1. WestSussexKev

    Question Playing FLAC files from a NAS

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the correct section to post this so, apologies in advance. I have a Denon AVR-X3600H and a Netgear readyNas Duo NAS device. I am able to play the mp3 files from the NAS without any problem but seem to be having difficulty playing FLAC files. I can load a USB...
  2. Silver Arrow

    Question Anybody know how to embed a jpeg file to a Flac file on an Apple system?

    Hi All, I have a Mac computer, store music on there, ripped CD's via iTunes and Flac files. I have a Bluesound Node 2i streamer which is having a bit of an issue with artwork for the albums. I can see how. to embed the artwork to the ripped CD files within iTunes which should resolve most of the...
  3. marsy

    How to play flac files

    If I rip my cds to flac what do I need to play them through my hi fi system ?
  4. OneSon

    Best way to play FLAC files on a HIFI?

    I'm increasingly finding that some albums are not being released as CDs. So I'm buying them as FLAC files. What's the best way to play them on a system like the Marantz M-CR412? Would it be via the USB input using a Sony Walkman or something? I don't really want to start burning CDs.
  5. G

    Denon AVR X6500H Playback of FLAC and DSF files on USB Device

    Hi I've recently upgraded to an X6500H. I have downloaded a number of digital albums to a portable USB drive. Initially, all was fine. I've added further albums and some .dsf files and now the files are not being shown on screen. When browsing folders, they are there, but they're not showing up...
  6. Ratfink

    Question New to streaming. Backing up CDs and FLAC, wanting lossless but confused by options - help!

    Hey folks, I have a ton of CDs that are currently sitting in boxes due to various moving situations. What I'd like to do is back them all up, with artwork, in a lossless format that is flexible, easy to stream, and recognised by most streamers. At the moment I've been uploading them to ALAC in...
  7. M

    Pioneer VSX933

    Hi Could you please advice. I am on a budget - no budget really, just enjoying music. I have the Denon AVRX550BT receiver and I am very happy with. what I currently utilize: - listen to CD's via 80's Technics, - that is perfect, - watch movies, - that is perfect, - listen to records via 80's...
  8. A

    Screen share won't work on C9 using OnePlus 7T and how do I fix the issue with FLAC videos not being supported by the C9?

    Hi everyone, I know about the Screen Share function the TV has and have tried "casting/sharing" from my phone last night and I could never get it to work. I was connected over WiFi with the same connection for both TV and phone. It mainly said it has something to do with the "Overlay" but I'm...
  9. H

    Question PC client / controller to "route" FLAC audio files over a home network from a Windows or Linux server to Primare NP30 streamer?

    I want to use my Primare NP30 media streamer to play FLAC audio files that are stored on my servers (2 identical libraries, one on a Windows Server, the other on a Debian Linux / OMV server...long story!). At the moment I'm using the Primare app on an Android device to select where to pull...
  10. B

    Hi-Res ! Hoax of the Century...?

    Bitter Truth... - That will hurt, Sorry 😉
  11. R

    Issue streaming FLAC files over home network

    Hi - I wonder if you can help me! I have a small but frustrating problem streaming FLAC files (ripped from CD as FLAC 6) over my home network. I'm streaming them as SMB shares from a Synology NAS 218+ via the latest Sky Broadband router over Powerline Ethernet cables to an Oppo 203 blu-ray...
  12. Ahmed98

    Answered YAMAHA YST-SW515 VS AUDIOENGINE S8 Subwoofer

    Which is better for high quality music! Thank You! ☺️
  13. Ahmed98

    Answered Best DAC under $150 for AudioEngine A5+

    Current options are the FiiO K3, FiiO Q1 MK 2 and the SMSL M6. Only for playing FLAC or DSD music.
  14. Ahmed98

    Answered Best DAC under $150 for AudioEngine A5+

    Current options are the FiiO K3, FiiO Q1 MK 2 and the SMSL M6. Only for playing FLAC or DSD music.
  15. vatir

    Answered Flac Streaming, R-N803 - Confused

    Hi Everyone, Ok so today I got a Yam R-N803 and it's a great unit But I am really confused on how to play my Flac's from my MacBook Pro. I setup a Plex server and used the music cast app and it plays back in Flac but there is no search function. I also used the Plex App on the phone via...
  16. W

    Question Can I burn FLAC files to a DVD-R

    Hi, I’m new around here and have a question. I want to play some music FLAC files on my DVD player through my HiFi system. If I download some FLACs, can I burn them onto a DVD-R as it has more room. Thanks
  17. D

    Bargain If you have problems playing back certain MKVs (e.g. w/TrueHD or FLAC), read this

    Hey :) Just discovered this the other day, and felt like I had to share it. On the built-in media player on my OLED B6, both using external HDDs and DLNA, I've had some "stubborn" MKVs that just refused to play, even though they worked fine on any other software player that I have. I already...
  18. M

    Question Flac Dropout/Skipping

    Equipment: Asustor 6302 NAS, Celeron CPU, 2 Gig Ram. Connected to amp with HDMI and optical. Denon X3100W Amp. Amazon Echo Dot connected to amp with RCA phono plugs. Amazon Fire TV. Gigabit Ethernet. All of the above will not play Flac files without dropout or skipping parts of the file. The...
  19. Westindieman

    Creating a cue file for single flac

    I used Tipard converter to convert my Bluray audio to Flac so I can stream from my home network. This is the first time I have tried this from Bluray and it created a single flac file. I want to use a cue file to select and move between tracks and have created a cue file but am not finding the...
  20. rodd1000

    App to stream local Flac to Marantz

    Hi guys, I’ve ripped my CD collection to a usb HDD which I have connected to my router. Ive been using an app called File Hub which allows me to setup SMB and stream them to my Marantz avr over AirPlay buy the UI isn’t great, no cover art etc. Ideally looking for something similar to Tidal or...
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