1. Willy14

    For Sale Godox TT685s + X1ts wirless flash trigger + Diffuser + Colour Filters

    Hi, Selling Godox TT685S 2.4G HSS TTL II GN60 Camera Flash Speedlite for Sony Camera and GODOX X1T-S 1/8000s TTL 2.4G Flash Speedlite Trigger Transmitter plus also a Foldable diffuser and Colour cards. Any questions feel free to ask
  2. S

    LOGIK L43AUE21 Android TV – USB Flash Drive Issue

    Hiya, I have just purchased a LOGIK L43AUE21 Android TV from Curry’s and can not get the USB flash drive to work. I want to play various media, including films and images but the drive is not recognised. I have tried a 2GB and a 32GB flash drive, both formatted to FAT32 as per the instruction...
  3. Bennyp281080

    For Sale Flash Gordon 40th anniversary Blu-ray sealed

    Unwanted gift, still sealed. £9 delivered
  4. B

    LG B9 Bright Flash

    I started experiencing random bright green/blue flashes on my 18months old LG B9 (see video). Video The frequency is around a flash every 2 minutes. This happens watching local content (for example using Amazon Prime), so it shouldn't be related to bad cables/connections. What could be the...
  5. Azzzza

    USB Memory Flash Drive

    Does anyone use a Mini USB Flash Drive Memory Stick Pen Thumb to record freview on their LG TV? I had bought a 256gb drive and it was a hit and miss. Sometimes it would record a full programme, somemtimes it would say it's recorded a full programme but when I played it back, it only worked for...
  6. M

    Yamaha RX-V479 flash black TV

    When I switch on light or any device at home, it makes black screen on TV for few secs and showing HDMI1. If TV is connected directly to TV box, it doesn't happen. Also there is no issue when only listen to music. I have just changed TV provider from satelite to Orange TV by cable now. After...
  7. P

    LG C1 - Flashing red pixels in black background, G-sync on/off fixes it?

    I have a new LG C1 that I use as a monitor. Sometimes I'll notice that there are a bunch of red flashing pixels in black backgrounds that are spread throughout the screen. This usually happens after I turn the TV on. I thought it was a G-Sync issue, so I turned G-Sync off. However, it is still...
  8. chaz


    I have a Garden Projector which has HDMI and USB output it is also 1080p native and 4K My Q is as follows I have a Hard Drive with all my films copied to it done by Make MKV my Hard Drive in a case with a USB output socket Should I use USB from the Hard Drive into the projector or get a USB-HDMI...
  9. S

    Install/run Linux from USB flash drive

    Can i damage my USB flash drive if i install Linux on it and reading/writing from them?
  10. C

    Oppo 203/5 clones. Can you flash them to the official Oppo firmware?

    Just wondering if this is possible to effectively replace a stock 203/5.
  11. N

    Red and green power light flash

    Hi, can anyone help me as I’m a bit stuck with a old pioneer PDP 435PE plasma which I am selling. I have had it in storage for about a year and pulled it out to sell and make sure it works. Only thing is I had the screen on the wall and the cable that connects the screen to the receiver is still...
  12. eduk

    Test Shot With Off-Camera Flash

    Straight out of camera, Fujifilm X-E3 using the Viltrox 56mm f1.2. Square Crop Off-camera flash and umbrella Raw conversion to jpeg done in camera. f5.6 1/180sec ISO200 DR100 White Balance 5600K -3 Red, +7 Blue (in camera) Exposure Compensation +1 (in camera) Monochrome +G Film Simulation (in...
  13. B

    Question Sony X900H 65" green flash on screen

    I have had two Sony X900H 65" TVs have the same issue (random green flash across screen). I replaced the first one because Best Buy said they had never heard of this problem with this TV, but the replacement TV is having the same issue. I have four devices plugged into the HDMI inputs. HDMI 1 -...
  14. ne5

    Blu Ray players and flash drives

    Hello, Do blu ray players with USB flash drive slots have the capability to copy a blu ray film or music concert onto a flash drive ? I presume all the basic blu ray players for 50-100 quid have flash drive slots and can play files on the flash drive, so does it work the other way round so I...
  15. Gondowan

    Bad Samsung Q60T? Strange bootup + bad white flash scenes

    Story: a good friend of mine bought a Samsung Q60T after issues with the Samsung TU8000 series about bleeding and that. No bleeding anymore but then this happens: watching Sabrina saw that issue on the flashing scenes like pixels or like a fog in there. Also when she starts the TV and powers it...
  16. LuvCVs

    Question Will updating BIOS flash it?

    Sorry... Rather, I have a replacement DSP chip for my Onkyo, but confused on a few things, they say they do not come programmed? And called a IC chip? Which has to be flashed, or programmed for the new DSP chip to work... What is the right path to take to do this? And can only Onky themselves...
  17. ne5

    Question about Blu Ray and Flash drives please

    Hello, I am looking to buy a Blu Ray player, its for someone else, and won't be used much so don't need a top of the range type thing but I would like it to play a couple of films I have on a flash drive. Her TV is a normal flat screen 40 inch, her DVD player is old, and the TV won't read the...
  18. M

    Horizontal yellow line flash - Alexa related???

    Tonight I noticed a yellow strobe like line flash across the bottom of my C8. Has anyone else noticed this? If you press & hold down the prime video button on the remote it looks like the same line which flashes up when you release the bottom. Is it related and could it be something to do with...
  19. A

    Question Optoma Projector and Adobe Flash Support

    My Optoma projector offers its user interface via a web app embedded into the projector. So it can be accessed by any web browser. All good. Bad is that the app relies on Adobe Flash and support for this is being removed from all browsers by December 2020. So, once past this date and my...
  20. raigraphixs

    The Flash (CW) Season 7 - 2021 (S8 Pending)

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