1. M

    LG BX ‘flickering’

    Hi guys. Longtime lurker, first time poster. I've had my BX55 since March last year but just recently noticed what I can only describe as colours flickering on 4K content. It happened recently watching an ep of Obi-Wan Kenobi streamed from disney+ and I noticed the same thing happen when...
  2. Eijin

    Random flickering

    Hooked up Xbox series x to lg gx 65 via marantz sr 7015 and this is happening randomly,well it always happens in this loading screen and some moments during playing. Any help please? https://www.veed.io/view/1a63b30a-4fe8-4fdc-9c96-6200460a9948?sharingWidget=true
  3. Y

    LG Flatron screen issue

    Hi. I have a problem with my LG Flatron M2362DP. As you can see on the video, the screen is flickering, sometimes disapearing and there is also a white/green/pink horizontal strip on the top. Do you have any idea if I could somehow repair it?
  4. fanisp

    Blue Flickering on XGIMI Lune 4k

    Hi all, Really need your advice. I own The XGIMI Lune 4k ultra shriek throw and Iis on my vacation home. It has been used for literally less than a month. I just got back to my vacation home for the Easter holidays and the projector does a blue flickering every once in a while See the image...
  5. G

    Sony X90J Flickering?

    Hello, i just received my new X90J in 65“, but there are some graphic (?) bugs. It looks like it’s flicker on the same text, all over the screen. Quiet hard to explain, so I tried to make a video of it: Using it with 4K, 60hz 4:4:4 on my nVidia RTX 3070 PC (It’s the same a 120hz). Tried it...
  6. snerkler

    Annoying arrow/cursor flickering, please help

    I've got an annoying issue in that the arrow seems to flicker when it should be another icon, e.g. cursor in word, zoom tool in lightroom or positioning icon in iMovie. I've tried to highlight this in the video below. It happens with every bit of software where the arrow changes to some other...
  7. cshaw87

    SKY Q Issues (flickering, standby problems)

    Hey. I have a SKY Q version 2 box, currently running on hardware version 32B107. So far, I’ve had no issues with atmos or UHD flickering. I originally had that issue with the previous box when watching 4K content. () However, the issue I’m having is a constant flickering picture when going...
  8. DHarrison1221

    Chromebook Screen Flickering

    Hi All, I'm currently using version Version 97.0.4692.91 on my Acer Chromebook 14 cb3-431-c5cq and have been noticing some severe screen flickering issues. The issue is most prominent on video streaming sites, like YouTube and Netflix, but I'm witnessing the issue whilst browsing on the web in...
  9. F

    Flickering image using HDMI extender over Cat6

    The picture from my projector is sometimes blinking/flickering when using an HDMI extender AV Access 4KEX70-ARC-H2. The problem can easily be reproduced by doing the following: Sit down or get up from the couch. I'm not joking. The couch is 15 cm away from the cable going to o the recieving...
  10. S

    Problem with flickering on OLED TV with Xbox Series X

    Hi. Please help me. I have TV LG OLED55C7V and I bought Xbox series X. I have problems with some games as Psychonauts 2, Forza Horizon 5,... When I playing this games on screen flickering some white dots. A lot of dots! I tryed many settings on TV and on Xbox but dots still flickering. I readed...
  11. T

    Samsung flickering help

    Hi. I have just purchased a 55q80a and was wondering if anyone had a fix for when a broadcaster has a graphic overlay. I notice it flickering and dragging occasionally. Mainly live sports. Have any other Samsung users had this? Thanks
  12. G

    Samsung UE50RU7100 - Flickering screen

    Hi all, I have a 2 year old Samsung UE50RU7100 that suddenly started flickering/jumping badly. Have tried all the usual unplugging components, turning off ECO mode and energy saving but nothing helps. Am hoping not to have to bin a 2 year old telly, any advice much appreciated, thanks!
  13. Eijin

    Lg GX flickering

    I just watch squid games on Netflix and noticed something on the scene where they are counting people when camera was fast moving from one person to another the motion wasn’t smooth it was stuttering when picture was moving. I went to settings to see if I can change something with truemotion,it...
  14. M

    3D TV flickering in 3D mode: Questions about replacing or repairing power board

    I have a Samsung 3D TV (Model UE46F6740SBXXU) that has developed a problem with a flickering backlight on part of the screen when watching 3D content, while normal TV content is perfectly stable. In truth this may have been an issue for some time, as I have not used the 3D feature in a few...
  15. meeotch

    Samsung PN64H5000 magenta flickering

    My 6 year-old Samsung PN64H5000 plasma t.v. has developed a flickering problem recently. It primarily manifests as a magenta color that flickers on and off. It's most visible in areas that are blurred / low contrast / subtle gradients. But it's also visible as a very slight brightness flicker...
  16. M

    Apple TV 4k and flickering screen...

    HI, this is in relation to a first generation Apple TV 4K device, not the second version.... I have mine hooked up to a Sony KD 55X8509 set. When viewing material on Disney + and Netflix, I have started to see a 'flickering' effect in parts of the screen in dim/dark scenes. I noticed this...
  17. R

    TV without PWM flickering

    Dear all. I am being unlucky at the moment, tried 2 TVs home and both caused me eye fatigue after 5-10 mins watching regardless the source (netflix, or HD tv box). First tv was LG 55UN7100 Second was Sony KD-55XH9299 (100Hz). After returning LG I read some reviews and forums and found out the...
  18. C

    LG OLED55A16LA - Freeview Play recordings flickering

    Hello, The bottom quarter of the screen flickers when playing back Freeview Recordings. I've tried it with a hard drive and various sizes of memory stick, which where formatted by the tv, but still get the same problem whichever is used. The hard drive was used on a previous LG tv without any...
  19. chrasb

    Flickering Vertical Lines (game mode) question on Samsung MU8000

    So I've seen lots of threads on this issue for years, but I've never seen any actual fixes, or people saying they got their problem resolved.... which sucks. I get the red flickering lines only in game mode on my TV occasionally. some games it never happens really, some it happens pretty...
  20. B

    Samsung LE40A656 TV strobe - flickering issue

    Hi all, I’ve got a Samsung LE40A656 TV that’s showing a flickering issue. The backlight flickers like a strobe. You can also hear it pulsing. The flickering gets worse when lowering the backlight setting. When turning the backlight all the way up to 10 the flickering stops and the pulsing can...
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