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  1. G

    For Sale Seymour AV Fixed Frame Screen 100 inches wide

    Seymour AV Fixed Frame screen 100 inches wide and 114.7 inches diagonal, with XD acoustically transparent screen fabric. The current cost from Seymour is $1432 + VAT plus shipping. I was asking Seymour for costing for different options, and the shipping alone was going to be in the $480-$700...
  2. Doctor Smith

    Where to buy fixed frame 0.9 gain projector screen?

    Where is the best place to buy a fixed frame 0.9 projector screen for a light controlled room with an Epson tw9400? Budget about 500 Picture is great on my 1.0 diy screen but I would like deeper blacks as I watch quite a few horror films which are mostly set at night. I have experimented...
  3. fallinlight

    For Sale £300 Screen Excellence 4K Enlightor 103.3" 16:9 Acoustically Transparent/ AT Screen

    £300 Screen Excellence 4K Enlightor 103.3" 16:9 Acoustically Transparent/ AT Screen Purchased on here in January of this year for £800. Selling for £300 - grab an absolute bargain. High end screen. A few areas of damage to 2 of the vertical frames where some of the black fabric has come away...
  4. O

    Recommend a 4k fixed frame screen 120”

    I’m new to projectors and screens but decided to take the plunge and bought the Xgimi Horizon Pro 4k projector. I’m now looking for advice on a screen. I’ve decided to go for 120” fixed frame. Can anyone recommend something that might suit please? I’m putting in a dedicated room that will be...
  5. JPanda

    The Lunette 2 Series is Elite Screens curved fixed frame screen.

    Hi, Anyone any experience with these? Lunette 2 Series is Elite Screens I thinking of one of these with Epson TH-EW9400 in a light controlled dedicated theatre room. Welcome any thoughts on this.
  6. M

    Fixed frame screen

    I’m updating my home cinema and have decided to start with the screen. I am replacing a pull down Beamax with a 2.35:1 9ft wide fixed frame Grandview. Is there much difference in quality between the Beamax and the Grandview And is there anything else in the same ballpark price that I should be...
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