Flicker may refer to:
Flickers, woodpeckers of the subgenus Colaptes
Flicker (screen), a fading between frames that occurs on a cathode-ray screen at low refresh rates
Power-line flicker, a fluctuation in the voltage of AC power lines, whose compliance is regulated by IEC61000-3-3
Flicker noise, electrical noise with a 1/f spectrum.
Flicker, a guitar tremolo made by ESP Guitars in the late 1970s and early 1980s
Popular culture
Flicker, the original bass guitarist for the band Manic Street Preachers
Flicker, a character in the cartoon and video game Blazing Dragons
Flicker (novel), a book by Theodore Roszak
Flicker, a candle maker transformed into a candle man appearing in The Ice King of Oz and subsequent books by Eric Shanower.
Flicker, a 1973 pinball table made by Bally
Flicker Film Festival, an ongoing film series featuring Super 8 and 16mm short films
Flicker Records, a record label belonging to Sony
Flicker (album), Ayria's second album
The Flicker, an experimental film created in 1965 by Tony Conrad
Flicker (film), a 2008 Canadian film
"Flicker" (song)", a song by Porter Robinson from the album Worlds
A remote control device (especially for televisions)
A flyswatter

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  1. R

    Question S90c OLED 77 flicker on power up

    New Samsung S90c 77, I get vertical bands of clickering for a few seconds after powering on. Is this normal, or a warranty issue?
  2. bonkersrob

    LG G3 HDR Brightness Fluctuation Issues (especially sports)

    I've just recently purchased a 55 G3 OLED - already have 4 other LG OLEDs and love them. I have some picture issues (using specifically all picture modes, except for HDR "Cinema" and HDR "Filmmaker") with brightness flickering/ fluctuations whilst watching sports (certain green grass/...
  3. M

    Sony A80J 4k screen flicker on 4k 120HZ on PC

    Hi guys, This has been bugging me for a couple of months now since i bought the TV and all my research and fixes i found online are not working. Basically i am trying to run my PC on my 55" Sony Bravia A80J in 4K at 120hz. Everytime i do that, the screen starts flickering, turning black and...
  4. R

    Looking for replacement TV in 70"-79" size

    I've had a Samsung UE78JU700 for a number of years now and it has recently developed a flicker in the top 1/3 of screen when turning on that lasts for about 10 minutes or so. I'm looking for a preplacement, but there seems to be a plethora of TVs now. I've been reading around the forums and...
  5. rich29583

    Ps5 screen flicker on 120hz vrr

    Hi I recently purchased a Samsung QN90B now on small games like fall guys disney speedstorm etc it runs fine soon as I play a plague tale it switches game mode on and on the game bar it says 120fps and vrr on but with this I get random black screen every 20 mins to an hour screen will go black...
  6. S

    Hp vp6311 red color flickers...

    Hi! I have a HP vp6311 and today when I turn on it's not flickers at all. When it fully warmed up, the red starts flickers, and the projector have clicking noise. I don't use this projector so much. Any idea how to fix it? + the red color is orange Thanks!
  7. J

    Flicker free 32"tv

    Can anyone recommend a FF 32" tv, i've tried the 43" but i'm still getting headaches which i think is to do with the size rather than it not being FF
  8. Screen flicker since swapping cables...

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help please... I've recently swapped my HDMI leads to the RuiPro 8K 2.1 cables in the anticipation of having everything in full fat 4k in the next few months! I'm currently running my xbox series x through a Nad T778 in to an Epson LS10500 (Laser) and...
  9. progman857

    New LG C2 has some sort of brightness flicker/flashing

    Hello, We just got a C2 83 inch today. My wife and I were watching it and we noticed a flickering. This flickering seems like it's a brightness flicker/flashing. It's hard to explain. The flicker is like parts of the screen appearing like they get brighter and dimmer. It's happening on any of...
  10. M

    LG C1 dark scenes flicker HDR+DV still there...

    Hi. I just started noticing this on my new 77" C1 - that in darker scenes, there will be brightness fluctuations seemingly rather random. I googled around and found out that this has been the case with CX panels as well, and that solutions are turning off trumotion - which seemed to work for...
  11. kungfuman

    Amazon Firestick Prime TV - always hdr problem with sdr material?

    i recently subscribed to prime tv having had firesticks for years which i have set to 'always hdr' in the display settings. this has worked fine with other streaming services (netflix, disney+). however, this seems to be causing a problem with prime tv when viewing SDR material as theres a...
  12. NewAcousticDimension

    Sky Q S.W.A.T. Series 4 UHD White Flicker

    I have a Sky Q 1TB UHD box, connected by a 48Gbps certified HDMI to Denon AVC-X3700, connected by the "black to pink" Sky HDMI to a Toshiba 65UL2063DB TV. Sky set to 2160p 10 bit. Denon set to video conversion on (so I get volume display) but no scaling etc. Denon set to HDCP 2.3 and "4K...
  13. aygo1989

    Xbox menu flicker?

    Evening I’ve got an Xbox series X I received today hook up to my LG C1 but I’m getting distracted when navigating the menu’s with a split second flicker on the menu boxes. Is this normal? Thanks in advance.
  14. 2744708242

    Does the screen flicker of the A95K affect the eyes? How it handles screen flickering?

  15. J

    Do OLEDS flicker?

    Hi, Just got my G2 from insiders. Now I'm not sure if I'm just being blind or stupid but it seems to me like there is flickering on the whole screen, is this normal? OLED Motion / BFI is off in settings and no motion smoothing but it's just flickering and me & my mum have noticed it. I...
  16. W

    QN900B - 4K 100hz or higher gaming - Input Signal Plus problems.

    Hi team…recently purchased the flagship tv. Now running into similar problems as multiple threads from older models trying to connect a pc to any hdmi port (well all but the earc port). https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/tv/q90r-no-signal-from-windows-10-pc-with-input-signal-plus-enab... I’ve...
  17. J

    Screen Issues - Almost like knives the flicker out of the players

    Has anyone seen this before? It happens during game play, then the system crashes. I've tried three different TV's, three HDMI cables, and messed with all of the resolution settings.
  18. S

    Is Freesat box causing TV picture to flicker & jump?

    My PanasonicTV picture is constantly flickering and jumping everywhere.Is this caused by a fault in the freesat box?...when I took the TV down to a local TV sales and repair shop it played perfectly,so the guy at the shop said it yet be a fault in the freesat box. Anyone had similar problems?
  19. W

    Denon X3700H Random Black Screen Flicker

    I recently setup my home theatre with my Sony X91J TV connected to the Denon x3700h via HDMI eARC slot. Then, I have a Panasonic 820, a Nitendo Switch, and a UBox media player connected to the Denon via HDMI inputs. When watching video (regular blu-ray or 4K discs through the Panasonic player or...
  20. B

    Yamaha HTR-2071 flicker and possible replacement

    I bought a Yamaha HTR-2071 a couple of years ago - it was connected to a 1080P Sony TV from about 2009. I've recently bought a new 4K Samsung (QN94A). The connection setup is HTPC ----> AVR <--arc-- TV and I've got a couple of problems: Flicker is introduced on starting the PC but also on...
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