1. ss sulaco

    Flight mode enabled

    Flight mode is somehow enabled on my desktop gaming PC, need it off to connect to WiFi iI’m finding it impossible to do, tried loads of fixes on net and YouTube etc but nothing seems to work, tried radio management services fix, press FN and print screen etc . I can highlight the Flight mode...
  2. U

    Dropped a clanger with Easy Jet Flight Booking

    We booked flight & return with Easy Jet for next year, but somehow managed to get the dates wrong :facepalm: We booked via an agent. Because of covid you can't speak to these people via phone, but raised a ticket with the agents. We still want to fly, but on the revised dates. However reading...
  3. blue max

    Anyone tried to rebook a Ryanair flight?

    Heard last night they are going to allow rebooking, but I'm not having any success in doing that or contacting them. Just wondered if it's me or everyone. Cheers.
  4. mattmedia

    Question Flight Controller ideas for 16 motor 2-manned drone project?

    Hi all. I'm working on a pretty serious bit of kit. A 16-motor 2-manned drone, capable of VTOL and horizontal flight. Estimated flight time is around 20 - 40 minutes depending on its mode. It functions using 16 40KW motors and 276AH battery at 96V. Estimated cost of project is about $60,000...
  5. itn

    Flight Delayed with Royal Brunei from Dubai to Heathrow BI097

    Hi, We recently had a flight delayed over 7 hours from Dubai to London Heathrow? Does anyone in the industry know if I can claim for compensation for delayed flights? We were supposed to take off at 01.50 and land at 06.25 on the 18/08/2018, but eventually took off at 09.30 and landed at...
  6. TaurusDevil

    Bird In Flight.

    Took this picture,i didn't know what the settings were. Someone asked me on facebook, i put my camera into TV mode, the display read 4000, i'm guessing that's 1/4000 right? The AV setting display read 29, that's f29 aperture right?
  7. Antonio Gonsalez

    Flight in amazing place.

    DJI P3P
  8. photojunky

    First flight with a Pixhawk flight controller.

    This was my first flight with my rebuilt Tarot Iron Man 650, and the first time I have flown using the Pixhawk flight controller. It is very different from the Naza's I am use to flying.
  9. photojunky

    Tarot 650 Iron man build using the Pixhark Flight Controller

    Took a while making the FC work. Of course it was my fault as usual.
  10. photojunky

    Repaired my Tarot Ironman 650. (Test Flight Video)

    I replaced a motor, landing gear, soldered a connector, and went over every single screw, then went for a short test flight.
  11. photojunky

    Old Pedro Mountain Road Hike & Flight.

    Took another hike with the wife and flew when we were at about 800 feet of elevation.
  12. Robothamster

    DJI Mavic Air Owners Thread - Tips, Pics & Vids

    New DJI Drone leaked a day early: Spoiler: DJI Mavic Air revealed day early with 4K, 21 min flight time, 3 colors
  13. huxley

    First flight of the year

  14. shotokan101

    As If Hiding a Flight Simulator Wasn't Enough.....

    Made me LOL ;) Video: How to make an HDR image using Microsoft Excel... seriously
  15. photojunky

    Daughters first phantom flight and me playing with my quadcopter

    Hadn't flown for a while so I talked my daughter into coming along. I let her fly the phantom for the first time. She didn't crash which was a plus.
  16. DrPhil

    Short flight connection (Abu Dhabi)

    I have a flight from India back into London next year with a connection in Abu Dhabi and I've just realised that the layover time is only 1hr 5 minutes. Abu Dhabi is a small airport but Etihad themselves recommend a minimum of 1 hour to make a connection. It's cutting it very fine and would be...
  17. photojunky

    Just got a DSLR drone gimbal. Any advice is welcome.

    Anyone have any photos of their DSLR drone gimbal setups? Not exactly sure how I am going to mount it but I do have a lot of extra carbon fiber sheets from a previous project.
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