riyazi

    Question Tall TV stand for 55"

    Hi all Hope someone can help me with this. I am looking to get a TV stand either a floor standing one but preferably a table top. However, I have some size restrictions as I have floor standing speakers and I want the TV to be over them. The TV is the OLED55C9 - 70.6 cm high. The floor...
  10. J

    Girl on the third floor sound issues.

    Hi guys , Just a quick heads up. I've Just watched 101Films bluray of Girl on the third floor.The 5.1 mix is approximately 5 seconds out of sync with the image .The pcm 2.0 mix is fine.
  11. M

    Question Best budget floor speakers

    Tannoy eclipse 3 or wharfedale diamond 230? Very best budget audiophile speakers?? Which would be better sounding with punchier bass and clarity???
  12. Kevo

    Question Placing Bookshelf Speakers on top of Floor Standing Speakers

    Bit of an odd question... I have a MA Mass10 5.1 home cinema speaker system. I am considering getting a separate stereo amp and floor standing speakers (MA Bronze 5) purely for 2 channel stereo music listening. My current front L&Rs are on dedicated MA stands and space is a bit restricted for...
  13. Smiffy 2

    Wall mounting sub??????

    Just purchased a Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 system, and the sub, whilst narrow, is quite a size lengthwise. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I notice that you can wallmount it by purchasing the optional wallmount brackets. Has anyone else done this?? I'm limited on room and would certainly welcome the...
  14. IronMonkeyPimp

    Question Crossover replacement on floor standers

    Pulled my Mission 705's out of the loft today and wired them up. 1 of them sounded great but the other was a bit dull. Initially i thought the tweeter was blown but looks like it might be the crossover. These speakers are probably 15 years old. I have a full set 705's 704's 701's and 2 centres...
  15. C

    What is this floor speaker called?

    Hi all what is this floor speaker Kygo is using called? Thanks in advance!
  16. The Dark Horse

    Advice how to locate leak from under floor pipework.

    Has anyone had to do this? It's looking like my central heating system has a small leak and there is no obvious signs of a leak above ground. The pipework runs under a raised floor so if its leaking from there the flooring will need to come up (aaaargh). I have heard of companies that use...
  17. antighsiothail

    Concrete floor

    Hi, my daughter and son-in-law have recently had a flood in their kitchen/dining room. They had to take up the flooring and have spent 3 weeks+ drying out the floor, which seems to be unsealed concrete. My question is; once it's dried out completely should they seal it before putting down the...
  18. Sandman

    How much to tile a floor?

    Are there any tilers on here that could give me an idea of how much it is going to cost to tile my kitchen, utility room and w/c floor? I have bough the tiles (27m2), they are 600x600 polished tiles but have no idea how much a tiler will charge to fit them. I plan on removing the skirting...
  19. D

    Question Q Acoustics 3050i owners - Width of floor standing speaker?

    Hi Guys Hoping a Q Acoustics 3050i owner can tell me the width of the floor standing speaker? I know its 310mm with the supporting feet but I can't seem to find the dimension of the speaker itself? Anyone able to help? Thanks
  20. G

    Floor standing speaker with £400 budget

    Hi guys, i have £400 to spend on a pair of floor standing speakers. I have seen a set of Polk S50 Tannoy 7.4 and Mission MX6 any other makes or speakers would be great. cheers
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