1. P

    Hisense U7BUK flickering on Dolby vision content.

    I have had this tv for about 6 months now, and generally have been very happy with the pq given the price I paid. However, I am noticing that there is a high frequency flicker in some scenes when watching Dolby Vision content. I get this when watching DV content from the built in Netflix, and...
  2. O

    Ball flickering while watching sports

    Hello, i have an LG TV 65 model SJ950V (it's NOT OLED, year 2016 i think). When watching sports i have the ball flicekring problem that many OLED LG TV experienced, however i my case turning TruMotion OFF will cause a major eye strain any idea how to fix this? Thanks.
  3. M

    Flickering picture Epson tw3200

    I have a epson tw3200 and while watching football last nite the picture seems great without flickering of the lamp. When i change it to a different tv channel where its showing a dark movie the lamp is flickering. it doesnt matter is i turn off the eco. I have connected a 4 meter hdmi cable...
  4. H

    Flickering C9 OLED

    Hi all, I'm new to OLED TVs and I have a 55" C9 I just bought about a month ago. I've been noticing some flickering. Is this a sign of a bad panel or bad settings? I see it while watching content off apps and I'm connected via 5GHz WIFI. Here's a link to what it looks like: Anyone seen this...
  5. H

    Panasonic dp-ub820 flickering when playing hdr10+ discs.Hi guys

    Hi guys,I've just bought the above player to partner my Hisense 65U7B TV,but when I try to play my bohemian rhapsody disc in HDR10+,it shows the correct format at the top of the screen, it flickers all the time,occasionally going black altogether to a second or two.Makes no difference if I'm...
  6. S

    Flickering Problem with Dolby Vision on 4K discs

    Hello - I am new to the forum (first post) and have just upgraded to a 4k tv, player etc. When I watch 4k discs I have noticed a flickering on the black bars at the top and bottom of the image. This has happened on Gladiator, Halloween and Apocalypse Now: Final Cut so it can't be an issue with...
  7. S

    brand new ps4 pro graphics flickering ingame

    Bought last of us 2 ps4 pro and when game loaded serious graphic glitching.loaded death stranding and game unplayable with graphic ghosting and flickering.anyone else have this issue?tried every graphic setting,nt monitors,formatted hardrive and reloaded o/s.dont want to return to argos as out...
  8. K

    Flickering tv

    Hi anyone know what’s happing here my tv is only a few weeks old? I switched the tv on and it started flickering. About our ads You may also like LG - OLED55CX6LA 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV
  9. N

    Q80R flickering on some YouTube videos

    TV is flickering on some YouTube videos, it's especially noticeable on white backgrounds. The flickering will go away with Movie mode and Auto Motion Plus set to off. In every other mode, it would flicker. Just for reference, in the beginning, there is a good amount of white background, you...
  10. Sptz

    LG C9 Flickering?

    Hi all, So, LG has agreed with replacing my screen due to banding issues but I've noticed something else. It appears to be at random times, where I can see a faint flicker or flashing at the top portion of the screen, it's on both sdr and hdr content, I've tried going back to the same scene to...
  11. J

    LG 55C9 flickering to black screen

    Hi I recently got an LG 55C9PLA and noticed an issue when the screen is fine then all of a sudden it goes to a black screen for a few seconds and turns to normal. This happens randomly, but when it does it keeps happening for a while. I normally have to turn the tv off and leave for a few...
  12. Kiki93

    Screen Flickering

    Hi, My ambient philips 55'' TV is only a year and half old. To be realistic it's not been used alot, but today the screen started flickering. If my sister or someone accidently whacked the screen it would be constantly flicking or have a black area. When switching on the TV it does it for a a...
  13. P

    Question Flickering On Thin Lighter Lines - 65" LG E9

    Hi, I’ve got the 65” version of the E9. It’s my first OLED. Is it common place to have “flickering” on thin lines that are lighter coloured? Things like white and black lines on a flag from a distance. It’s flickers quite a bit. Or the outline of a logo or badge. Just want to see if that's a...
  14. P

    Question Flickering On Thin Lighter Lines - 65" E9

    Hi, I’ve got the 65” version of the E9. It’s my first OLED. Is it common place to have “flickering” on thin lines that are lighter coloured? Things like white and black lines on a flag from a distance. It’s flickers quite a bit. Or the outline of a logo or badge. Just want to see if that's a...
  15. kbfern

    Optoma UHD 550 flickering problem help needed please

    Hi guys just posting this here for @BADDY32 as he can't seem to open a new thread for his problem so can anyone help please. BADDY32 I'm currently running my sky q 2tb to my pioneer vsx 531d then vsx 531d to my optoma uhd550x all works apart from my projector flickers. i was informed that a...
  16. Overbeyond

    Humax1100s flickering in and out in quick succession.

    I purchased this box back in November. Worked perfectly until about four weeks ago when the picture started to flash in and out. To my very limited knowledge the box was not rebooting itself as the blue light does not change, just the reception keeps flickering in and out. Sometimes...
  17. A

    LG Colour tint/flicker?

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is staying safe. Now I have just purchased the LG 55 Inch 55UM7400PLB Smart 4K HDR LED TV - loving it so far. However I have noticed one annoyance/issue which I assume is a setting I'm just unsure where/which it could be and hoping an LG expert can guide me through it...
  18. P

    Question White flickering dot on LG C9 55"

    I see a brief flickering white dot (upper left on the video) only on specific content. For instance the Lost intro on blu ray or Star Trek Next Generation on Netflix. The location of the white dot varies. Does someone know what causes this and is there a fix? Could it be because of the "older"...
  19. A

    Question Flickering on Sony KD-65XE7002

    Hi guys, First post here! I’ve got a Sony Bravia KD-65XE7002 and about 3 months ago it developed a line about a third up the screen all the way across horizontally. I spoke to a few people and they determined that the panel was faulty and as it was 6 months out of its 12 month warranty, Sony...
  20. S

    Tcl tv flickering images

    my tcl 43s515 4k tv is flickering images and jumping on the screen. does anyone know whats happening?
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