1. Doctor Smith

    Where to buy fixed frame 0.9 gain projector screen?

    Where is the best place to buy a fixed frame 0.9 projector screen for a light controlled room with an Epson tw9400? Budget about 500 Picture is great on my 1.0 diy screen but I would like deeper blacks as I watch quite a few horror films which are mostly set at night. I have experimented...
  2. D

    Mounting a fixed acoustically transparent screen

    Evening all I am mounting my AT screen onto a baffle wall. I would like to be able to remove the screen to give me easy access to the speakers and also access a door in the baffle wall. Has anyone else done this and if so what screen and frame did you use and how did you mount it to the wall so...
  3. KevMitch73

    Best Fixed Flat Slimline wall mount for 55" TV

    Hi, I am looking to install a new 55" TV in a holiday let we have and as such want to make it as failsafe as humanly possible as I appreciate accidents can happen. I am hoping to fix as tight to the wall as possible but not just hanging like a picture as some of these mounts do. I want it...
  4. O

    Recommend a 4k fixed frame screen 120”

    I’m new to projectors and screens but decided to take the plunge and bought the Xgimi Horizon Pro 4k projector. I’m now looking for advice on a screen. I’ve decided to go for 120” fixed frame. Can anyone recommend something that might suit please? I’m putting in a dedicated room that will be...
  5. Cheap Gaming

    Question Original Quest snapped plastic pivot be fixed?

    So my sons original Quest plastic part the head strap goes into has snapped. Really hard to find any info on a replacement or way to fix it. He has had it for around 2 years and plays it a lot. If i cant find a way to fix or replace it then i will be looking to pay someone to fix it. Anyone know...
  6. E

    vogel s THIN 505 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount opinions

    Hello i am thinking of buying this bracket THIN 505 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount to wall mount my oled 854 but i dont now if it is correct for ambilight because the tv it i will be 1.5 cm far from the wall.Pls any help is most welcome.
  7. JamesPy

    Arcam Alpha 9 Water Damage - Can It Be Fixed?

    Hi there, Unfortunately through the grate on the top of my Alpha 9 some drops of water fell through a couple of months ago and it stopped working straight away when that happened. It wasn't a lot of water at all, however the damage was done... I was wondering, is this fixable, has it happened...
  8. R

    Fixed Wireless access Broadband any users?

    I'm in desperate search of a faster connection, having got a quote of £40'000 to £50'000 from the USO scheme thats out of the question. I have seen FWA services on offer in my area, I was just wondering if anyone has used one and what the pros and cons of this type of service are. Thanks.
  9. B

    110" fixed screen advice

    Hi All, I have an Optoma HD143 X projector and a cheap screen off of Amazon. The screen is not particularly flat and I want to replace it with a fixed 110" screen. (110" is the max I can get without zooming. Can't get to 120" with zooming) My set up is for fun and I don't want to spend loads...
  10. Foz72

    Question Red tinge across my Epson TW6000 - can it be fixed?

    Hi all, i have this red tinge across my old TW6000 and i was wondering if its something that can be repaired cheap enough? Or is it not worth it? Ive uploaded a screen shot of the problem. Any ideas anyone?
  11. robinhow

    Question Looking for budget screen options - UK - 135inch (ish) diagonal - fixed or motorised

    Hi everyone. I have a room with good light control although the walls and ceiling are all white. I've been projecting onto a white matt wall but it's not totally flat and I want something that looks nice even when the room is used for other things. I have an Epson EH-TW8100 LCD projector ...
  12. G

    Question Screen problem can this be fixed?

    Does anyone know what is causing this and if it can be repaired?
  13. M

    Question Mesh System - Is a good signal required for a good performance or do I buy a better fixed router?

    I presently have a Plusnet One router downstairs in a 2 storey house. It gives good speed and a reliable connection throughout the downstairs but is much worse upstairs. Using a wifi speed checker it gives 38mbbs everywhere downstairs and only 14mpbs everywhere upstairs. Moving the Plusnet One...
  14. JPanda

    The Lunette 2 Series is Elite Screens curved fixed frame screen.

    Hi, Anyone any experience with these? Lunette 2 Series is Elite Screens I thinking of one of these with Epson TH-EW9400 in a light controlled dedicated theatre room. Welcome any thoughts on this.
  15. M

    Fixed frame screen

    I’m updating my home cinema and have decided to start with the screen. I am replacing a pull down Beamax with a 2.35:1 9ft wide fixed frame Grandview. Is there much difference in quality between the Beamax and the Grandview And is there anything else in the same ballpark price that I should be...
  16. brainpowerleb

    FIXED ip

    hi, I am new to this forum. I am currently building my home automation system and I bought the spacelynk. The problem is that spacelynk needs a fixed ip to be accessed remotely. I asked our local internet distributor about getting a fixed ip and they asked for a lot of money. is there any...
  17. S

    Question Setting Fixed Volume output on an old KDL-S40A12U

    I am helping a neighbour who is quite deaf to set up headphones, and allow others in the room to listen at normal volume. Currently I am picking up Fixed Line Volume from the SCART audio, which works fine for all but the HDMI input, which I assume in the TV was quite a separate cct/board...
  18. jomo

    Question Can this be fixed?

    My daughter just sent me a photo of her Hitachi tv (unsure of model) saying it has some strange lines on it. These appear on freeview and hdmi. Shes looking to change to a bigger tv anyway but wants to know if this could be or worth fixing for a spare room tv?
  19. Sessen Ryu

    Noisy fan... fixed!

    I've had a DIY sealed sub with an 18" FI driver, powered by a Behringer amp for around 4 years now, - very happy with it, no thoughts or need to upgrade, however, the amp fan has very slowly been getting louder and louder, - to the point that I was preferring watching telly without it on! I'm...
  20. Saldawop

    From permanent to fixed term contract

    Want to switch where I work (doing the same job for same company).The new site is only temporary, whilst a new permanent site is(about to be) built,and everyone that works there is on a FTC.My question is what happens at the end of the FTC?Could they, if they so desired, just say contracts not...
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