1. H

    (Audio) Media library - MP3, FLAC or A.N.Other?

    Before recommending purely based off the thread title, at the very least read this opening bit - I understand .FLAC, .WAV is 'better' than .mp3 in terms of quality, however IS IT better for me in this scenario? I don't know - that's why I'm here trusting you guys. Onwards.... So I'm in the...
  2. D

    Source sound quality - VU Duo or LG B9 FLAC vs Versus CD

    Hi, There are a few forums I could have posted this in so hopefully this is the most appropriate but my apologies if it isn't. I just bought some DALI Oberon 5s and have been testing them out. My set up at present is: LG B9 OLED TV VU Duo 4k (VU Plus) Onkyo TX-SR508 I've mainly been...
  3. I

    Best way to host+play offline FLAC to hifi (without PC)

    Hi, a friend suggested I post this on here. TLDR how do I best access locally stored FLAC files for hifi playback? I have a large collection of FLAC files from my digitised music collection. I would like to be able to play it via my existing hifi, and if not too big a leap, ideally access the...
  4. R

    Audiolab 6000N newbie playing Flac files from PC ?

    Just bought myself a Audiolab 6000N, besides using Amazon Music, can you play Flac files from PC? Thanks in advance:)
  5. Lee337

    Audiolab 6000N delay when playing local files / FLAC

    Hi Having used an SoTM SMS 200 I understand the basics of streaming my music off my PC through to my DAC. With the SoTM track playing is instant upon choosing it. However I have the 6000N connected the same way, via ethernet from my router yet when pressing play, there's a 4-5 second delay...
  6. KeithBe

    Arcam CDS50 Streaming Flac files

    Not sure whether anyone can help with this. I've just bought an Arcam CDS50 and I'm very pleased with it. However I'm experiencing problems with the Arcam not "seeing" Flac files on my PC. The CDS50 is connected directly to my router with an Ethernet cable and Media Streaming is enabled on my...
  7. themoid

    Streaming flac files with a RPi & HiFiBerry - upgrade routes to a better sound ?

    Hey all, Currently running a NAS housing Flac files, which play through my amp using a RPi and a HiFi Berry DAC+ Pro, with Volumio. It sounds fine, but of course there is always potential for better sound...... Can anyone comment or give thoughts on what would be a worthwhile upgrade ? I'm...
  8. MysteryMan

    Flac Metadata is driving me mad!!!!!

    I have a whole bunch of .flac files and most are fine. However, a few are driving me mad! I am using the Squeezer app to play them via a music server running LMS. The issue I have is that in the "Album Artist" list then I get artists listed that I do not want! For instance, I have "Kin" by...
  9. PlasmaNewbie

    Ripping CD's to Flac, does the transport make a diffenerence?

    I am thinking about ripping my CD's and I was digging around on the forum and found the above post... My primary source of choice is Vinyl, I then also have a lot of cd's that are not available on Vinyl ... I've got a handful of albums that are flacs which I purchased from Bandcamp/Burning...
  10. C

    Portable dvd or bluray player with HDMI output that supports gapless flac playback.

    Failed in my attempt to find a simple media player that can handle gapless flac playback for use in my car with HDMI input but no aux input. Anyone know of a portable dvd or bluray player that can do this? Ideally one that can play flac files from usb storage.
  11. Yoinksy

    Decent Budget NAS For Plex + FLAC Files

    Looking for a decent NAS to keep my sounds on plus streaming to my LG CX for videos/plex. I'm not sure if I need on the fly transcoding as most of videos are already playable via Plex to my TV using my PC as the Plex server. I do however have a few video files that need to re-encode the audio...
  12. V

    Receomend budget All in One Amp + CD player with USB FLAC support

    Hi All, Thank you all in advance for your time and suggestions. My Marantz AMp + Cd player died on me, and Flac support is 50/50 working at times on that unit. Can anyone recommend an integrated Amplifier with CD player abd good unit that support FLAC audio via usb? Cheers. All
  13. B

    Best Cable for Flac

    Currently using a Toslink cable to transfer HiRes 24bit (Flac) files from Mac to Cambridge Amp. Sounds great but I understand that Toshlink cabling may be limiting the sound quality to my amp. Would coaxial cable be better?
  14. D

    Using EAC command line parameters to include the cover art when extracting CD to flac files.

    Hi - I am using EAC 1.6 to extract CDs to flac files. Trying to include the cd cover art in the extracted image by using the EAC command-line parameters: %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover%. Does anyone have experience using %hascover%? It works much of the time, but not always. The...
  15. J

    Is CD higher/lower/the same quality as FLAC

    I can't remember, is CD music compressed and if so is it lossless? If I rip a CD to FLAC, how would this compare to buying and downloading a FLAC version digitally?
  16. G

    Streaming quality: mpeg v flac

    I’m just setting up my Qnap NAS to stream films to my Samsung tv. I now need to decide whether to rip my Dvd collection to mpeg or iso? I’d rather use mpeg files as they’re so much smaller in size- but wonder, will there be a drop in quality? Plan is to install Kodi as a media streamer.. And I...
  17. AudioJosh

    Best way to play FLAC files offline?

    Hi everyone, just hoping for some advice for playing FLAC/ALAC files offline. I'm sorted for online with a USB drive connected to my Bluesound Node 2 (very happy with the sound) but late at night and early morning I like to have the tablet and laptop turned off. So ideally I'd like some kind...
  18. G

    Help with suggestions for Flac players

    Hi, I need some help finding a player for my Flac files which can be controlled via app on my phone, pc and which also has optical out. I can see a lot of high resolution players but they seem to be portable devices without optical out or I see network streamers which isn't quite what I need...
  19. F

    Question Sonos Play One issues playing FLAC

    Hi I have a 2 year old Play 1 that has been steaming MP3 copies of CD's from my PC as well as Autorip files from Amazon account and internet radio all via an Ethernet cable to my Virgin Hub. I have now got an Arcam AVR so have been replacing my stored music with Flac files instead of MP3 to...
  20. B

    Proceed AVP2 doesn't play most 88.24 flac files. DSD / SACD issue?

    All other sampling rate and bit rates play with no issues, but I've noticed most 88.24 do not play. Is this because the DAC in the Proceed APV2 doesn't support DSD from SACD? How would I verify if the files are DSD, to identify if that's the issue?
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