1. Tyranidus7

    [Solved] Flashing Light Pixelating

    I have an LG CX and I use an nvidia shield to run my streaming. When watching Disney+ Dolby Vision content, fast moving images or fast moving bright spots seem to pixelate. I have attached pictures but the effect is a lot worse then my phone camera can capture. I have tried different motion...
  2. Nickadeemus

    New C1, Picture (Sky HDMI) flashing on off, HELP!!!

    Hi guys I’ve just set up my brand new C1 tv. When I choose Sky, it’s just flashing on and off, I’ve checked the cables all seem ok. Image appears for 1 second, disappears for 3 seconds, continues to do this. Any ideas please?😩 Thanks
  3. H

    No sound PCM/DIG flashing Denon S960H

    After 6 weeks owning the a new Denon AVR-S960H, some specific HDMI audio input is not recognized anymore. Video is no problem. Playing TV channels from ARRIS 5202 (KPN) to Denon through HDMI creates flashing PCM/DIG with no sound (any HDMI port, any setting) Switching ARRIS 5202 to play apps...
  4. B

    Flashing TV image unless AV amp removed

    My Anthem MRX520, Pioneer Kuro TV and Virgin 360 box was working perfectly. I then changed the Kuro for a Panasonic TX-65jz1500B (2021) and connected to its HDMI 1. The result is the TV showing a program image for just two seconds then no image just continually changing text showing different...
  5. 40something

    LG55B9 Possible dead pixel Flashing pixel

    What can I do to fix a LG55B9 that looks like it has one dead pixel and one pixel flashing. Sadly its not under warranty, so its pay or what? Cost I expect will be costly, sell, purchase new model with longer warranty. Love this OLED
  6. Burakiosaurus

    Panasonic TX 42AS600B - Dreaded Red Light Flashing

    Hi All, I've had the Panasonic TX 42AS600B for about 6-7 years now and a few days it happened. The dreaded turning off, following the Red blinking light by the power button every 1-2 seconds. It will blink about 10-11 times. I have tried the classic, remove all cables, leave unplugged for...
  7. jasongoldworthy

    LG 55EG960V Flashing LG Logo

    hi guys I have the above LG OLED tv and I went to turn it on but now I get the LG Logo / Power Led Blinking 30 times then it stops. and goes out. if I press the power button again I get the same sequence for 30 flashes anybody have any ideas where to begin with one of these ? thanks jason
  8. Johnny1980

    Series X green flashing

    Not my video. But I’m having this issue on my week old series x. Any idea what the problem could be?
  9. S

    Issue with JVC DLA-X5900BE 4K projector, Lamp light flashing

    I have a DLA-X5900BE 4K projector, upon switch the projector on the following happens, The warning and Standby Lights are RED, the middle light 'Lamy' is flashing Amber. Please advise a st the projector is not switching 'ON'. thanks
  10. J

    LG RHT497H hdd dvd recorder flashing ring and won't start

    Hi I have a LG RHT497H hdd dvd recorder it has suddenly stopped working and has ared purple flashing circle . I have tried a hard rest on it ie power button 10 secseject button 5 secs the hold for 15 secs while plugging in power cable .it worked the second attempt but now is not working at...
  11. han3290

    Quad Vena2 amplifier USB input LED blinks

    I'm using a Quad Vena2 amplifier. (Not play version) When using as a USB input, the USB input LED constantly flickers when there is no sound playback. (During sound playback, there is no flicker and it is lit continuously.) Is there any way to get rid of this flickering? I'm using the amp on...
  12. jbmouse101

    Sky Q flashing screen in 1080p, not 1080i, why?

    I have, rather late on, discovered my Q box will output 1080p to my full HD Panasonic TV (8 yr old TXL42ET60B), but when I change from 1080i to 1080p I get intermittent flashes on screen, every 20 seconds or so, which have never appeared when using 1080i from the Q box. I cannot discern any real...
  13. L

    Toshiba 40L1333DB green and red flashing light & TV wont turn on ?

    Hi there this is my first post on this forum i hope it is in the right place. Recently my 40" toshiba 40L1333DB tv will not turn on and the power led simply flashes red and green. I used to be able to fix the problem by powering it on and off at the wall but this no longer helps. Another forum...
  14. Hitby

    Denon AVR-X2100W red flashing light, won't turn on

    Good afternoon all, I have a Denon AVR-X2100W that won't turn on. I've disconnected all the HDMI's and speakers and when you plug it in it starts and immediately shuts down with a quick flashing red power light. I've tried a reset (both tuner buttons) but the same thing happened. Is there...
  15. M

    Panasonic DMR-HWT250 dead with flashing green power light

    Hi, Does anyone know what a slow flashing green power light means on a Panasonic DMR-HWT250? There's no display, it does recognise the remote but doesn't do anything at all, the light has been flashing for over a day now but no mention of what it means in the manual, it's as though it's doing...
  16. P

    HELP. Denon AVR won't turn on. Flashing red light

    Hi all. I was hoping someone could help me. I have a Denon AVR X4400H which is 3 years old and typically 1 month out of warranty when the problem occurred last night! :( My rear bookshelf speakers are blown. I think. Whenever i watch movies and seemingly only movies, i get a crazy amount of...
  17. WeegyAVLover

    UPDATED: Brick/Lead/Roof Repair Advice

    Hi All, doing some work in my garden and clearing an old log store from the roof or my stone built outhouses/sheds. There is a wall that rises above the roof line on three sides & about 6yrs ago was felted and then lead flashing was installed around the three sides of the roof and is held in...
  18. J

    LG OLED CX - flashing standby on startup

    Bit of an odd one and this only started yesterday, but the TV appears to be working fine. The TV is the LG OLED48CX5LC and when starting the TV up from standby, the red LED will flash three times and then come on normally. This only appeared to start yesterday, which was coincidently after I...
  19. A

    Sony KD-65X9000B RED led flashing.

    My Bravia will occasionally shut down and flash the mode LED 9 times ( then 3 seconds off and repeat). Only a complete power shutdown for 20 minutes seems to let it recover back to 'normal'. I think the same fault is stopping TV from shutting down properly sometimes too from remote . Any ideas...
  20. Venomx999

    Samsung Monitor - Flashing picture

    Just installed my Samsung monitor. In HDMI 1 I have no option for 144hz, only 60hz. In HDMI 2 - I have the option for 144hz but it was flickering like mad and had red dots all over the place. So I turned freesync in the menu to ultimate and it's much better however only runs at 120hz and very...
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