1. B

    LG TV 9 Series Eyelids Flicker

    We’ve had our LG 9 series tv for a few months now. The picture seems excellent, however increasingly I’m noticing an annoying (and I know this may sound ridiculous) but people’s eye lids seem to be flickering as if there is a strange lag. The smooth motion etc has been switched off, could it...
  2. C

    Question Samsung Q7FN random vertical line flicker

    Hi guys, Could anyone let me know what’s wrong with my TV here? It’s intermittent vertical flickering lines that happens randomly but also very annoying. TV is Samsung QA65Q7FNA. Any help appreciated.
  3. pistolpete1

    White screen flicker - Benq W1070

    Hi all, My benq W1070 is about 4 years old with just over 500 hours on its original lamp. It has been in eco mode since new, until I noticed a flickering on white scenes in a movie a few months back. A quick search suggested running it in normal mode for a while, which cleared the issue up...
  4. Zeeser

    Philips 70PUS6724/12, darker objects flicker?

    Hello everyone! First time posting here. I just got the 70pus6724/12 this week which is apparently the same as 6704 and 6754 but different colour. I keep reading about the judder problem and Im not sure if this goes to the same category or is this a different problem, but: When there is darker...
  5. Ric_A

    Optoma HD-20 - screen flicker

    Hi I’ve got an Optoma HD-20, about 600 hours into its second bulb. Around four months ago, I started to get a flickering screen once the projector had been on for an hour or so, with some pixel bleed making video look very poor. Once the projector has been off for a while (hours, not minutes)...
  6. NXT

    Epson TW7400 Image flicker in ECO mode

    Hoping that someone can shed some light on possible causes. Any input really appreciated. Have a pc, sky Q box and Blu ray player connected by HDMI to a Yamaha CX5100 processor. Have upgraded HDMI cable to a fibre HDMI as i needed a 15m cable. Purchased Epson TW7400 just before Christmas...
  7. P

    Flicker Problem with Outdoor Video

    I've recently started using an iPhone 11 Pro, with a Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal and Filmic Pro. I've been shooting some outdoor video in 4k, and am having problems with flicker (appearing mainly in the sky area of the footage). I thought perhaps it was due to using the auto-exposure, so I locked...
  8. C

    Question whats the best settings for DTV on the xf9005? getting flicker on panning shots.

    tried some different combo's of settings in the motion tab but still notice flicker on whole screen panning.
  9. C

    Question to oled or not to oled, flicker?

    was considering oled probably a C9 or B9 depending on the price in November. but then I started reading about the new sets and the refresh being upped to reduce flicker. so now im wondering if this tech is a good idea for me as I can see display flicker quite easily, more precisely I cant view...
  10. O

    Onkyo TX-NR676 video issue mostly in PS4 YT App

    I just purchased an Onkyo TX-NR676 receiver. TV is Hisense 55DU6500 I have a Playstation 4 and my PC hooked up via HDMI to the receiver. The receiver outputs sound to the speakers, and video to the TV via HDMI With the PC hooked up, the video is near perfect, but every so often while...
  11. B

    X900E Smooth Gradation screen problem

    Hello im having a problem with my KD-55XE9005BU i appear to have a ghosting / Flickering issue where the bottom half to a third of the screen flashes with a ghosting of the image from the top half. It is very intermittent and depends on the content of the screen, so in some scenes it is less...
  12. D

    Question Yamaha RX-V385 - Flickering video from cable box

    I just purchased a Yamaha RX-V385 Friday evening and hooked it up, where I have a Cisco cable box, a Sony Blu-Ray player and an Apple TV connected to the receiver with HDMI cables and then sending the output HDMI to my Panasonic plasma TV. Two issues I've noticed: 1. Most of the time when I...
  13. M

    Screen flicker (medical)

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this is in the correct section but I'm one of the people that can see screen flicker on certain TV's and monitors. I would like to know if there is a medical diagnosis, terminology and or definition for someone like me who can see the screen flicker being produced. I...
  14. I

    Question JU7500 Screen Flicker

    Hello. I've a UE55JU7500 (Curved 55") that's now a couple years old. Recently it's developed a "flicker". This occurs right-across the middle (left to right) of the screen - in a section about 8 cm tall. The bottom and top sections of the screen are unaffected. It's not consistent, some...
  15. S

    Question Samsung UA65HU9000 Screen Flicker

    My Samsung UA65HU9000 screen has started to constantly loop on/off. I suspect that its an issue with its original one connect box but we have been unable to resolve. The TV was bought in Singapore but now live in the UK. Is there an easy way to upgrade the one connect to a UK SEK-2500/3500 or...
  16. Ernburd

    Sony 55’ X900E screen flicker issue

    So, I took a chance and purchased this tv on Craigslist and there was nothing wrong with it when I tested it. Now, a month later, I am experiencing the screen flickering and I’m not sure how screwed I am at this point. I’ve determined it’s not a port issue and I’ve done a factory reset in hopes...
  17. Yid219

    55B7 Flicker

    Just had our 3rd set delivered due to banding and yellow tint on the others but now have a different issue that I'm hoping someone can help with. Occasionally when I turn the volume up or down the top part of the screen flickers black for less than a second but I'm having difficulty trying to...
  18. G

    Question KRP-600A/OPPO BDP-93 Picture Flicker

    Hello all I'm having a slight issue between the two components above and even though I've tried every adjustment I can see I haven't found a solution to it so was hoping that someone on here might have the technical nous to sort it for me. I keep seeing parts in movies (blu ray) where the...
  19. O

    Mitsubishi dlp 73735 white flicker?

    I have a very old Mitsubishi 73" 73735 DPL. If I didn't already have money into it, I would replace it. I have called my "regular" repair guy, who was a great guy, but apparently he has closed his place due to illness. So far the white dot chip was replaced and the lamp replaced. That was...
  20. D

    Samsung 78KS9800 (9505 in Norway) problem

    I am having problems in regard of my Samsung 78KS9505 (Norway). I think it is KS9800 i US. When watching a movie or something, it can be netflix or hbo app on the smart tv, it sometimes flickers. One sees this often for instance if one person in the movie moves its hand fast - a green/read...
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