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  1. W

    Panasonic TV Keeps Turning Off With Flashing Red Light

    My 55 Inch TV has recently been turning itself off with the red light flashing. I have done all the checks with regard to power cable, HDMI etc. I reset the set to factory settings and everything was fine. Using the remote I adjusted the picture mode to Dynamic and it turned itself off again...
  2. M

    Question Panasonic TX - red,blue,green,white flashing

    Hello, got a Panasonic tx48ax630b, appears to be flashing red, green, blue and then white colours. Tried pressing all buttons on side of tv and remote but nothing also getting these vertical lines in green and pink or purple. Is this fixable with a new board or is it a bad screen? Any help would...
  3. M

    logo flashing on tv

    hi just been giving a tv from my mother when watching i keep getting logo flahing up in left side of screen any way to turn this off
  4. L

    Swann 4980 cctv problem with cameras infra led rings flashing at night on some of them

    HI All Bit of a strange one have a swann 4980 cctv system have 8 cameras linked with it (been working well for last 4 years with no probs) Have six cameras fitted around the bungalow and 2 x fitted in the garage (2 in garage always have the infra red led lights rings activated as always in...
  5. M

    Denon AVR-X2600 power led flashing red, won't power on

    Hello All, just joined, 1st post here. So my Denon AVR-X2600H power led is (quick, like half second) flashing red. I just hooked it up (used unit from Ebay) the other day, to my whole home system. Basically, there are two speaker level inputs (front L and R channel) on a module that then...
  6. P

    Question Flashing Screen on Standby LG615

    LG 615 smart tv working fine set sleep timer ,wakened with the TV on Standby but lhs of Screen flashing ,TV wont now turn on. Can anyone suggest a fix pls. Thanks Paul H .
  7. C

    PS5 slow startup, flashing blue light

    Lately the PS5 is slow to startup, I timed it at 1:32 from pressing power button to the ‘PS’ login screen, and all the while it’s blue light is pulsing on and off. Is anyone else experiencing this. I like to have the HDMI link setting thing on so I don’t have to manually change the channel and...

    Panasonic TX50CX802b Won't Turn On - Flashing Red Light

    I pulled the plug out but it's still the same once plugged back in. I haven't a clue what tv to buy if it means getting a new one.
  9. B


    My Samsung TV has developed a problem. The HDMI connection keeps flashing at the top of the screen. Model UA55 MU6100 The choices bar at the bottom is also erratic.
  10. N

    Marantz SR6014 goes into protection. Red LED power flashing

    Hi, This is my first post on this forum. I own a Marantz SR6014 and I am having problems with this receiver. A couple of months ago the amp switched off after a lightning strike near our house. Since then the Marantz occassionally switches off and the power LED flashes red. You hear a loud...
  11. chaz

    Flashing Standby light on my Samsung 7500 TV

    I own a fairly old TV from the late 2015 it has been a great TV up to now Suddenly the front standby light is flashing . I have tried all I know which is not much take out the plug etc but that has not fixed it.
  12. G

    Panasonic TV - white line flashing

    Hello, I've recently purchased a Panasonic smart TV, but when watching Prime or Disney+ and with the black bar at the top of the TV when the picture doesn't fill the screen, I get a white line that flashes, it's not constant and it seems to only happen in dark scenes and when watching something...
  13. J

    4090 FE and LG C9 - Flashing screen on boot unless C9 on

    Got a bit of a weird issue with my 4090 FE and my LG C9. I've got the GPU connected to 4 screens. 3 are PC monitors using DisplayPort and the LG C9 is connected via the HDMI. One of the DisplayPort ports is going into a DP->VGA adaptor which then feeds a 4:3 screen I just use for Spotify. The...
  14. Tonemapper

    Arcam PA410 - Flashing White/Yellow light

    I've had the PA410 for over a year, it's paired with an AVR30 and it's worked with no issues at all, it's driving my 4 height speakers I spent today doing some Dirac live calibration and sent the 3 different filter results I'd created for testing to the AVR30. When playing back a few test...
  15. marais

    BENQ Projecteur W1090 flashing during projection WHY?

    This started happening last night. I'll check the bulb as we've been using the same since December 2019. Could there be anything else I should check/fix? Thanks in advance.
  16. E

    Manhattan TR3 R, flashing light at back of box - ethernet cable?

    I installed my new Manhattan TR3 R freeview HD recorder yesterday. But noticed today that there is a flashing light at the back of the box and is coming from the ethernet cable? Does anyone know what this could be and how I can fix it please?
  17. W

    HDR, screen flashing with mouse use and inconsistent activation with Windows 11..

    About the telly... 55UM7450PLA Software Version 02.30.20 webOS UM7450PLA This TV, primarily, for gaming and obviously for watching telly via the pc. The laptop connects via HDMI and is running Windows 11. I've tweaked settings to enable HDR on the laptop. The problems... There are times when I...
  18. A

    Samsung UE48JU7000 flashing led power light

    Our Samsung UE48JU7000 year 2015 model tv has a ‘one connect‘ cable going to an hdmi distribution box. The other day, the tv was on, and my daughter unplugged the cable thinking it was an hdmi cable. The tv went off, and ever since it just has the flashing led standby light when it is connected...
  19. S

    Sony LED red light flashing 5 times

    We’ve had our 55” Sony LED television for about 8 years. A few days ago, the LED light on the front has been flashing five times. The TV won’t turn on. Is there any fix for this? I fear it’s done for! ☹️😩
  20. M

    LG Subwoofer just flashing green light

    Hi all and Merry Xmas. Ive had an LG SN7Y soundbar and subwoofer for a year - working fine. But now the subwoofer just flashes green and wont pair. I have the rear speakers which connect fine to the soundbar, which suggests its a problem with the subwoofer ? Ive tried the various resets/ pairing...
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