1. RoadsterUK

    Apple iMac 2021 to be available in five colors, Pro Display XDR design, and 20-core Apple Silicon; Mac Pro redesign to resemble stacked Mac Minis.

    Of interest for those of you who maybe interested in purchasing a new iMac or Mac Pro this year:
  2. E

    Question Multi room system based on Sonos Five

    I have been using a Bowers & Wilkins A5 to play my own music from my iMac and Apple devices with Apple Airplay. It has been extremely frustrating because the music keeps cutting out at random intervals, and the technicalities of curing this are beyond me. My wifi in all other respects works...
  3. S

    SpeakerCraft AIM LCR3 Five Installation and Construction Bracket Help Request

    Does anyone have the cut outs enclosed in the packaging for these that they could upload as a PDF ? My speakers are coming from the US, so will take a while but my builder needs to cut the openings and speaker tracks now. The dimensions on the info say Wall Cut-Out: (H x W) 14 1/4” x 7 1/2” and...
  4. E

    Five years without speaker jumpers on MA RS8s - will I notice a difference?

    I have a pair of Monitor Audio RS8s which work absolutely fine. I used to biwire these on a previous receiver but never did on my Yamaha 2060. I have just realised I might be missing out as I don’t have a bridge on the back of the speakers - I vaguely remember a small brass plate but I think I...
  5. C

    Are 5.1 Systems (With five separate speakers) and Passive Soundbars On The Way Out?

    Last week, I was in a PC World. I noticed that they didn't sell any 5.1 systems with five separate speakers. I asked why this was the case, and the customer service advisor said that they just didn't have any demand for systems with separate speakers. Apparently, most customers want a soundbar...
  6. barnaby jones

    Five Eyes (2021) Guy Ritchie

    The Stath & Ritchie reunited!
  7. Harkon321

    Three, Four or Five Panel Bifolds?

    We have a 3.6m opening for new BiFolds. Can originally planned on a 4 pane set up but an odd number allows us a traffic door. I'm leaning towards 3 larger 1.2m panels, retaining a traffic door, all slide to one side and better uninterrupted view of the garden. Is there any reason I should...
  8. dougan

    Five year warranty?

    Would you buy a £800 TV with only twelve months warranty? The 2019 Samsung model I am after only seems to be available with a twelve month warranty. Just concerned that if it goes wrong after eighteen months, I am left with a expensive picture frame!
  9. raigraphixs

    Set My Heart to Five (TBC) Edgar Wright

    Edgar Wright is attached to direct an adaptation of "Set My Heart to Five," which is based on the upcoming novel by Simon Stephenson.
  10. Casimir Harlow

    Fast Five 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

    Hitting that sweet spot with deliriously thrilling action, outlandish vehicular warfare, and a testosterone-fuelled clash of the Diesel/Johnson titans, Fast Five remains an unprecedented franchise high, and looks suitably spectacular in 4K. Read the review. Write your own review for Fast &...
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