1. B

    Samsung LE40A656 TV strobe - flickering issue

    Hi all, I’ve got a Samsung LE40A656 TV that’s showing a flickering issue. The backlight flickers like a strobe. You can also hear it pulsing. The flickering gets worse when lowering the backlight setting. When turning the backlight all the way up to 10 the flickering stops and the pulsing can...
  2. D

    Horizontal lines on 50" TV

    I have a two-year old Samsung UE50RU7400 It's started to intermittently flicker with horizontal lines on broadcast TV and on the smart apps. Is there anything obvious I should be trying to fix it?
  3. worcesternaf

    Help - My Epson tw9200 flickering

    My projector has started flickering in eco mode in the lighter scenes. The bulb has done around 2500 hours. Is it time for a new bulb? It does not flicker in normal mode but i cant stand the fan noise. I've ran it in normal mode for a while and back to eco but still flickers. Any...
  4. shaun jones

    Projector flickering?

    Has anyone come across a flicker issues with the JVC N7 as show in the below video, I have tried to Email my dealer on Tuesday but nothing back yet @Seriously Ltd It seems to only flicker in dark areas, lamp hours are 2800hrs, the projector is 18 months old. IMG_0654.MOV
  5. G

    55GZ950 giving up on me or is it something else? Flickering in dark scenes when living room is dark

    First, thank you for reading this and possibly helping me out! I appreciate it! Let me start by saying I love Panasonic. Had a 50 inch plasma for 10 years and then finally switched to the 4K 55GZ950E last summer, after trying the 65GZ1500 but that made me nauseous and car sick. Too big. The 55...
  6. RobTi

    Lights flickering with Shelly fitted

    Hi have quite a few lap dimmable led lamps from Screwfix and just added a couple of Shelly dimmer 2’s with neutrals and no switched fitted and getting flickering when trying to dim really low, is this the Shelly or lamps ? Thanks
  7. N

    Need Help figuring out my TV Problem

    Hello I've just joined this forum looking for help understanding what I'm seeing happen on my TV (and now other TVs). I have videos that I took with my phone that would be the easiest way to show and identify my issue. This forum doesn't allow me to upload MOV files directly? What the easiest...
  8. M


    hi my lg bx is flickering on virgin media v6 box and i cant get it to stop any help would be greatly appreciated I have attached video below
  9. Birkalito

    Samsung ks7005 picture jumping/flicker

    Hello everyone, I really need your help! First of all I am sorry if I misspell anything. When I start up my TV there is no problem what so ever but after about 1 to 3 hours of on time the picture starts to freak out. The picture jumps up and down and starts to flicker, About 1 cm thick...
  10. K

    Sony XH9505 & Laptop 'Flickering'

    Hi everyone I connected my laptop to my new Sony 49XH9505 tv via a HDMI lead, and the screen 'flickers' :-(. It gets worse when I go online on my laptop. My laptop is a HP brand, is approx 5 years old so is still really good. Is there something I should be doing in settings? I had no issues...
  11. B

    LG Oled65C9 4K120 Red Flickering double image

    Hi All I've noticed that when I run Xbox system X or Nvidia RTX 3080 at 4k120 I get a strange double image in Red appearing on screen I've tried to capture this in a video below but is there a fix for this? It doesn't always happen, and I've tried multiple different cables, currently this is...
  12. T

    Epson TW-5650, flickering image + green light

    As the title says, I have trouble with flickering on my Epson 5650 projector. However, this only happens in eco mode. I have of course googled it, and after reading someone else having the same problem with another Epson projector I tried changing it from eco mode to normal mode, then back to...
  13. A

    Question LG CX flickering problem

    I bought this TV in December to use with my Xbox series x. Every since I’ve had it I’ve noticed loads of flickering, especially in black/dark scenes whilst playing Modern Warfare and other games. Is this something that will be there forever? Can it be fixed via a setting? I got the TV from...
  14. tony @ suffolk

    LG OLED77C8 Flickering Unwatchably, Then OK?

    Hi folks, We've had this TV for about three years now, & it's been faultless. However, yesterday lunchtime, when I turned the set on, it flickered madly. I switched channels (I was watching through a BT box via HDMI through Arcam AV30 processor) & the flicker was still there, but when I switched...
  15. Y

    LG 55" UH668V Image Flickering

    Good evening, First post and apologies, I'm posting due to a problem. I have had a search and can't find the same elsewhere but that could be down to searching the wrong terms, so again apologies if that's the case. I have a LG 55" UH668V and I'm having issues with the picture flickering (sound...
  16. N

    Question Apple TV 4K, EPSON TW 9400, PIONEER VSX-834 - Screen Flickering (India)

    Hello All, I have an Epson TW 9400 projector connected to Apple TV 4K (latest TvOS via Pioneer) via Pioneer VSX-834 AV receiver. The projector is setup in the ceiling. My projector and AV receiver are connected via Impressions HDMI 2.0 4K. My AV receiver and Apple TV are connected via Belkin...
  17. R

    BT Sport Ultimate app flickering

    Decided to give Ultimate a try using 4K HDR on the BT Sport app on my XG9505. When the camera is moving it looks ok but when the camera is still the pitch surface keeps flickering. Anybody else have this on Sony tv’s?
  18. johnnyivan

    Flickering dark patch edge of screen

    Hi folks, We've had this problem on our Samsung smart flatscreen TV for over a year. It rapidly flickers dark and normal at the edge, but more often it's just a dark patch. Anthing I can fix? It's out of warranty now. Here's a video clip of the problem. Samsung type/model no UE32E S5500K...
  19. I

    Question Marantz PM6003 flickering red power led

    Hi all, It is my very first post in here so excuse me if I made a faux pas. I just bought 2nd hand Marantz pm6003 and I have problem with it. I can turn it on fine and it plays niecely vinyls for several minutes (10-15min) and then it’s just switches itself off and red led flickering. From...
  20. C

    Flickering flashing TC board LEDs or both??

    I've got an LG 50lf561v which has a perfect running PCB (rev 3.0 with 1.8) I've taken the TV apart and seen the top lights flashing on and off every second or so, but the lower board lights aren't. I've done a test from pc. To led connector and it's reading 140 on one side and flux of 120 - 360...
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